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  1. Do your research,make an honest evaluation. Cant expect people on a forum to set a price for you .
  2. I`m picking at a list of things , one is the amp light stays on when running. The alternator has been rebuilt, I`ve tried unplugging and plugging the voltage regulator many times in case corrosion has built up on the contacts. Lost in the woods again.
  3. I `m looking for the member who sells the mini starter for my`64 425 , please.
  4. I used a 6 inch wheel on my homemade set up with great results . Perhaps using a large wheel with a faster rim speed could cause the grief you speak of
  5. I was thinking more a DIY solution (Deep pockets, short arms)
  6. I`ll further muddy the waters,Remove your moldings, get a heat gun , Set it on low, soften the tar and scrape off tar.Any residue left can be removed with lacquer thinner or acetone I use a green 3m scrubbie and lots of paper towels. I used an old 1/4 hp motor and attached a mandrel on it so I could run a buffing wheel. Get a bar of stainless compound and buff til your happy.
  7. Call Clarkes,they are really good people they should have an idea / size for you,
  8. The only thing to watch for are the clips, they rust out over time. do a hose leak test . If it leaks there will be work to be done to repair rust and holes. Very common to find leaks from the clip fasteners rust away leaving a hole .Check your trunk for moisture. The body service manual shows how to install the glass with the rubber spacers. May as well give it a go. Hopefully you have a Riv that was garage kept its whole life
  9. This happens when the Gas (Ethanol) evaporates from the float bowls after sitting for a long while . There is a thread about this in the last year or so. Riv Nut had a solution using an electric mini pump . well worth looking into.
  10. Check your oil ,see if you have water in it, sometimes it looks like an ugly milkshake .Best of luck.
  11. I don`t believe mine are original and glass beads cleaned them up nicely .As with most tools , it`s all in the hands of the operator . Flat clear (automotive) helps to keep the finish looking good while stopping flash oxidation which is common with Aluminum