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  1. A nicely optioned car for sure and an unusual color combo. I did notice that the under hood insulation is missing but the replacement kits are available at a reasonable cost and would take you less than an hour to replace. The trunk looks original and although the lining is stained, there is a plus for originality these days. If the car shows as well in person as it does in the pictures, I don't think the asking price is unreasonable.
  2. I wonder if the gold one has a star wars air cleaner under the hood? It would be a nice plus if it did.
  3. How can the gold one "appear correct and unmodified" when it has a 430 engine? At least they are including the original block. A nice looking car though.
  4. It is nice to see these wheel covers on a 65 GS. The road wheels have become so common over the years ( and in addition to the Pontiac 8 lug wheels, probably the nicest wheels that GM ever produced) the wheel covers get my vote!
  5. I think the coral one was a 64.
  6. I believe the Midnight Blue 65 GS is the same one that took best of show at the ROA meet in Lexington, KY?
  7. For Sale

    I hope so too Randy. If not, I will take them to Hershey in the Fall and see what happens there.
  8. These showroom binders are in really nice shape. No missing pages or samples. They also contain bulletins from Buick that were inserted from time to time as options were added or deleted during the production year. Lots of pictures, upholstery samples, carpet samples and detailed information on all Buick models including the Riviera. I bought these from the Buick Dealer who originally sold my old 69 when they retired and closed the dealership. Send me a PM if you have an interest. Thanks!
  9. 1968 Riv Power Antenna

    Here is a picture of my old 69 with the antenna fully retracted. The antenna was original to the car. I am assuming the 69 is the same as the 68 but not 100% certain. Hope this helps.
  10. There is a set for sale in the latest ROA Riview for a 63. Price is $350 and listed as nice driver quality.
  11. Hey Randall, thanks for posting those notices. Hope you are well. I miss the NC climate!
  12. Some Buick dealers were offering these conversions back in the day. Don't know if it was ever an approved accessory by Buick or not. Maybe someone can chime in if they know more?
  13. Everyone has their favorite for some reason or a combination of reasons. Bill Mitchell envisioned the car with concealed headlights from the get go but it took a couple of years to make it happen. I think the 65 was the first GM car to have tail lights fitted into the rear bumper? I know the Thunderbirds had tail lights as part of the overall rear bumper design prior to the 65 Riv but look how many copied that in the following years. The merits of every year/generation of Riviera have a fan base but just having one is what counts. My two cents.
  14. You're right Ed. I once saw a 1964 Wildcat and the owner had put the cast wheelcovers on his car. He swapped out the emblem and put the Wildcat emblem in from the standard wheel cover. It looked great. BTW, I know you and I have questioned this before but is the spinner on the 65 GS wheel cover the same as the cast wheelcover? They look the same but I have never tried to swap them. If so, it could be another source for an emblem.
  15. Like any other parts for our cars, condition dictates the price. I am not sure what the going prices are these days as it has been some time since I have seen a set for sale. They are easy to maintain compared to the wire wheel covers of the same era. I had them on my 64 that I owned for 24 years and they looked classy on the car. The 63 and 64 were the same casting but the 64's were painted black between the vanes. It is not difficult to add or delete the black depending on which year you need. When I bought my car, the aluminum had oxidized a bit and I had them bead blasted and re-painted the black areas. They came out great. The spinners are the same for both years but of course the logo in the center is different between the two years. The Buick tri-shield for 63 and the "R" logo for the 64. I would guess that you would have to pay at least $50.00 a piece for presentable examples, quite possibly more depending on condition. A number of these were damaged over the years by unsuspecting people who tried to pry them off not realizing that the spinner pops off to access the lug nuts. Curb rash took its toll as well.