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  1. Thanks for the advice. I've been going to Carlisle and Hershey for ~30 years. I'm normally not looking for anything in particular; more just window shopping. I enjoyed walking the flea market this year, but I mostly go for the car corral, hence my disappointment. I've never seen the car corral so barren. Granted, I usually do Carlisle in the spring and Hershey in the fall. Maybe it's a fall thing. I miss the old Carlisle days when the whole town was in on the event. You'd see old cars parked everywhere. People rented spaces on their lawns. You'd see cars being driven/towed up and down the Turn
  2. I was at Carlisle today. It was very disappointing. The crowd seemed light. The flea market was what it typically was, and the crowd that was there seemed to be buying. The car corral was abysmal. The entire hill was vacant. Of the small number of cars that were there, half of them were modern. What really bothered me were all the political signs among the vendors. As a business person, you are certainly entitled to your political opinions. But if you expect everyone to patronize your business, leave the politics at home. I don't expect politics in my face at a flea market space any more than
  3. Hi All. I pulled this cool sign out of the ground behind my barn. Anyone know anything about the Automobile Club of Philadelphia? A search of the forums and the internet doesn't return much. I did find a newspaper article from 1925 about the 25th anniversary of the club, so apparently it's a very early club. It also seems to have had a role in the founding of AAA. The sign is about the size of a modern license plate but looks like it would go on a wall. Anyone familiar with the sign and what it would be used for? Thanks https://www.newspapers.com/clip/21013932/25-years-of-the-auto-
  4. Hi All. I'm looking for a set of original 15" wheels for a 1962 Buick Skylark.
  5. Hi. Looking for front fender emblems for 1962 Skylark Convertible, Thanks
  6. Hi. Looking for front fender emblems for 1962 Skylark Convertible, Thanks
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