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  1. Thank you very much guys. The interior is still "old", but in quite a good condition (in relation to the age). I will post some pics later. I like the patina. It was a struggle to come to the decision to repaint the car. Original colour was this "sand" and the paint was original but old and I did not really like it. When it came clear (due to rust removal on the body) that a new paintjob was neccessary, I went for this one. Though it is not original, it perfectly suits the shape and style of the body. I don't regret it at all. I do regret one thing: I got rid of the power antenna. As you can see, we even closed the hole so I can't even remount one. It looks good but lost originality (is this the correct term?). Anyway I'm happy and thank all the guys who did a great job on the car. I have to admit, that I did only minor work-I'm better in maintenance than rebuilding. see you Andy
  2. This colour is from KIA and it's called sand track metallic. It perfectly fits to the brown (saddle) interior.
  3. Hey guys, finally my 64 Rivera is nearly finished - in between the project I thought it would never be possible, but in the end the result is exactly as it was in my mind all the time before. This is a 64 Riviera which has been set into service in Austria in 65. Thus it has an original km/h-Odometer. The engine has been completely rebuild, the transmission too, much more bodywork than expected, due to that the original paint could not be saved. As a result I chose a colour, which every varnisher can easily reproduce, as it is a standard colour. A lot of people did a great job on this car...and I'm very happy with the result. Cheers from Germany Stereo
  4. And here are some pics of Engine and Transmission... The engine will be repainted in green.
  5. Sorry for not being here long time, but myjob caught me with a lot of travel and of cause life is going on beside the Riviera project... A lot if this happened since my last logon here. The Riviera Project got bigger than I thought it will (as it usually does). Some quick facts: The car turned out to have more Rust than expected so huge parts of the lower body have been completely rebuild. Now there is really no rust anymore on the lower part of the body and I will be safe for years. The work is amazing. There is not one ounce of body filler or GFK, everything has been done with steel plates and tin (I hope these are the correct english terms for it). After finish you cannot tell which part has been replaced. It looks amazing. Youwillsee it at the very end after the repainting... Furthermore the Transmission has been rebuild and the engine is being rebuild at the moment with new pistons and everything that has to be done. The front fenders and the body part below alsohave been partly rebuild and thus I also got rid of the strange side indictors and the position lights or whatever on top of the fenders.You can see it on the initial photo posted with my first contribution here. There was one thing I thought about for a long time...We also got rid of the original antenna and closed the hole for it in the front fender. I know that this is an original part of the car but it was not working anymore and as you know you can't totally plunge it into the fender. But the car has to park in front of the house in the middle of Berlin sometimes and there are a lot of stupid guys wrecking the antenna...furthermore I like the really clean look of the fenders now. But now there is another thing: The car has to be repainted due to the extensive body works.I wanted to keep it original but the actual colour would not be my first choice to be honest. Now there are two options: repaint it in the original colour or use a new, modern colour which keeps the style of the actual one. So I would choose a mixed silver brown or something like this...I think I will post some suggestions to get your opinions. But here are some pics for you...all red parts are completely new and attached to the old parts
  6. Oh nice to see that there are more Riviera owners in Germany...hello to Frank again. Thanks Ed for the short introduction to the world of Riviera hubcaps. So I'll start my search, it is not that urgent but I guess in the end it is easier to find some good wheel covers than to find proper Rims (especially when all the items have to be shipped to Europe) I'll Keep you updated... One further question: I want to repaint the engine block in the original green colour. Is there a RAL-Code or something for that? Cheers Andy
  7. Thank you Ed, I think you are right. It will be easier to search for a nice set of wheel covers and go for white wall tires. The tires on my Riviera are pretty old, so replacing them will be a good idea anyway. Even if it's not 100% original, do all 63-65 wheel covers fit on the standard rims or are there any differences I have ro consider? Thank you guys, I really appreciate your is not easy to get any information about the early Rivieras here in Germany... Andy
  8. Thank you very much so far. We also made jokes about the Riviera being equiped like a boat concerning the positioning lights ;)) I guess in Austria it was mandatory to install these additional indicators on the sides of the front fender. Maybe I'll get rid of them, but this will be more a future project. I already contacted the guys from nailheadbuick, they are offering everything we need for the engine rebuild. One more question about the rims: Is it possible to use the rally wheels from later riviera models? They are available as 15x7 with the 5 on 5 bolt pattern...what do you mean with removing the register ring? Unfortunately it is impossible in Germany to install spare rims in a legal way unless they have a certification by german authorities. They need to be checked and certified by the authorities for the german market. If the rims have this certificate, this is proven by a casting number on the rims that shows the number of the specific certificate. This procedure is quite an effort and expensive so no US-manufacturer does this for the german market. This results in the fact that there are NO legal rims for a Riviera (and nearly all old US-cars) on the german market. But if you run the car here with "illegal" rims, the car loses the vehicle type approval. If you have an adcident, the insurance can refuse to pay due to this fact and in addition you can get in trouble with the police and you will not get the MOT-certificate (mandatory every 2 years). Thus the only way to have other rims is to use wheels that have been originally available on this model. That really sucks here... Andy
  9. Thank you so far...They are ugly like hell, but once they get removed I have to paint the whole side of the maybe I have to live with it...
  10. First I would like to introduce myself: My name is Andy and I live in Berlin, Germany. I recently purchased an all original matching numbers 64 Riviera which is nearly rust free and in a very good overall condition. I guess the interior is still all original - including the headliner. The ST400 has been rebuild (finished yesterday) and now the engine has to be renewed. At first I have some general questions: The car is a european car and has never run in the US. It has a km/h speedometer. I guess it has been set into service in Austria in 65... Though it is a 64 (later) model (by VIN), it definitely has the 401 engine but the ST400 transmission. How is that possible? I thought all 64 models have the 425 engine...but the numbers are matching. Does anyone have an idea about the strange things on the fender? I guess the additional indicators have been build in later (i plan to completely remove them) but the strange things on top of the front fenders look pretty old...what is the function? Flag holders? I also need a new camshaft...where can i get the right (stock) one? Where can I buy rally wheels (new one) that fit to the 64 riviera? I only found clones for the skylark bolt pattern... Thanks for your help in advance, i think i will have a lot more questions later... best regards from Berlin Andy