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  1. Hi guys, Just trying to get information about my dynaflow Transmission in my 63 Riviera it was not going into park I went underneath and noticed that the equalizer bar had came out of position.I was wondering is there a bushing on the bracket or anyway To secure it, just seems to slide in the whole Without any way of locking it down thanks
  2. White smoke, a lot and about 9 days
  3. this car is killing me!!! I installed the new radiator after a fight with the transmission lines and now she’s smoking from driver side tailpipe!!! Any ideas, I’m thinking blown head gasket.
  4. Guess I'll stick with oem!!!!!
  5. Is working better are about the same as the original?
  6. Has anyone used the radiators from Radiator Express???
  7. Update I have checked all connections I see no damage in switch or wiring, I have order a relay kit to install will keep you updated!!!!! Thx so much for the help couldn't repair this thing with you!!!!!!
  8. I believe the switch heat sink is opening, is there specific rating it should be I used an aftermarket switch, can't remember where I bought it from
  9. I'm driving at night and at of nowhere my head light go off, I just pulled the switch to check for any damage and notice it's very hot! Anybody had this problem before???
  10. Up date it appears that my coil was not getting correct voltage therefore shutting off the engine, I will continue to test but the car has not stopped on me!!! Thx for all the input!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm sorry no more points Msd type set up
  12. I have change to EFI but will go through it and check!!
  13. I've rebuilt the carb, changed all the filters including the tank. Was on the freeway about 60 mph and the engine just cut off
  14. I have a Rochester carburetor for my 63 River I live in Houston and was wondering do I need the carburetor choke heater to be connect ,and will it make a big difference in performance or is it just for cold start ups?
  15. What size belt are correct for 63 Riv with ac??
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