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  1. bob staehle

    Knight engine on craigslist Ohio

    K8096 Don't know how you found that CL add. Parts now have a new home. Thanks Bob
  2. bob staehle

    Another battery disconnect question

    The Caterpiller factory has been installing batt. disconnect switches on the ground cable, of their heavy equipment for years & years & years. for what its worth Bob
  3. bob staehle

    Misfire Teaser - straight flathead 6

    ballroom believe firing order 153624 I think you are looking at firing order on dist in reverse direction Bob
  4. bob staehle

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Matt, Back in the day when I was turning wrenches on trucks we used a product called DRISLIDE on leaf springs. Bob
  5. bob staehle

    1953 Buick Roadmaster Brakes

    I have to ask why?
  6. bob staehle

    Palm Canyon Drive 1934 & 1939

    Nice pics Greg. Pic. 1 is a good reason why parallel parking was part of the DL test back in the day.
  7. bob staehle

    Chrome questions

    Zipdang, I have been to GCP several times. Always take my wife with me, we stop at Nancy's Main St. Diner for lunch. Good food, 50's 60's decor. Bob
  8. bob staehle

    Chrome questions

    X2 on Jon Wright. I took some parts to him, they took pix of them, quoted me a price on the spot. He stands behind his work. Bill was as quoted.
  9. bob staehle

    Antique Mall Finds

    Till death do us part
  10. bob staehle

    1908 High Wheel La Crosse Auto Buggy

    A high wheeler with a steering wheel ??????
  11. bob staehle

    Removal of flywheel on 1923 Moon Continential engine

    Jan, Take your bearing to a bearing supplier, like motion ind. If they can't match it up, i would have one made out of oilite bronze. The only time the pilot bearing is used, is when the clutch is disengaged and the trans. is in gear. good luck Bob
  12. bob staehle

    Removal of flywheel on 1923 Moon Continential engine

    Jan, Your clutch asm. looks like a Borg&Beck those pins are there so that the pressure plate rotates with the flywheel. they are usually put in from inside the flywheel. You should be able to drive them out with a pin punch from outside of the the flywheel. Should be an access hole to let you do it. You will probably have to rotate the flywheel in order to do it. Be careful when you remove the clutch asm. from the trans. the clutch spring is under a lot of tension. Good luck with your project Bob
  13. bob staehle

    Sleeving a block

    Curti give the people at Devcon a call 1-855-489-7262. that being said, i would be concerned about heat transfer. good luck with your project Bob
  14. bought a spray can of internal frame coating, it comes with a 24" long hose, one end end of the hose goes on the spray can, the other end of the hose has a conical nozzle. u are supposed to push the hose into your boxed frame push the button on the can and slowly pull it out to coat the inside of your boxed frame. everything was going good until the hose blew off of the can. between the back pressure in the hose and my reaction time to release the button, i got coating on my arm, face, glasses, and in my right eye. by the the time i was done rinsing my eye the coating had dried, i had to clean my arm, face, & glasses with solvent. called their tec. hot line and tried to explain that they needed to put a clamp on the attachment point on the hose at the can. they said they were sorry for any inconvenience and be sure to read all safety data on the product. if you are going to use this product PUT A CLAMP ON THE HOSE AT THE CAN bob
  15. bob staehle

    ID and source headlight bulbs

    JBF Restoration Supply Co. in CA. has #1110 bulbs listed in their catalog for $5.00