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  1. I replaced the motor on the drivers door window and it's still sluggish and needs help. So, either the skin comes off again and then I clean out the build up from the years or I try the WD40 solution to see if it helps.
  2. Mechanic checked the front end and said everything is in good shape and nothing of note. If I wanted to look into a faster ration box where might I go to read and what product/suppliers to consider? I'm not looking for equivalent to modern cars but a bit better might nice.
  3. When driving the front end feels light and a bit touch. It takes active effort on my part to drive. Nothing pulls. It just feels really light. Maybe it's the power steering? Anyone seen this and is there a way to address it?
  4. I ended up buying the Meguire's detail spray. Worked well. No issues.
  5. Got the '63 back from the shop today. They recharged the 134 but can't get any air to blow out of the vent in the middle of the dash. They couldn't figure out why. Anyone have this situation and a solution?
  6. 2nd view of slip plate coating on exhaust manifolds. They go back on the car next Monday. Blasting shop said the manifolds were in good shape and that they used 1 can to spray both but really could have done with 1/2 a can. So they got multiple coats.
  7. When researching it I read posts in Ford, chevy and other forums from those who used it. They said it dries and binds with the iron and doesn't rub off. Those who said they tried it gave it positive reviews with no reports of problems. We'll see.
  8. Just dropped the car off. Will share pics of before and after.
  9. Solved. I took some Dawn and gently coated both the surface of the pillar seals and the metal as well. I also went to the auto parts store locally and bought a door panel remover. I put the remover in the vise and heated it and bent it another 15-20 degrees to improve (increase) the angle. I used the remover to pull a the bottom of the seal and wiggled it into place and then (after pre-screwing the holes) put the 2 screws in and worked around it to get the seal edges properly set. Once I got the first one done (10 min) the second took 5 or less. So, the Dawn + the modified door panel remover did the trick. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I appreciate it.
  10. I got the old one's out but for the life of me I can't get the new one's to line up so the bottom lip fits over the bottom of the metal. There must be a trick to doing it. I do have large hands so the space is really tight for my fingers but I simply can't get the edges of the seal that press against the metal to slide into place. It's almost like I need a tool ( a mini pry bar?) to reach inside and pull up on the base of the seal to exert pressure to snap it into place. Was hoping someone had done it and had a trick to make it work.
  11. '63 Riv. White leather interior. Passenger seat. One of the buttons came lose. Have the button. Anyone every repaired? Do I need to go to an auto upholstery shop or is there a way to get it back on or do I need to glue or?