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  1. It may not be as collectible as earlier generations but most people who have ever driven or ridden in one of these will tell you that it is the most comfortable of all the generations of Riviera. This one certainly is loaded and in very nice condition. You don’t see many in this color combo.
  2. I really like the color and it looks to be a fine example. I would like to know why it has 68 tail light bezels and why the Riviera medallions are missing from the sail panels. Probably someone's preference but just curious. Easy to correct if you wanted an authentic example.
  3. Pat Curran

    69 Riv Cowl Screen?

    Restoration Specialty and Supply Co. used to have a clip that was close but not exact. Check out their website. Not sure about the weatherstrip though. There are several weatherstrip manufacturers/retailers out there that may be able to help.
  4. They got the Chevy one mixed up. The hood ornament is off a Malibu Classic.
  5. To my knowledge, the 73’s did not come from the factory with a hood ornament. The 73 emblem had a less formal slant to it which is the one that is mounted correctly on the header panel. The sales brochure for 73 doesn’t show one but if you all remember, hood ornaments we’re becoming all the rage during this time and well into the 80’s. Some Cadillac dealers are adding them to cars today. No harm, no foul. I always liked looking out the windshield to see a hood ornament riding high and proud!
  6. I believe the 69's should be the same as well.
  7. The round weights were added to the backs to balance the wheel cover itself to avoid any vibrations due to the heaviness of the casting. This was done at the factory prior to installation. The thought at the time was you couldn't achieve a proper tire balance if the cover itself was not balanced. I guess the casting process back then was not perfect.
  8. Pat Curran

    Concept Body Lines.

    Agreed! There was a time when style sold cars. You will never see this type of styling again.
  9. They look great Bob!!
  10. I used the AC Delco PF-24 during the 14 years that I owned my 1969 with no issues. I was able to obtain them from any AC Delco retailer in my area.
  11. A good friend of mine has a set of NOS turbine wheel covers for the 64. He just confirmed with me that they are painted a satin black between the vanes. Hope this helps!
  12. Well my fellow members and friends, have you had your Riviera today?
  13. It looks like some wiring was done (blue wire and junction box on firewall)? I would want to know what that is for. If the headlights work as designed, that is always a big plus and will save you a lot of aggravation!! I like the color combo and the vinyl roof looks like it is in good shape. Check the base of the “A” pillars to make sure they are solid. It can be a difficult area to repair and usually requires the removal of the windshield to do it right. Keep us posted.
  14. You bring up a good point Matt. As you know, the turquoise mist car that you reference was once owned by me. The consignment dealer where I sold the car through back in 2010 received a number of negative emails regarding the asking price. It sold then for $33K which I believe was a high watermark for a 65 non-GS Riviera at the time. It was a turnkey car. At the end of the day we all love a bargain and sometimes they do come along. There will always be some vehicles that are overpriced but that is true for many other marketable assets. But the upside to current owners is that the market will compare comps just like real estate transactions as you point out and prices will adjust accordingly. Maybe not to the level of the subject 73 GS, but in general terms though.
  15. Another way do do it besides the vaseline is to use a rag dampened (not wet) with lacquer thinner to remove excess paint on the top surface of the vanes. And you are right, a classy looking wheel cover for sure.