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  1. If it isn't a typo then they have a better chance of seeing God!
  2. Pat Curran

    Mice Mice Baby...

    I had them get into my exhaust system on my 64 during winter storage one year. After that, I put steel wool in the ends of the tail pipes to keep them out. They don't like steel wool.
  3. I used to have a 26' enclosed trailer that I had built to my specifications back in 2001. My first purchase was an open trailer and I used it to haul my 69 from Massachusetts to Wisconsin for the ROA meet at Lake Geneva. It poured rain the entire trip to the meet which required a full day of cleaning to get the car presentable. As soon as I got home I sold it and ordered the enclosed trailer. I sold the enclosed trailer to a friend 2 years ago and he is very happy with it. It had a "V" nose for better aerodynamics with a front ramp door on one side of the vee, a side door and a beaver tail for easier loading. It had twin axles with electric brakes. Just about every car hauler has electric brakes with a "breakaway" brake feature that automatically engages if the trailer separates from the tow vehicle. I also specified marine grade plywood for the deck. You definitely have to tie a vehicle down while trailering. I had 8 "D" rings installed so that I would have options for tying a car down depending on the size of the vehicle. Loading the trailer properly is the key to a safe journey. You want to distribute the weight evenly over the axles. You don't want excessive weight at the tongue or at the tail. If you go with an enclosed unit, make sure it has some interior lighting and a couple of roof vents that you can open and close for ventilation. Make sure the tow vehicle has a receiver that is rated properly for the weight you intend to pull and use a "solid mount" ball assembly. One time I was at a show and a hail storm came through. I was able to leave the show field and put the car in the trailer before damage could occur. The roof of the trailer which was aluminum, looked like the surface of the moon after the storm. Better the trailer than the car. My insurance company totaled it out and I bought it back for $100! There are numerous manufacturers that make car haulers and some are better than others so do your homework.
  4. KReed, I would leave that original trunk material in the car. You may be able to spot clean it up a bit but it is in good shape for the year. I would not get too aggressive with a brush or sponge as the fabric will be brittle with age. Try your cleaner of choice in one area first to measure the results before attempting to clean the whole thing.
  5. Some were vacuum operated while others are electric. I recall a friend with an old T'Bird that had issues with the vacuum locks.
  6. I hope I didn't offend you Dave! I may live in Connecticut but I am still contributing to Massachusetts coffers as I work in MA. Hope you are well!
  7. I miss the benefits of living in North Carolina. When I moved there in 2007, I had my 65 and 69 Rivs as well as my 71 Monte Carlo. Coming from Massachusetts where you are constantly bending over for the state, I just assumed you had to have your vehicles inspected on an annual basis (It was up to $31.00 per vehicle when I left MA). I was pleasantly surprised to find out that once your vehicle reaches 35 years of age, it no longer requires a state inspection in NC. I was a happy camper! Now I am in Connecticut and they don't require one either.
  8. Pat Curran

    64 Turbine

    $3.10 an hour in 65/66 was not a bad wage considering the minimum wage in 1971 was $1.65 an hour!
  9. Bring a Trailer is a decent site to post vehicles and parts for sale.
  10. Pat Curran

    64 Riviera Spinners

    They look good Bob!
  11. JB Weld works pretty good too!
  12. Pat Curran

    Riviera Custom Built For you

    I have to share this story with you guys. I bought my 64 in 1972 from a local used car dealer. I don't know how many owners the car had before my purchase but the original "Built Expressly For" plaque was still on the console. The name on it was "A. Caponigro, Jr." I always wanted to find this person and of course the internet didn't exist then and over 24 years of owning the car, I never found the original owner. In 1996, I decided to sell the car and put it in the car corral at a car show. Three guys were walking by the car and I overheard one of them say "hey, that looks like Tony Caponigro's old car." I immediately ran over to the guys and asked him to repeat what he just said. The guy repeated the name and I responded that indeed it was his old car and I can prove it. I asked if he was still alive and the guys said he was. Long story short, I sold the car that afternoon to someone else but how weird is it that on the last day of ownership, I found a link to the original owner? I was really happy with that. In the early 80's I found a blank "Built Expressly For" plaque that was never engraved and I bought it. My plan was to replace the original with my name but I never got around to doing it. I still have the blank plaque!
  13. I think there is always a chance for slight variances during production runs. The only way to be assured of a perfect match is if an item was manufactured in the same "lot." This goes for many items, not just automotive parts. One of my neighbors put a new roof on his house a couple of years ago and not all the shingles were from the same lot. Depending on how the the sun is hitting the roof, you can tell which shingles were from a different lot.
  14. Pat Curran


    Although I am a huge Riviera fan and have been for many, many years, nobody did dashboards better than Pontiac in the 60's. They were elegant, stylish and functional and made with quality materials.
  15. Jason, take a look at the jack stowage picture from my 69 that is posted in the folder on the ROA website. You will see that mine matches the picture above. Mine seems a bit darker but I think that is related to the lighting at the time.