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  1. 1977 Riviera RPO Code Label Location?

    They also stuck them on the hard cover for the spare tire well but like you stated, I don't think they were doing it in 1977.
  2. Getting the color right

    The color looks pretty good Bob. I don't know why GM used a crinkle finish to begin with. It certainly wasn't practical.
  3. The repros that I have bought in the past looked fine and the chrome was good but the metal is soft. These are mounted with a speed nut and will tighten up OK when first installed. If you need to remove it for any reason, good luck getting the speed nut to tighten down again.
  4. The drivers door looks like it has had some paint work but it is hard to say for sure. Maybe it is just a shadow but could certainly be determined in person. The rear bumpers on the 68's and 69's are prone to misalignment at the center if they have been tapped. Note the gap between the top of the bumper and the body. The gap should be even all the way across but this one narrows at the center. This is a common problem with these but not sure how much effort it takes to correct it. The 68 bumper is a one year only design due to the location of the back up lights. All in all it looks like a well cared for example and the price seems reasonable.
  5. I haven't seen it reproduced but it is out of sight. There are probably some products out there that you could substitute for its intended purpose.
  6. At least he didn't say that it was a 465 cubic inch V8 engine. I have heard this error in the past as well.
  7. Only the upper perimeter of the vent was chrome from the factory. However, there is chrome under the paint on the entire vent. Some owners have elected to remove the paint so all the chrome shows. Why GM did it this way I don't really know. Maybe it was easier to chrome plate the entire unit? The paint doesn't adhere well to the chrome over time.
  8. That console looks absolutely great!
  9. 1965 and 1969 shop/chassis/body manuals. No missing pages. Send me a PM if you have an interest. Thanks!
  10. NOS 425 Carter AFB carb mounting gaskets. Four in the package and perfect. May fit other nailheads but not sure. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks!
  11. Every first generation Riviera that I owned with the 4 note horns had the hole as well. I like Tom's theory!!
  12. Fuel Filter Bracket for 64

    I have one. Send me a PM. Thanks!
  13. Painted drums

    The paint on my drums from the factory was the same paint used on the wheel webbing.
  14. Painted drums

    The black paint I was talking about didn't cover the entire drum. It was spray painted on just in the areas where you would see the drum through the wheel. It wasn't masked either. It was just enough to cover the areas I mentioned.