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  1. This interesting V4, with double magneto and 1 spark plug for each cilinder, the other two spark plugs may be closing water ports. Size roughly 600 x 600 x 600 mm. The alloy valvegear covers give a modernish look to the concept. Early twenties? We wouldn't be surprised if it's a boat engine but that's only gut feeling. I gladly leave this all to you experts out there. Maybe European made.
  2. Sorry I missed you reply, which do you have left, the Solar or the C.M Hall the Solar is the smaller of the two.
  3. Would you still have the brass Solar tail light, and if so what are you asking for it ?
  4. I used to help make patterns and castings for a small engine builder here in Nebraska, and it was always amazing to see our ideas and blueprints become running engine in miniature. I don’t believe a full sized is much different only more machining, and stronger support in casting so there is no chance or warping the castings. And the jugs will be individual so less weigh in cast iron. The lower case is aluminum much easier to work with.
  5. Actually only need the dimensions and gear sizes so I could make patterns and castings for my 1907 Deere and the four cylinder Maxwell seems incredibly similar, only in reverse. I need gear sizes and teeth number for the cams, timing and crank and thickness of the water jackets and sizing of the jugs and crank cases. A well know pattern maker is helping me and said if we could get dimensions we could build the missing engine. See the similarities. Is there a Maxwell archives that might have the original blueprints like Ford has ? Or is their anyone with a Maxwell Mercury Four Cylinder Motor ap
  6. This probably sold some time ago but if not besides the jugs what other engine parts does does your brother have is the rest of the engine there ?
  7. Did Lozier have constant mesh gearboxes/transmissions like the Chandler ?
  8. W. Higgins is the 1907 Deere Ad from Motor Age 1907 not the Autocar II in the picture ? Did Deere mislead people on their association to Autocar with this 1897 Phaeton picture which appears to be Autocar or did William E. Clark also build a Phaeton the same year as Louis Semple Clarke in 1897 that also has shaft drive ? I think the years are in question, and the distance between Moline Illinois and Ardmore, Pennsylvania.
  9. I don’t know much about the cars of 1906 or 1907 but 1907 - Oldsmobile Model AH, 4 cylinder (pictures added) had large metal rear spring carriers on the back just like an Autocar, and those hubcaps do look similar. I wonder if Oldsmobile had a wood and metal frame and metal carriers on the front ? It appears quite a few parts might have been from parts houses.
  10. I am very thankful for all the help with the identification. I didn’t want to take parts off it if I didn’t know what it was. I am restoring a 1907 Deere and I see now the 1906 Autocar is the same makers started in 1897. So it appears they are original parts for both, no problem using to finish it.
  11. This was listed as a model T wheel it is 23 inch, has six bolt with ball bearings. It appears early but has demountable rim. Would this be a Cadillac, like the early tapered nose hubs on a 1908 Cadillac of something else ? The demountable rim throw me on such an old looking wheel and hub, also the nose looks too short for a Cadillac.
  12. I thought I like lump’s suggestion to put the car back together the collection I bought the chassis from had an early steering column (picture enclosed) by when I looked at the ads it seemed odd that Autocar had a steering wheel in the corner. I thought that they probably went from tiller to steering wheel and they somewhat did. On the 1906 Autocar they had rubber grips spark, and throttle, without taking your hands from the wheel it looks like some modern setup.
  13. Yes it would be nice to put it back together. Large Autocar models are somewhat rare. It appears since this Chassis has two running board brackets it was a 5 passenger Type XII having a four cylinder up right engine as there were only Type X and XII made in 1906. I was a little throw by the article on the Autocar Type VII till I read lower in the article were they corrected themselves as a Type XII. It appears Autocar in 1905 made a Type X, Type VIII, and the XI. I am just getting to know the Ford letters A, B, C, F, N, R, S, and T, and now a new world of Roman Numbers with Autocar.
  14. Yes even the spring connectors are the same as an Autocar. Craig you win the prize that was very good work.
  15. Here is even a 1906 Autocar Type X and the hubs, hubcaps, and even the rear axle seem more similar than other makes I have viewed, I think you are onto something the spring mounting are similar too very heavy solid attacked to wood. What is the wheel base of a 1906 Type X or 10, but they look short coupled. Type VII is probably it. The collection I bought the frame out of has four other Autocar engines. One of them might even be the one out of this type of chassis.
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