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  1. Thanks Winston, Carb cleaner worked great. Not sure why it didn't work yesterday when I tried the same thing. Oh well, she's running now after a little sweet talk and carb cleaner. She's not the prettiest and she can be a bit temperamental at times, but damn I love that car. I will bring her to you in a bit for that alignment. Thanks again! Adrian
  2. My 63 has been sitting on jack stands for the last 3 months as I have replaced the entire front suspension. I installed a brand new battery and checked that all wires are connected. Has petronix ignition. It will turn over but won't fire. The car started and ran fine when I started this suspension project. Am I missing something? I was supposed to take it in for alignment today. Ugh. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Adrian
  3. A little experience from a first time classic (63 riv) owner. I bought my 63 4 years ago and I have a love/hate relationship with it. I too always wanted a classic but had no automotive experience and I didn't want the usual mustang or camaro. I wanted a 63 partially mostly because I love the sliders under the dash and the look of the interior better than the 64 and 65. I really love the 65's but am disappointed with the black dash every time I see them. Just my opinion. I wanted to have the experience of restoring the car so I bought one with original paint, good motor and trans, a
  4. I am rebuilding the front suspension on my '63 and was wondering how to tell if I need to have my center link rebuilt. There is no play in the swivel points, so I'm not sure if it is necessary to spend the money and time to send it off for rebuild. Pretty much everything under the car was shot and needed to be replaced, so I expected the center link would be shot as well. It is easy enough to take back off if needed, just not sure what condition it needs to be in before rebuild is necessary. Thanks! -Adrian-
  5. I bought my package tray from Clark's Corvair. It was pricey, but really nice. I also like the fact that there are no screw holes pre-drilled in it. Just my opinion, but I'm not a fan of the 3 big silver screws across a black package tray. You will have to drill out the holes for your rear speaker cover between the seats. Hint: do this before you install it. Um...yeah, lesson learned. Good luck! -Adrian-
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