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  1. Fred will you have a display at the Canfield spring swap meet? thanks Bob
  2. put your hand on the tire and hub at every pee stop, you will know right away if something is wrong.
  3. at a local car show I was asked is that a model T ? no well it must be a model A again I said no. Well what is it. I said it is a 1920 Willys Overland. The man looked at me and said oh that is the same company that made the gassers, well I guess you can say that
  4. no helmet no knee or elbow protection what are those adults thinking ??? LOL
  5. I think Padgett was referring to the throttle linkage return spring
  6. Dave can type faster than me. Be carefully it could be asbestos. Bob
  7. the only thing missing big boy ff and a waitress on roller skates lol
  8. BearsFan, I bought plain cork, no blend. I used it for pan gasket & gas glass bowl, no problems 3yrs. Sorry for late response, good luck Bob
  9. BearsFan I had the same problem with rubberized cork from the local parts store. Bought natural cork from McMaster Carr, no more problems. Good luck Bob
  10. Might be a good project to try a square hole bushing
  11. Our local wallmart has plenty of latex gloves you just have to pick them up in the parking lot
  12. I have to ask what the red wire, stuck into the wiper fuse, is for
  13. Jeff try installing a grease fitting in the side that goes to the center of the filter and very slowly pump grease in it with a hand grease gun. I have used grease to remove the bowl, plug the fitting that goes to the center of the filter and pump into the other side. Good luck Bob
  14. Ed just goes to show no matter how many miles a car has on it, a lack of lube and a little moisture can cost big $$$$
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