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  1. zipdang

    Chrome questions

    I went to pick up this first round of chroming and I am quite pleased! There were a couple smaller pieces that I didn’t accept (they wholeheartedly agreed on my opinion and said they should not have gone beyond their own inspector), but they’re redoing them tomorrow and said they will overnight them to me - no charge of course. May even have them by Friday! Hopefully by this fall I'll have the remainder ready to go - bumpers, grille, miscellaneous other bits. So far I believe it has been money well spent. Jon Wright's Custom Chrome Plating in Grafton, OH. I believe it's OK to post their name if its a compliment!
  2. zipdang

    In honor of Father’s Day

    I have this picture of my dad framed in the garage. He's being the "sidewalk engineer" as I dismantled my Fiat near the beginning its restoration. Sorely missed.
  3. zipdang

    NZ Police 1973

    If this were true, they'd need hankies tied on their heads under their covers.
  4. zipdang

    1966 Cadillac deville

    Always nice to hear about other "knuckleheads!" I can still hear my dad from years ago: "Just calm down. Anything you broke can be fixed." Advice I didn't always care to hear...
  5. zipdang

    old car exhibition in France

    Thank you for all your efforts posting these pictures! So many cars we don't see here in the US. As to that dynamo on my 2cv, I haven't looked into it yet. Sooner or later...
  6. zipdang

    FCA May End Chrysler line

    Being a market sample of one, I have to say that my 2013 Fiat 500 (base model) has been a great, trouble-free, 44 mpg, plenty of get-up-and-go, automobile. Other folks I've met also like theirs. I'm quite pleased with how my '59 Granluce was built and am having a ball playing around with my '67 Giardiniera. No, I'm not a lifelong Fiat nut - just happened to travel this path accidentally.
  7. zipdang

    Daytona Olds?

    I believe that original Packard Gray Wolf is in the Packard Museum in Dayton, OH.
  8. zipdang

    old car exhibition in France

    Great Pictures! Always glad to hear from you. I had my 2cv van in our local Memorial Day Parade today. Not many folks had ever seen one.
  9. What a fantastic mix of vehicles! What is that motorcycle??
  10. zipdang

    Help ID Truck in the Photo

    Traveling gypsy fortune-teller.
  11. zipdang

    Video LA 50s

    Early Google street view...
  12. zipdang

    What to use to clean this?

    Great starter material for a pile of wet brush that needs burned.
  13. zipdang

    Odd tool

    Clamp for trapezoidal picture frames.
  14. zipdang

    1949 Crosley Restoration

    Welcome! Looking forward to a seeing your progress. You'll find a few Crosley folks here to help - if you haven't already found that out!
  15. zipdang

    Right hand drive Saturn

    Yes they did. Our local delivery person used to have a RHD Saturn wagon.