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  1. Yes, I'm keeping a beloved 2001 Honda CR-V EX that my Daughter bought new and after a few years we bought it from her to give to the Wife who drives it every day. It is in stock condition and looks great with no modifications. Ultimately it will get Antique Tags. One of the best cars we have owned and parts are still available it lives in our garage, great in snow, everything works. I might even bring it to Hersey and enter it in HPOF when old enough and get my Daughter or Grand Son to drive it in with the Wife, who as an AACA Member, is the owner.
  2. It think it was to stop you from forgetting about it when you were ready to leave the show. Not a great Idea to bounce over one, or have the tire shoot it out when riding over it. DON'T DO IT! BAD IDEA. I believe the Rule is that the extinguisher be outside of the cars, visible to all and available to anyone one should they need one in a hurry.
  3. I do not get the Magazine. I can get most of what I want to see by searching Hemmings Auctions, what's being sold and what the Buyer payed. Recently a '68 AMC AMX same color as mine, excellent condition, was up for sale with a $41K reserve, it ended up selling for $88,200!!!!!! You can find it buy searching the Hemmings Auctions for make year and model, and check it out if you don't believe me......I'm still in total shock over this. And, I thought the Reserve was too High? Doug Novak
  4. Nothing beets a Monsey M20 ROCK CRUSHER 4 Speed......IMO. Try to find one if you can, they aren't cheep!
  5. Yep to the rust and rust areas hammer mentions. The good news is new patch steel panels are easy to find. I bought them from LMC Truck, JC Whitney.
  6. I recall that the '54 Buick I had years ago with that problem and found that the braded copper ground strap that ran from the block to the fire wall was broken. I replaced it and the engine fired up normally.
  7. Love my '69 C10 that might Dad bought new. It was a Six with the 3 on the tree shifter. I replaced the six with a 350 V8 and eventually the original 3 speed couldn't handle the power. The 3 on the tree failed and would hang up. I than replace the 3 speed with a 4 speed Sanganal which also eventually caved in due to the V8 tork. So I was able to find a Monsey 4 speed M20 (Rock Crusher) and a Hurst 4 Speed shifter that is perfect for the 350 V8 combination. Also the original Rear gearing was a poor match and needed to be changed to make it drive able. The suspension is Coil Spring on all corners which is a plus IMO but might be a problem if you carry a heavy load. My C10 is a short body 1/2 Ton.
  8. I have always had a Female Black Lab by my side. That's Alice who we got a year ago from Animal Rescue. She had a problem with Severe Separation Anxiety, fully trained as a Therapy Dog, but do to the problem was never assigned to a person. She bonded to my Wife and I the day we brought her home and she is for ever ours.
  9. Yep, back in the late '50s our home town Arbutus Md. on the Forth of July the town closed the paved main road which had a great long hill and set up a starter ramp. Any Kid that could talk his Dad into building a Soap Box with steering and a hand brake could enter. Graphite Powdering the wheel axles made the difference for us to beat the others every year. Each Kid entered got a Silver Dollar for trying, winners got a small trophy.
  10. Doug Novak's '68 AMC AMX at Gettysburg 2020 AACA Fall Special Meet
  11. When I send a Check for these kinds of events, I print a copy of my registration information and print a copy of the check with it. This ends any confusion or doubts. I also carry a copy for verification if needed at the show.
  12. Gettysburg 10 day forecast today shows Friday 69 degrees partly sunny, and Saturday 70 degrees and sunny, bring your sun glasses. 🙂
  13. Most likely the you are good to go. The Club Guys running the event have a lot to get done that is time restricted. Getting Checks cashed can be done later. I sent mine in and didn't worry about confirmation. If there is a problem it can quickly be resolved when you enter the show field and pick up the registration card that goes on the wind shield for Judging. You can also go in to the Windom Hotel where AACA has reserved a room free hand outs, goody bags and can get the answers about Confirmation if there is a problem. At the prior Grand National event I used a credit card for payment over the phone, but for the Special Meet I sent them a Check.
  14. I bring a Subway Sub for lunch when in Meets and Shows. There is a Subway Food directly across the Rt 15 bridge. You can spend the day of the Show with your Car and not miss Judging and answer questions, etc. One other recommendation, when they call for Awards take the AACA Registration Card off you wind shield and take it with you to the awards location. If you Win an award it speeds up the process for the people recording the award, and saves them from finding their copy.
  15. The 914 gear box is a 5 speed, plus reverse and not gated so it takes a while to get it right. Going from first to second with out ending up in fourth is challenging at first but you learn to do it in all the right gears eventually. Also when coming to a stop you'll grind first so best to down shift and hold the clutch in while after stopping. Water Cool conversion for engines swaps requires cutting up a lot of the body and then piping in water lines from the front trunk radiator to the engine behind the seats fire wall. People do it, I don't think it's a good idea but that's just me. Better go with a 4 beefed up by Jack Rabbie who can reach those kind of HPs with the fours.
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