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  1. It's a new style called SHABBY SHEAK. Saw it on QVC.
  2. Bicycles? That's nothing compared to the Amish that take their whole family for Horse and Buggy Rides on the week ends. It's like a weekly event in Pennsylvania and they by law have the right of way. I don't mind the challenge of safely going around them slowly.
  3. Museum of Bus Transportation proposes merger with AACA Museum IN HEMMINGS DAILY ON LINE TODAY I have no comments to offer.............other then Good Luck for THE BUS MUSEUM. Interesting situations.
  4. When I travel to unknown areas in any of my cars new or old the first thing I do is program my GPS to avoid High Ways, Tole Roads and Dirt Roads, if possible. This puts me on the Back Roads and if I don't like a road I'll deviate to other roads headed in the general direction I need to be going to. The GPS will automatically adjust the route. Love back roads and plain travel time per what the GPS says it will take. Also when traveling, even in my new car I'm in no hurry usually but will do the posted speed. When some one comes up tailgating my bumper I turn my emergency FLASHERS on to back them off, and if that isn't enough to get them off my bumper I'll hang my arm and hand out indicating to them to slow down. If all else fails I'll just pull off the road and let them fly. Makes for an enjoyable and relaxed trip.
  5. Tried to go to a Friday Cruise In this past week, and a Memorial Day Car Show but was shocked with the turn out of cars. Friday Evening Amish Markets Cruise In at Shrewsbury Pa. near by. When I arrived I couldn't get in as the Parking lot and the large grass field was fully packed as well with really nice cars. I'd estimate there was over 400+ cars there. Then on Monday, Memorial Day, I tried to attend a Show that was to be from 11AM to 3PM at the Outlets Stores in Gettysburg. They have a huge Parking Lot behind the 50 Stores. I knew before I got there something was wrong because as I approached, Cars were leaving? Again a huge turn out of maybe 4 or 5 hundred cars showed up and filled the parking lots before the 11 AM start time. The Show was being run as a funding for the Athletic Department and Sports Programs for a local High School. The said they under estimated the number of cars turning out. So, I was a little disappointed but not mad about not being able to participate at either event, but truly amazed that our Hobby seems to have exploded with more and more nice cars of all venues hitting the shows in our area. Nice weather for the drive to and from, stopped for gas and got a lot of nice comments from people here and there. One bright note, AACA membership, Shows and Meets for us are a blessing as AACA is so much better organized then any other organization I've associated with. I'll be back in the Gettysburg area Saturday June 8th for the AACA Gettysburg Region Meet June 8th, preregistered and ready to show.
  6. YEP DON'T NEED LOUD MUSIC AT THE SHOWS AND MEETS! THE WORST EVER FOR ME WAS A SHOW AT A TECH SCHOOL, PEOPLES CHOICE JUDGING. Our AMC Club decided to make it a Club advent for a get together and had about 20 AMC Cars come. There were no Class, Year or Model requirements. The Schools Parking lot filled up with Low Riders, Tuners, Drift and Modern Vehicles with LOUD....REALLY LOUD SYSTEMS IN THEIR TRUNKS DOOR PANELS AND ANY WHERE THEY COULD INSTALL AMPS AND SPEAKERS. Our Club arrived early and we parked together. Then arriving late were New Trucks and Cars that parked directly behind us, back to back. They proceeded to fire up their systems to see who had the loudest. I packed up and fled, to get out of there fearing for my hearing. I must be getting old.
  7. If Pennsylvania decided to band Gas Cars we'd go bankrupt here with out the 30 cent per gallon State Sales Tax. Highest Fuel Tax in the US and a large Oil Producing State. Although we do have a large segment on the population using Horse and Buggy...........The Amish!
  8. Need to enlarge the rear Fins so they stick upwards. 😏
  9. Always a well done event open to AACA and other cars that are not AACA. The location is north of Gettysburg at Latimore Valley Fair Grounds 314 Latimore Valley Rd. just off of Route 15. There is a history with this location having been a early Dirt Race Track, and is now the "Eastern Museum of Motor Racing which will be open to the public, free admission. To enter the Show Field it costs $10 IF PRE REGISTERED, $15 DAY OF THE SHOW and is not an AACA Judged event. It IS unrestricted to any model, year or type of car or truck. Gates open at 7AM Voting starts at 11AM Go on line to Gettysburg Region's web site for info and contacts, or Face Book.
  10. Generally prefer JUDGING Verses Peoples Choice (Vote for your buddies). Also depends on Weather Forecasts, plus travel distance as I drive to all Shows and Meets using GPS set up to avoid traffic and Highways, Tolls, Dirt Roads, etc. Love to explore the back roads and generally like to curse at posted speeds between 45 to 50 MPH with no traffic. I will gladly do the posted speed limits when necessary.. I like to support the Benefit Shows where the entry fee's go to charities such as Wounded Veterans, or other good causes. Lastly, I like Car Club events where the Club has Class's specific to Model Type or year that my entry would fit in to. Not interested in Events for the Newer Cars, Rat Rods, Low Riders, etc. not that I have a problem with what they are doing, just not my cup of tea. Some of the other events such as a CRUSE IN, where you can come and go as you please, are a lot of fun WITH NO STRESS.
  11. I have old Craftsmen and Stanley tools which I haven't had a problem with. Actually use the Stanley mostly because it has a carry case that keeps things organized. I believe that Stanley now owns Craftsmen Tools, not sure if the Craftsmen Name was part of the deal?
  12. Our AMC Club had a meet Saturday at the Classic Auto Mall in Mogantown, Pa. The Mall use to be a big multi store shopping mall, all on one level and it went belly up apparently. So, after being empty a tenant moved in and occupied every inch of the Mall and filled it with Vintage and Collector Cars all of excellent quality. Must have guessing 300 cars in there. I was very impressed. Many of the cars are there on consignment and for sale. If you ever are in the area of Mogantown Pa. which isn't to far from Hershey this is a must go to place for Car Guys. Here's a youtube
  13. Just wondering if any one else is going to the Porsche Swap Meet at the Giant center parking lot at Hershey? It's a the biggest gathering of Porsche s and it's an Annual April Spring Meet run by Porsche Club of America. There will be over a thousand Porsche's. Weather permitting on Saturday and an Auto Cross on Sunday, I go every year with my '74 Porsche 914, to meet up with my 914 World friends.