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    reside in Orlando,Fl...owned 65 RIV nearing completion after 20 yrs of restoration....orig.blue/wht int, now silv/ blk int....
  1. My new purchase

    Congrats & welcome, Chewy! We consider this a pretty exclusive club here too, but we love our overseas members. You'll be talking to Riv owners from all over the globe here on the forum, & I think you'll find this to be an incredible source of information, used parts, & camaraderie. Currently I'm experiencing carburetor problems and they're coming out of the woodwork to help me, as you may have seen. Next thing you need to do is subscribe to the club magazine, The Riview, & possibly submit your story as a feature one day. I am a Floridian but it's a big state, so I haven't seen your Riv. But it's distinctive with the passenger side mirror, something you don't see often. So maybe someone will report a sighting. Good luck, let us know when your Riv arrives, & of course give our regards to the Queen. Drew (RIVNIK)
  2. First, thanks for the advice, tips, & humor. I needed something unrelated from Oreilly's, so while there I asked the head parts guy for his take on the situation. He convinced me that a home rebuild was well within my range of capabilities. A blow-up of the rebuild kit available through them looks very extensive, complete w idle screws & seats(which apparently they don't all include), & the steel plate under the base. I also bought my first vacuum gauge and look forward to learning how to use it on the tune-up. So I'll pick the kit up tomorrow & start psyching myself up by playing Bernie's Bruce Lee tape repeatedly. Not sure when I'll tackle it but I'll let you know how things go. Meanwhile, any more advice, particularly on the vacuum gauge, is well appreciated. Thanks again
  3. Hey ED! Carbking may be OOB....an internet search yields only past mentions of them on the forum. And The CarburetorShop only takes calls on Mon & Tues! I can't wait that long.......Any more ideas?
  4. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the pep talk Bernie, exactly what I need at this point!
  5. Thanks for the quick response! I don't think this carb needs restoring, Ed. It was a rebuild installed around 6 yrs ago, but only has aprox. 800 mi. on it, so it's relatively clean & tidy. Worked fine until recently when the car started running very rich. Adjustment of the idle screws produced very little effect, so I figured there must be a vacuum leak somewhere (which I could not track down). I replaced the carb to manifold gasket w no difference. I found both idle screws were 1 1/2 turns out from the bottom....but the engine doesn't respond until they are almost all the way in. Everything is clean, so its hard to believe there could be carbon or trash restricting one of the air passages. Im not a carb expert so I am reluctant to rebuild it myself and I'm getting tired of dickin' with it, so I figured starting from scratch would be the best solution. On a side note: I thought it odd that the head of one of the idle screws was damaged, as if someone had screwed it all the way in and kept going until the screwdriver boogered the slot. From the look of them the rebuilder probably reused the old ones. Whether that has anything to do with anything is unclear as the carb worked fine for some time. Thank you guys for any advice. You are a valuable source of info that I am forever grateful for. Drew
  6. Greetings! Any suggestions on the best place to get my Carter carb rebuilt or to buy a rebuilt one? I know we've talked about it before but I have a hard time performing successful searches on this forum for some reason. Thanks, Brofessors
  7. interior roof insulation ?

    Wow! Record weak response to a great question! I think you may have stumped the experts, Scott. Too bad, Im dyin' to know myself.
  8. That guy should go back & have Ed's post inked in below the motor.....nothing says commitment like lots of words .......I should talk! I smoked too much one day & had the owners manual to my Samsung washer tattooed on my back. Then they recalled the washer for major defects! sad!
  9. Greetings ! my 65 didn't have a dashpot when I bought it around 25 yrs ago and seems to have gotten by fine without one. The bracket is there, so there's that. Does everyone else have one? Can anyone tell me why I should install one? I don't have my shop manual in front of me but I don't remember seeing it mentioned. Any advice ? Drew
  10. Beware! Not all those 60's GM retractor covers will fit your 65 Riv... as you can see in David's photo, the Riv covers mount on a diagonal surface. Most GM covers of that era mount on the floor & are flat on the bottom as seen in the ebay shots. They will not work. The ones you're looking for are the ones pictured in Shmiddy's post, and they are a rarity. I conducted a search for them years ago w no luck. Maybe a reader has a pair in their parts pile and will chime in. If so I call dibs on them, sorry. Drew
  11. WTB Road Wheels

    greetings Paul I have four 15" Rallye Wheels in nice driver condition.... visually they are identical , but one has different numbers & a smaller center hole, probably from a later year. Unfortunately I am East coast(Orlando). If you're unable to find closer ones I will give you a good price to offset shipping costs. Email is traycedrew@aol.com Drew
  12. Similar to Buicks search for the rare Andean nauga back in the 60s.
  13. hey ED! How can you tell if the clutch is engaging properly?
  14. Hey Bill! For superficial scratches you need some rubbing compound to remove the scratch, followed by polishing compound to remove the haze caused by the rubbing compound, then some wax to return the shine & protect the paint. As for brand names, one is probably as good as the other. If you're unsure about technique, go on you tube, search "removing scratches from auto paint" or something similar, and you will find instructional videos and product ads & testimonials. Its actually pretty easy to remove superficial scratches, deeper ones may require some expertise. Good luck, Drew
  15. El Camino-ish First Gen Rivis

    avoid anything that ends with ooz