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  1. This very well could be an early overland with replaced later model T spindles or just hubs. That would explain only three bolt holes in the spring mounting spaces.
  2. There are no numbers on the axel, and only the Ford Hub caps. At first I thought it might be a Model T Truck axel with the springs going opposite the length of the axel. But internet pictures show only one spring on the front of Model T Ford Trucks. Maybe be it is an earlier an Model T front axel, the hubs look like Model T. I also don’t understand why there are only three bolt holes to bolt the spring to the axel.
  3. Does anyone have any idea what this old Ford right hand drive front axel fixes on ? It has steel hub caps but I think they were replacements.
  4. I looked up that Mr Jonas in Belding Michigan, he did restore one of the last or only St Louis Automobiles in existence. He seen a 1906 Deere Model A in Indiania in 1965 but the family would not sell it, it was much like the 1907 Model B Deere but did not have the T-Head engine. Mr Jonas still has hopes to acquire the car from the family that owns it someday.
  5. Lowell Kimbell of Norfolk Nebraska had a couple rear entrances last I seen him. You might give him a call.
  6. Yes it is a road vehicle made in Moline IL by Clark Motor Works, I will post a picture. I am not familiar with full/semi floating, or clutch driver axles.
  7. I seen this rear axel in a 1907 Deere sales manual, the company calls it a “Clutch driven, floating type” REAR AXLE. The brakes look like a Weston Mott type axle. Is that what they are trying to display in this picture, and description or would it be a different brand ?
  8. Do you have the hubs or brake drums for this axel ?
  9. Kinsey Kinwood Oilers are difficult to find I have one on my 1910 Sears. If it would be for sale I would buy it and rebuild it. Do you still have it and is it for sale ?
  10. Need a Sears Motor Buggy steering tiller parts, would buy complete frame if available, also missing cam shaft/valve push rod housings on front of Sears engine, fans, and timer or distributor. If anyone has parts or has information for locating parts justinjensen0@gmail.com or (402) 893 4294 Also is there any repairman or company that can make flat tin fenders for a Sears ?
  11. There are only about 3 or 4 original photos of Deere Clark cars. Like the model that is shown it says red and a blue-violet color, but these two photos show white or a light gray color. Deere-Touring-Car | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  12. This car was in the 1964 issue of Horseless carriage journal, It was posted by a man in California Herb Royston I wander if he owned it. I talked with the manager of Knotts Berry farms and after conversations with old employees they admitted they did have a Deere car but sometime before the sale of the park to Cedar Fair it became missing. Justin Jensen (402) 929 3118 1907 Deere Clear Photo Rear 22 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  13. Mike, I might have found your match or close on ebay ANTIQUE SOLAR BADGER BRASS MFG. CO. HEADLIGHT | eBay it is a buy it now so do wait long .
  14. Does anyone have information or lead to finding and purchase of an engine & transmission similar to the one in the picture ? Any parts or separate pieces will help. Justin justinjensen0@gmail.com (402) 893 4294
  15. This is an old post, but I'll ask did you sell the engine ? If not could you send a picture ? justinjensen0@gmail.com (402) 893 4294