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  1. If you entered to be Judged you should get the FIRST JUNIOR AWARD and the Grill Junior Badge will be given to you shortly. It most likely comes in the mail, or call the HQ in Hershey to pick it up if you are near by. Same with the Trophy you will be given. Congratulations, to tell the truth a lot of us don't make it on the first try and chalk it up as a learning experience. Once the badge is on you grill, next year you will be entered for Senior which gets slightly harder as the total point deductions become greater. See if you had point deductions that you need to fix. After Senior the next step is the Grand National award which you need to be at 385 points to win. Find the entry list given to you at the entry gate in the large envelope and find your class and if your name and car are listed you should have a Green sheet that goes on the car and gets a sticker from the Judge after they finish that says "JUDGED". Only question you might have is, depending on the points, did you hit the mark, the don't tell you and you can't ask them. Also read the literature you got in advance from AACA that tells you how this all works. You'll get a letter in the near future, but remember there were hundreds of cars entered that AACA will need to have time to sort through. Last thing to mention is you can request from the AACA CHIEF JUDGE a copy of the judging sheet to see what needs fixing. Get to know the guys in your class and ask them to look your car over the morning of the Meets. We all help each other this way to get it right eventually. I think you can also down load the AACA Rules for more helpful information. Doug
  2. There was one Drone that flew over Saturday. I was watching them from where I was parked in Row 10. Drones and some large RC Planes must be register with the FAA now with specific rules! The FAA prohibits Drones from flying over events such as ours, and to make matters worse this guy was flying low at the same time and the same air space as a small Cessna type private plane that was making passes and circling .
  3. I'm not going to worry about the Weather, Rain or Shine I'll be there. However, I feel for the Undercarriage Judges that have to get down under the car. One thing I always do is when I remove the rubber floor mats to expose the carpet, I put the mats down on the ground at the door sills so he can neal down on them and keep his pants dry........until the next car.
  4. Might want to go on line and see if LMC Truck carries parts for the 67's. I restored my '69 Chevy Short bed and found everything in their catalog. As for the value on yours I can't estimate as it looks like it needs a lot of work and would fall into a Project Level pricing. I can say that if they were making GMC Short Bed's back then they are the ones that can bring the higher prices. I did a quick Google Search for "1967 GMC C/K 1500 Series as low as $11,495", was mentioned.
  5. With Bias Ply Tires I found that tire pressure needs to be as suggested in the owners manual. Usually they call for Bias Ply's around 26 pounds. If you forget and over inflate Bias Ply's to what newer Radials air pressures call for such as 45+ pounds the older cars can't handle it. Also, there are New Shocks designed for Vintage Cars that really help. I put Gabriel Shocks For Vintage Cars per what they recommended, for my '68 AMX running Bias Ply Tires, and have found that this combination really made the car handle close to how it handles with Radials. Forgot to mention, the first car I restored 40 years ago was a '54 Pontiac two door. I put Radial Tires on it. It had a straight 8 Flat Head and Manual 3 on the Tree Trany. Only problem with it was worn engine mounts. When I went into a turn too hard the engine must have leaned as it would knock the Glass Fuel Pump Bowl Clip off stopping fuel flow and killing the engine. The radials were big and raised the A arm too close to the fuel bowl. I figured it out after I had sold it. The Radials were great.
  6. I respect Shows where the Cars are Judged, but most of what I am seeing are Peoples Choice, or Participants vote ballots making the Award Decisions. Generally that leads to Vote for your buddy's car and he'll vote for yours, no matter if there are other cars of better quality. I have a Do Not Judge sign, or Do not Vote for this car sign on the Wind Shield. What I enjoy most is to answer questions about the car and talk about it's history. Many times I enjoy just listening to people reminiscing about having had, or knew a friend that had one back in the day. Always a greater reward then a trophy to hear good things from others about our cars.
  7. You guys are Major League players, where as all I need to do is polish and detail the engine and I'm good to go, finished yesterday. My car is a '68 low mileage garage kept that has Grand National and all I show for now at Hershey is another Wheel Tap (#7) to add to the Preservation Award Board . Makes for a relaxed day with great friends surrounded by beautiful vehicles. Good luck to all of us and have a fun day!
  8. Could be plausible but wounder about the 2 previous owners not driving it because they did not like it? Also, doubt that it is exactly 2000 miles. even 20,000 miles would be too few miles to not be sure of. I think engines need to be run to keep them oiled and I wouldn't buy it unless I wanted to not drive it, have the rubber bushings, belts and hoses, among other things survived? I'd negotiate a lower cost then what they want and sit back to see if they come down before going further.
  9. Macco two part paint not a clear coat just a lot of waxing over the years.
  10. Ah yes, my first Bike was a 1965 Bridge Stone 90 2 stroke rotary valve. Then in 1969 I bought a Bridge Stone 175. These were excellent Bikes and very fast. Production was forced to stop soon after because Bridge Stone was selling Bridge Stone Tires to Honda and the other Japanese Motor Cycle manufacturers, their biggest customers, who complained about their competition and threatened to cancel their orders. I then switched to Hondas 350's and 450's.
  11. I actually had (2) 1972 Honda 450CBs up until about 6 years ago. I paid 0ne hundred bucks each, for these back in the early 90's which was what they went for. I sold the pair together for $ 2K. One was in great shape and the other was a parts Bike. I carried in my 69 C10 SWB Chevy .
  12. I think this is a great story. In fact I use to carried my '72 Honda CB450 in my '69 Chevy C10 often. Once when the C10 had an engine swap done by a Motor Builder, Shore Line Motors in Easton, I had given a 327 v8 to rebuild and replaced the original six that was in the C10. The 327 through a rod 10 miles from the shop. I made it home on the Honda 450 while the shop came and took the C10 back to their shop. They told me to come back in two weeks and the truck would be back in service. I road the CB450 (THIS WAS IN THE WINTER) the 70 miles back from home to the Shop to get the Truck back. The best thing was that when I got there and looked at the Truck they had replaced the 327 with a rebuilt solid lifter highly modified 350 V8 that is still in my C10 truck going on 20+ years now running perfectly. The shop did not charge me for the 350V8. So.......Chevy Trucks and Honda Bikes are born to be together. I still have the '69 C10 but sold the Bike years ago.
  13. It's a new style called SHABBY SHEAK. Saw it on QVC.
  14. Bicycles? That's nothing compared to the Amish that take their whole family for Horse and Buggy Rides on the week ends. It's like a weekly event in Pennsylvania and they by law have the right of way. I don't mind the challenge of safely going around them slowly.
  15. Museum of Bus Transportation proposes merger with AACA Museum IN HEMMINGS DAILY ON LINE TODAY I have no comments to offer.............other then Good Luck for THE BUS MUSEUM. Interesting situations.