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  1. Got a love the tail gate and seat mounts lol
  2. back in the early 80's I was working in Houston tx. my wife flew out from Clev. Oh. to spend a long holiday weekend with me. the day of the holiday we drove down to Galveston Bay, after spending the day there it was time to head back, that was when the fun started, traffic on 45 was at a dead stop, down came the tail gates and out came the coolers. back then it was legal to drink in your vehicle as long as you did't exceed the legal limit. biggest block, tail gate, party I have ever been to
  3. when ever I put a shift tower/cover back on a trans I always jack up one wheel off the ground [engine not running] with trans in n the wheel should turn freely in 1st. gear wheel should not turn, back to n wheel should turn I do that in every gear and back to n. This will let you know that the forks are where they are supposed to be. good luck.Bob
  4. Bob check out ebay there is one listed for sale good luck Bob ps I would be very leery using a filter that is that old. Might want to buy that one and and see if A local ap store can match it with A modern one
  5. My granddaughter and future Overland driver. She wants to drive it at the Henry Ford OCF next year
  6. Keiser31 don't know if I should say I made a age related mistake or blame my glasses LOL Bob
  7. Baker electric cars, I believe were made in cleveland oh
  8. round rad neck, bucket head lights Overland model 91
  9. Steven, I believe firing order should be 1342 or 1243 #1&4 and 2&3 I think are companion cyls.
  10. AL1630 some AMC engines back then had nylon distributor gears, they had a habit of splitting at the anchor pin hole, caused all kinds of funny things to happen. just a thought. good luck Bob
  11. replace the left light with a chevy tail light, most people, now would not no the difference sorry the devil made me do it
  12. My 1920 parts book says coups & sedans, but my parts book printed in 1925 says they will only supply wire wheels & parts until stock on hand is exhausted, than orders will have to be placed with the Budd Wire Wheel Corp. ???????
  13. WHTBARON, The red car has the spark & gas on the steering that is probably a model 4a or 91 The second is a later model 4 after ser# 178115 the last car is a early model 4 and looks the same to me, as your car in question fyi the coups & sedans came standard with budd wire wheels
  14. dash dates it 1920 willys overland model 4 with standard budd wire wheels