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  1. Doug Novak

    Completed car or needs some work?

    That's for sure, Holidays are expensive. Come April would be when people who are getting a nice Income Tax Return might want to hit the car market and have time to prep the car for Show Time that starts getting active. Hopefully 2019 will be good weather. This year it was the wettest year on record and lots of Shows ended up getting cancelled or the turn outs were small .
  2. Doug Novak

    Completed car or needs some work?

    Find out what the cost would be for the new top installed and offer it both ways, as is, or cost with new top installed, and see if you can enter into conversation with interested buyers.
  3. Doug Novak

    Daytona 1957

    Can you still park on the sand down there? East Coast Beaches' the sand isn't firm enough. When I was in the Navy I drove my '68 Javelin out on the sandy beach in Pensacola Fla. and was amazed that I had no problem with traction.
  4. Doug Novak

    collector cars in California fire

    Just heard another story about the Ambulance crew, stuck in the fire with their 3 patients that they rescued from the Hospital. They got into a garage after their Ambulance had caught fire. They said the roof of the house next to the garage had a thick covering of dry out Pine Needles and knew the house was doomed to burn down, and it did. Fortunately they had radioed in for help and a Fire truck came to the rescue. Earlier they had texted their wives that they didn't think they would make it out.
  5. Doug Novak

    60 years a hobby.

    Sixty years in the hubby? That would mean my age 60 yrs ago would be 8 years old........however I claim to being in the hobby back then, building and owning several Cars costing about 2 dollars each and mostly were Revel Kits. I still have some in a box in the basement. 😉
  6. Doug Novak

    Coker Tire - FYI

    They are the only show in town when it comes to quality Bias Ply Red Line Tires to the best of my knowledge and the distribution net work they are in include Summit and Jegs. I think they will not change a thing with out opening the door for competition. Great Company well supported in our hobby. Love the You Tube adventurers they have about their finding and restoring old cars, trucks, Bikes and Boats. Wish I lived closer where I could go visit their facility that's packed with their collection.
  7. Doug Novak

    collector cars in California fire

    One first step to helping to prevent total destruction of a house as mentioned on the Weather Channel is the use of Palm Trees in Landscaping. They show film of the tops of Palm Trees dropping huge balls of fire from the tops of these trees. They apparently ignite like fire bombs. They help explain why some neighboring homes remain while the homes with Palm Trees burn to the ground. I was shocked to see this.
  8. One thing that I am tempted to add to the car when shown is a 1/18 exact scale model of my '68 AMX. Same color, red line tires, engine, etc. I think it is rare that a metal 1/18th model could be so correct, and that's the only reason I might like to add it strictly as a conversion piece.
  9. Doug Novak

    collector cars in California fire

    Makes me wonder how many vintage collector cars have disappeared this year considering all the fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes earth quacks, sink holes and other disasters we've been seeing more and more of. ?Is this becoming the norm?
  10. Doug Novak

    collector cars in California fire

    As SAD and Horrible as this is, that Picture is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and CAPTIVATING. It looks like it could have been staged, or taken by a photographer with a very keen eye.
  11. I have a large 3 Ring Binder full of Documentation, Magazine Articles, Owners Manuals, Maintenance Books, and virtually every receipt for parts and repairs. When I get questions I can usually give a better response with information pulled from the binder. It also allows me to promote Clubs and AACA, Judging Rules, Classes, and Membership.
  12. Doug Novak

    Killing time during the winter

    I build RC Planes in the Winter and fly them in the Spring, crash them and repair them in the Summer and Fall. Been doing it for 30 years.
  13. He said it was a Crank my thinking is it covered the Hand Crank they had back in the early days to start the engine. You could cover the hole on the front of the car if it also had a battery and starter, uncover if the battery was dead or there was no starter?
  14. My thinking is on today's cars Driving lights are to help make cars seen during the day and times of day when Headlights are not necessarily on. The exception now is most new car's seem to have their Headlights on automatically at all times of the day. You don't see factory fog lights on newer cars normally. All that being said, Driving Lights would help on older cars to be seen to prevent accidents, BUT at the same time Fog Lights should serve two functions, acting as the only lights to be used in fog but also can be used to be seen during the day when there is no fog. Sometimes I think I over think things.
  15. Doug Novak

    Lowered 66 Riviera

    There is a Buick Forum in here, scroll Down and ask them, they might know. Only things I can suggest is find a Low Rider Group for info, or possibly try SUMMIT or JEGS. I once parked next to a '60's Low Rider Pontiac Grand Prix convertible at a local show and he had it lowered to about two inches from the ground by using 13 inch wheels, Hydraulics and low profile tires.