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  1. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Always great to watch your progress. Well thought out!
  2. Where to find exterior trim clips?

    Thanks filozof97. I was considering cleaning them up by some manner, but so many were either missing or beyond use that replacement seems the best option.
  3. Where to find exterior trim clips?

    I looked over a number of options at the local NAPA, but didn't see anything I felt would be easily altered. I'll find 'em though. As usual, I'm grateful for all the ideas.
  4. I'm admittedly one of the many in the silent majority who have marvelled at your talent. Your thread is one I always look for. Thank you for sharing this story.
  5. Define replica

    This is obviously the deluxe "Brinks" version for 1929. You know, with the market crash and all, one couldn't be careful enough.
  6. Where to find exterior trim clips?

    Thanks for all the input. I've checked some of these places already and I guess I'll have to contact each to verify the size. My local NAPA store had what looked like a match (like MrFiat's picture above) but it was twice the size of what I need. TONY has his name on the bolts on this car, but was negligent in marking the clips! Here's the size (cm scale of course...)
  7. The photo shows the type of trim clip that holds the exterior mouldings on my 1959 Fiat 1200. I've been to a few sites and haven't been able to find these - or something similar - to replace my rusty old ones. Suggestions? Thank you.
  8. AH! In my home growing up, it was the dreaded dishpan. Dad would need a nut, or bolt, or something and we'd be sent to the "dreaded dishpan" to search just like your movie illustrates! The experience has had me more than once make a trip to the hardware store only to find what I needed in my own junk box later -- just didn't want to search!
  9. Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Great watching you work. I still think you're an old guy with years of experience!
  10. Horn ring I.D.?

    Modern steering wheels with all their electronics and airbags just don't have much class -- safer , yes -- but ugly.
  11. Chrome questions

    I thank all for their opinions realizing all shops have their supporters and detractors. I'll follow up when I get my parts back. Thanks again!
  12. Chrome questions

    Some of the alternatives mentioned here reminded me of Dad and I trying to dress up that big-toothed grill of a 1951 DeSoto Custom with a GENUINE chrome kit from JC Whitney. We did enjoy just how worthless it was, though! If nothing else, it did give those teeth a uniform color - a flat, brushed aluminum look...
  13. I was in high school for the latter part of the '70s and my cars were, in order, 1951 DeSoto, 1950 DeSoto, 1956 Olds 88 (a favorite), 1950 Chrysler, 1966 Olds Cutlass Convertible. Without computers, searching for parts was a bit harder, but also a bit more fun. Hemmings (in my opinion) was at its best, but there were a couple of local (Columbus, OH) parts houses and junk yards that still had what I needed at the time. Great times working with my Dad and brothers.
  14. Nice car! I just want to sit in it and enjoy.
  15. Chrome questions

    I had a nice day-trip up to Grafton, Ohio to check out Jon Wright's place. Remember, I really have no firsthand experience with this but I was impressed with the place. First thing I noticed was a well-organized, VERY clean shop with quite a few people at work. Zach showed me around, explaining all of the steps, and showing me numerous parts of all types in various stages of the process. He gave the parts I brought with me a good look and explained what would be done with each. Some of these Fiat parts have the maker and part number visible once installed and he assured me that these markings would not be lost in the rechroming. As you might have guessed, I left my batch of parts with them and was told they should have them done by mid May. As to the cost, they certainly weren't the cheapest place but more realistic for my wallet than others. Come May, I'll let you know how it all turns out.