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  1. Dale, look at Dorman 85594 or Taylor cable crimper 43390 Bob
  2. Mark, not charging, I would start by replacing the battery cables. Bob
  3. Larry GM tried that with engines, but that did not go work out to well. LOL Bob
  4. IMHO if a 1923 car is not leaking oil you better make sure it has oil in it. LOL Bob
  5. Grimy if you block the clutch pedal all the way down, the adjuster should turn with little to no effort. Bob
  6. K8096 Don't know how you found that CL add. Parts now have a new home. Thanks Bob
  7. The Caterpiller factory has been installing batt. disconnect switches on the ground cable, of their heavy equipment for years & years & years. for what its worth Bob
  8. ballroom believe firing order 153624 I think you are looking at firing order on dist in reverse direction Bob
  9. Matt, Back in the day when I was turning wrenches on trucks we used a product called DRISLIDE on leaf springs. Bob
  10. Nice pics Greg. Pic. 1 is a good reason why parallel parking was part of the DL test back in the day.
  11. Zipdang, I have been to GCP several times. Always take my wife with me, we stop at Nancy's Main St. Diner for lunch. Good food, 50's 60's decor. Bob
  12. X2 on Jon Wright. I took some parts to him, they took pix of them, quoted me a price on the spot. He stands behind his work. Bill was as quoted.