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    reside in Orlando,Fl...owned 65 RIV nearing completion after 20 yrs of restoration....orig.blue/wht int, now silv/ blk int....
  1. Hey Wanna, In my opinion you may suffer from a serious malady that affects many of us, GFPS (glutton for punishment syndrome) You could save yourself a ton of money & headache by focusing on finding a '65. There are plenty out there. Add the potential money you might save (by NOT doing this conversion) to your car budget & you should be able to afford a nice one. Unless you find a cream puff or a fully restored one, you are still going to have plenty to do. Just sayin' Drew
  2. BTW Moran, Be careful installing those insulation pieces! You want handle them gingerly as they are usually very brittle. Just by holding them you can easily punch a finger right through the outer surface. And have a sharp pair of shears handy. If you hold them up to their proper position, you'll see there are some obvious tight spots that need trimming down before installation. When I find a more durable replacement material I will use my old ones as a template and make better ones. The three sets I have purchased over the years all felt as though they were made in '65. Anyone else?
  3. Ive done it both ways. The first time I sat on a cushion w some tunes and a beer or six and went to work w the masking tape. It is not that hard, just very painstaking work. I cleaned everything w alcohol, precut strips w Xacto knife, & started masking. If you can channel it into some kind of Zen-like experience it can be somewhat less frustrating. The main problems are the awkward angle of the grille & the amount of masking involved, not only all the chrome surfaces but also the surrounding car ,including behind the grille. ( Or you can do it the easy way w the finger, like Telriv suggested, which is what I will do if there is a next time.) The second time I chose to remove the grille. Despite what anybody says, that turned out to be a real PITA, & I scratched the valance below it badly. Both ways ended up taking aprox. the same amount of time, so take your pick. As JZRiv said, the Krylon Dull Alum. is a perfect match to the original Argent. However, my '65 is the exact same color, so it gave a washed-out look that I did not like. The second time I used Krylon semigloss black ,not only on the grille but also between the clamshell ribs and in the rally wheel inserts. It may not be stock but definitely gives more definition, especially to the Silver Riv. I usually top everything off with a shot of Krylon semigloss clear for extra protection. Anyhoo, the main idea is to have fun, so good luck! Drew
  4. Greetings RRB You will probably find trans filter & gasket at your local auto parts store. That trans was pretty common with many GM cars of that era. You might also check out Ebay, where you'll likely find a cork gasket, as opposed to the neoprene one the parts store will sell you. I recently replaced my leaking gasket with the neoprene one. While having some exhaust work done it was called to my attention that it was still leaking. I informed the mechanic that I had recently replaced the gasket, & the first thing he asked was, is it neoprene or cork. I purchased the cork gasket on Ebay, & that took care of the problem. If it's just the pan gasket that's leaking that is an easy fix. the seals are a different problem altogether. I would agree w Konga that if the leaks are minor, a drip pan & some extra fluid is the way to go. You've got to expect 50+ yr old car (or human ) to leak a little, & you're talking about some major moolah replacing those engine & trans seals. I have a 2'x3' pan & a bag of oil absorbing gravel. The pan is just the right size to catch my rear engine seal & trans pan leaks. Best $2500 I ever saved. Good luck! BTW it will help if you can take the old filter to the parts store w you.... I believe they came in different configurations & you'll be sure to get the right one. Drew
  5. Good thinking Rocky! Im a step ahead of you . Just got back from dropping the Riv off at the local colleges' parking garage. Right in the center, all covered up, strapped down & ready for the worst. Doesn't look good for us here in Orlando, keep your fingers crossed for us! Drew
  6. Greetings! For a treat go to GMinsidenews.com & look up the '65 Riviera GS cab-forward, mid-engine, front-drive concept car....
  7. Greetings! BTW... the wheel is not made of wood. It is molded from a wood colored polymer. The ring rides in a groove around the rim. IMO... the ring is missing from the top wheel. I believe what we are seeing on the left is light reflecting off the empty groove.( the ring should reflect enough light to be quite visible, as in lower pic.) I would avoid the ringless wheel. It will have an annoying groove under your hands, and a replacement ring may be hard to find. If you are lucky enough to find a wheelless ring it may be stretched out and will be loose in the groove.(like two I have encountered) In fact, it looks to me like the lower wheel has a loose ring...it appears to bulge slightly at the bottom As always, Buyer Beware!
  8. Rodney!! Steelerubber sells the "63 vent seals on Ebay. Not sure if they're the problem ones or not, but there is a customer help no.. Another vender sells a "63 vent window seal kit w the vent glass edge strip & the door window to vent post seal w the metal tips included.(did I say that right?) I haven't checked prices on these type of things in some time........they are very expensive! anyhoo, good luck! Drew
  9. 65 Riviera "chin lamps"

    Contact Gene at AB&G. He has had an ad in the review for centuries. I usually call him first for whatever I need. Gene probably has several '65 parking light assemblies. Drew
  10. I saw the Mustang Project kit for '65 Riv on Ebay for $186. w free deliv. The '65 comes w module & 4 bulbs. The later gen. kit has 6 bulbs which probably explains the diff in price. Looks good on the '66, except for the flicker.......on the '65 the effect is not that striking (IMO)
  11. looks very cool......I'm just gonna stand over here while you hook up the juice
  12. Not perfect but ....

    Hey Switzerland!! We'll gladly trade you an Eric Trump for your Eric Schmid. Think it over.......................No? Oh well, it was worth a try, right?
  13. BTW: the aforementioned Firestone FR380 will not fit on the ledge as a spare. It takes up most of the trunk floor. Clarks Corvair makes a nice trunk carpet set for the Riv w a tire cover that fits like a glove.
  14. Greetings! I run Firestone FR380s on my '65 and although they rub a little at full lock they are awesome, especially at speed. They are P225/75R15s, made especially for pickups but recommended by Firestone for older full size cars. They also have the perfect 3/4" whitewall. Love the Firestones! Drew