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    '63 Riv seat sizes?

    Call Clarkes,they are really good people they should have an idea / size for you,
  2. Scott Mckenzie

    Replacing back window in a '65

    The only thing to watch for are the clips, they rust out over time. do a hose leak test . If it leaks there will be work to be done to repair rust and holes. Very common to find leaks from the clip fasteners rust away leaving a hole .Check your trunk for moisture. The body service manual shows how to install the glass with the rubber spacers. May as well give it a go. Hopefully you have a Riv that was garage kept its whole life
  3. This happens when the Gas (Ethanol) evaporates from the float bowls after sitting for a long while . There is a thread about this in the last year or so. Riv Nut had a solution using an electric mini pump . well worth looking into.
  4. Scott Mckenzie

    Lowered 66 Riviera

    Go to the HAMB and check their archives.
  5. Scott Mckenzie

    Now she’s smoking!!!!

    Check your oil ,see if you have water in it, sometimes it looks like an ugly milkshake .Best of luck.
  6. I don`t believe mine are original and glass beads cleaned them up nicely .As with most tools , it`s all in the hands of the operator . Flat clear (automotive) helps to keep the finish looking good while stopping flash oxidation which is common with Aluminum
  7. I went to a local U- Blast, used glass beads ,sprayed flat clear on them.
  8. Scott Mckenzie

    Greetings Canadian Riv Lovers

    Welcome to the Great White North, Enjoy your stay.
  9. Scott Mckenzie

    64 Riviera stuck in first gear

    Maybe you`ll get some driving in this Summer after all !
  10. Scott Mckenzie

    New radiator?

    I have not used them , I had mine re-cored.The top and bottom remain stock and the cooling part is replaced,looks stock but performs like a new rad.Saved a few bucks too!
  11. Well it`s time for another dip into the puzzle box .Headliner is in so it`s time to install the moulding, is there a best place to start? any super sneaky tricks you fellas may have garnered over the years to make this a more pleasant (?) task? Thanks in advance. Scott.
  12. Ok I wanna get my spock on,I know someone on here has a set of license plate frames From Lausen Buick (westwood) do they ever come up for sale?
  13. Scott Mckenzie

    65 Riviera Lighting failure

    Not to hijack but what is the acronym IIRC ?
  14. Scott Mckenzie

    Lausen Buick Westwood

    Someone who out there could make some cash by casting or 3d printing sets maybe...wishful thinking on my part, there are only so many people who would get it. Back to Ebay . May the force be with you!
  15. Scott Mckenzie

    Lausen Buick Westwood

    I thought it was you who had them,...the search continues!
  16. Scott Mckenzie

    Stained trunk liner

    I was happy when I welded in a rust free trunk...gotta up my game
  17. It`s been too long for me to even guess, Good parts are worth the money.
  18. Scott Mckenzie

    Serpentine belt conversion

    Wow! I just checked March Performance out, I didn't know that it was even available . Definitely a different look Good luck on your search.
  19. Scott Mckenzie

    I really like this car!

    I really like chopped and channelled customs, I feel fortunate to have a Riviera ...the closest thing to a factory custom .I like mine 2 inches dropped ( Air Ride)
  20. Hi gents,under the hood of my`64 at the junction block on the drivers side fender beside the horn relay is a small box 1x 1 .375 . I dont know what it does and when we took the cover off there is a small winding of very fine wire. The wee box has two spade connectors coming from the end and a small black wire attached to one spade connection that goes into the wiring harness. I appears to be fubared as the winding fell out when I removed the cap.Yet another quandary . I will do my best to supply a picture when i can sort out the new phone. thanks in advance ,Scott.
  21. Scott Mckenzie

    Mystery relay?

    Yes, I like the way you think, its been an anomaly since I got the Car.Horns work fine
  22. Okay, even with my glasses on and armed with a flashlight , I am having difficulty making out all of the labeling. I cant seem to find anything in the shop manual .Does anyone have a clear diagram or photo to help this recycled teenager out
  23. Scott Mckenzie

    Fuse block diagram

    Thanks for finding that for me!
  24. Scott Mckenzie

    Mystery relay?

    Now with Photos! . I was pleased to get these pics up, what an ordeal for this luddite . the horn relay is to the right.