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  1. Car now has a Holley Sniper EFI system. A/C is on the car but not functioning. I’ll have a look tomorrow. thanks for the info
  2. No, it doesn’t seem to be there
  3. Hi i have a 64 fitted with a 425. I am trying to set it backup after major work but I am struggling to find the correct timing settings. Can anyone help with the correct details?
  4. The ballast resistor on the coil is now considered suspect. Anyone know the part number as I can’t find a source for one (I’m in the UK) Thanks Dave
  5. By next week the car will have New Flamethrower coil Electronic ignition New distributor cap New rotor arm New plug leads New plugs Fuel is getting in via the EFI and it has brand new fuel pump, filters and lines. The distributor was 180 degrees out and the plug leads had been moved around to get it to run. This has now been put back to the correct position. I'll let you know how we get on. Thanks for the advice so far.
  6. Replacing the distributor cap and rotor compression is fine
  7. Manuals ordered from Rockauto The engine turns over and catches but does not run for more than a second or two. I recently imported the car and it has had work done ( new water pump) and has a brand new edelbrock carb that is obviously not original spec.
  8. All My 64 Riviera (425ci) has never run well since I got it. It had a new carb fitted which was poor running and then decided to stop altogether. I have since fitted Holley EFI but it will still not run properly. I suspect the timing is well out. I don't have a manual. Any advice as to what the timing should be? Thanks Dave
  9. I’m currently putting thr Holley Sniper EFI system on my 64 425 but the temperature sensor that comes with it is way too small for the threaded housing. Anyone know of an off the shelf sensor that will fit or if not, what the thread size is so I can have an adapter made up? Thanks Dave
  10. This will be looked at when it is in the shop for the EFI swap in a week or two.
  11. The EFI decision is based on the experience of a friend who did the swap on his Mustang. He saw a 20% improvement in gas mileage which at $11 a gallon is something we always have to consider in the UK. At a cost of $1250 for a full kit with fuel pump and hi pressure lines it won’t take too long to get my money back. it’s not the original carb and has run badly since the day I got it. I know for some fettling a carb is a source of joy but not for me. I’m more of a fan of driving it. The EFI may be overkill but I want reliable starting as well as the mileage improvement. I’ll report out on how successful it is. As the car is poorly restored and by no means original (changed colour inside and out) I’m happy to go down a slight restomod route. No bodywork modifications though. That can’t be improved!
  12. The carb will be for sale shortly as I am fitting a Holley Sniper EFI unit this winter. I will be going down the oil/filter change and a treatment of additive fr now to see how it goes.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I'll try the oil additive when I next change the oil. Cheers
  14. Hi The 425 in my Riviera sounds very ‘tappety’. I’ll be honest that this is this is the only nailhead I have ever heard in real life (I’m in the UK). Is this a feature of this engine or should I be investigating further? From the front of the car you can’t hear anything else. Odometer shows 55k but the rest of the car indicates that this is at least 155k. There is no history with the car. if you think this is unusual, is there any short term fix before I pull the cash together for a rebuild?
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