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    reside in Orlando,Fl...owned 65 RIV nearing completion after 20 yrs of restoration....orig.blue/wht int, now silv/ blk int....
  1. Rodney!! Steelerubber sells the "63 vent seals on Ebay. Not sure if they're the problem ones or not, but there is a customer help no.. Another vender sells a "63 vent window seal kit w the vent glass edge strip & the door window to vent post seal w the metal tips included.(did I say that right?) I haven't checked prices on these type of things in some time........they are very expensive! anyhoo, good luck! Drew
  2. 65 Riviera "chin lamps"

    Contact Gene at AB&G. He has had an ad in the review for centuries. I usually call him first for whatever I need. Gene probably has several '65 parking light assemblies. Drew
  3. I saw the Mustang Project kit for '65 Riv on Ebay for $186. w free deliv. The '65 comes w module & 4 bulbs. The later gen. kit has 6 bulbs which probably explains the diff in price. Looks good on the '66, except for the flicker.......on the '65 the effect is not that striking (IMO)
  4. looks very cool......I'm just gonna stand over here while you hook up the juice
  5. Not perfect but ....

    Hey Switzerland!! We'll gladly trade you an Eric Trump for your Eric Schmid. Think it over.......................No? Oh well, it was worth a try, right?
  6. BTW: the aforementioned Firestone FR380 will not fit on the ledge as a spare. It takes up most of the trunk floor. Clarks Corvair makes a nice trunk carpet set for the Riv w a tire cover that fits like a glove.
  7. Greetings! I run Firestone FR380s on my '65 and although they rub a little at full lock they are awesome, especially at speed. They are P225/75R15s, made especially for pickups but recommended by Firestone for older full size cars. They also have the perfect 3/4" whitewall. Love the Firestones! Drew
  8. Looks like somebody tried to do it themselves and wasn't satisfied with the results. Veneer is coming unattached in at least one area & those stripes did not turn out well either. (Those have got to be difficult to reproduce. How to make those stripes is what has kept me from redoing my wood.) I guess they bailed before they got to the vent crank holes. However, all things considered, still a great price, eh?
  9. I would think a small shot of 3M heat resistant adhesive spray adhesive right after a fresh cut might stop the ends from unraveling. You could also try spraying a small puddle into a container and dip the ends. Then pinch the threads together with a tweezer or similar tool. (I tried this on braided nylon rope when I couldn't find a Bic.worked like a charm) I would also consider a fine mist of adhesive on the entire length of braid to tame the fuzzies. Im absolutely confidant that this will work, because all my ideas are brilliant....haha.
  10. Sorry to hear about their "backend problems". Sounds painful.
  11. Ive tried both masking and "spray & wipe" techniques over the years and find masking to be the way to go. I usually clean up any mistakes with laquer thinner on a q-tip. Not only is masking off all those little ridges therapeutic, you get a greater sense of accomplishment having labored painstakingly for so long. The rocker panel trim will really test your powers of patience & endurance! BTW, I wonder if a topcoat of matte finish clear enamel would protect the paint not recommended for outdoor use? And as far as Ive experienced, Krylon is far superior to Rustoleum in every way. Just sayin'
  12. Random hose...

    Brilliant solution Rodney! Q. at optimum performance, how long should a vacuum canister hold enough nothing to operate the trunk release.? I want to install one, but I don't open the trunk that often, so will I have to start the engine to use the remote? Drew
  13. My 401 cosmetic rehab

    Nice! Glad you posted the new photos w the true red. Way better than the orange look. BTW, there's very little clearance between the battery posts and the underside of the hood, so plan your battery cover carefully. I found this out the hard way....some time ago I was having my engine rebuilt after a long period of storage. I authorized the mechanic to install a new battery. Unfortunately he got the wrong one, which was about an inch taller than stock. Upon completion, he closed the hood. Thank God only one of the posts hit the underside, otherwise the Riv might have become a giant welding rig.......as it was it pushed up that corner of the hood, cracked and chipped the paint topside. jus sayin.
  14. naw I'm just funnin wit cha