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  1. This car has been on ebay for months. Although a number of options are listed as "rare", the only one that I consider rare is the shoulder belt option.
  2. The air cleaner lid on a GS was chrome but the GS option did not include chrome valve covers. As stated above, they could be obtained over the counter at the Buick parts department as well as aftermarket suppliers. I would put them aside or sell them. It would be easier to buy painted ones and they should not be too difficult to obtain.
  3. Pat Curran

    Oil & Filter

    I’m sorry, but I don’t Bob. I have never used synthetic in one of my old cars. I do use synthetic in my daily drivers and they have never leaked a drop. None of my old cars ever needed an engine rebuild but I would be tempted to use synthetic after a fresh rebuild though. I don’t believe in mixing the two types so I would only do so after a rebuild. I have never heard of synthetic causing a nailhead to leak. If the engine was built properly with the right materials and gaskets and seals are done right, it shouldn’t leak. I have nothing to back this up, just my opinion.
  4. Pat Curran

    The 1970 Buick Riviera

    The 70 was a stop gap effort as the 71 was well under development. Bill Mitchell’s attention was on the 71 and he told the stylists in the studio who were working on the 70 to make the car “look more French.” It really is a cleverly disguised 68-69, enough so that the 70 looks like a totally new, one year offering. The sweepspear was optional and I think the car looks plain without it. I always liked the 70 and had an opportunity to buy a triple white one but like Ed, I was a day late and a dollar short. The 70 has the distinction of being the only year for fender skirts and it was also the most powerful year with 370 gross horsepower.
  5. You are right Ed, they are stainless and some 0000 grade steel wool will make them look as good as new.
  6. Pat Curran

    Oil & Filter

    Hey Bob, what the nailhead's really like is good old fashion leaded Sunoco 260! Unfortunately those days are long gone but my old 64 would fly on that gas!
  7. Take a look at the hinge in the upper right corner to make sure it isn't cracked or broken. This is the weakest point in the overall design and this can effect the door alignment. It is a very common problem for the first gens. The other issue is the applique lifting at the lower left corner of the glove box lid as many owners grab the lid there, particularly if the car has a remote trunk release.
  8. Pat Curran

    1968 Front Bumper

    I believe a 69 bumper will fit as well.
  9. I can access the photo gallery from my phone, but not my computer. Obviously something is amiss or we wouldn’t be getting these posts.
  10. I am having issues as well from work and home. I just tried and I was able to get in however, I cannot access the photo gallery for some reason. I get the unsecured message noted above.
  11. I sold my house in NC 2.5 years ago but have been speaking with former neighbors/friends this week. Water will definitely be an issue and I wish I was there to help them. I hope everyone makes out OK.
  12. I used Paul's Chrome in PA for the rear bumper on my former 65 and was very pleased. That was back in 2006 and it was $1,800 then.
  13. I believe the air cleaner did not have a decal in 1968 but not 100% sure. The "430" on the valve covers is correct. In 1969, the decal was moved to the air cleaner but no decal on the valve covers even though the recessed area was still stamped into the cover where the decal used to be. Note the original hose above the A/C compressor! Originality in spades!
  14. I always liked those optional wheel covers. They are classy looking but a PITA to clean. Plus, they get sand blasted easily so good ones are hard to find. This car has a deluxe interior which is always more appealing. Everyone has their own taste but the wide whites would be the first things to go.