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    reside in Orlando,Fl...owned 65 RIV nearing completion after 20 yrs of restoration....orig.blue/wht int, now silv/ blk int....

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  1. Greetings! Went to a local event recently & had to drive the Riv home after dark for a considerable distance. I realized that I had not been out at night since I dismantelled, refurbished, & lubed my clamshells & linkages(months or years ago).Each lamp now points in the wrong direction. Any tips on adjusting the lamps properly would be welcome. I am familiar with the basic procedure and have actually done it before on another car with only two lamps, but the stacked quads with the clamshells presents an entirely different situation. I know you don't just point them all straight ahead. And the adjusting screws don't appear to be as easily accessible as one would expect. I know the service departments used to have a gadget on wheels they rolled up to the lights for aiming them, but there must be some tips only you old-timers know for doing this at home. Thanks for any help you can offer. Drew
  2. Ok, Schmid, I have to ask. Do the Swiss get a traditional broom for each birthday? By the way, your posts, particularly the ones with step by step restoration techniques, have richened the forum & the Riview to a huge degree. I intend to make good use of your treatise on restoring door panels in the near future. Thanks again, Drew ps. could you remind me of your website name?
  3. Thank you, guys. 10-13lbs it is. & Ed you are absolutely right! Which compels me to offer an apology to you other two. I have an FSM, but it is buried somewhere in one of several boxes. It wasn't that Im too lazy to look for it....I just thought it would be good to give you guys a little exercise in mental acuity. You both seem to be doing well for your age.....so there's that. Thanks again, Drew
  4. Greetings! Anybody out there know the torque specs for transmission pan bolts on a '65. Thanks,Drew
  5. Searching exclusively for straight genders could be considered discriminatory in the current social climate..............Wait!! Are we cyber-bullying Coach? That is also unacceptable!
  6. Took a quick look at the website.....looks like one of those situations where "if you have to ask you probably can't afford it". (No prices posted can't be great for business.)
  7. Years ago I performed what I consider to be a definitive comparison between Krylon & Rustoleum. I had always trusted Rustoleum products, but was a little aggravated that my local Home Depot only carried their brand. When the competitor opened up nearby I took the opportunity to buy the Krylon versions of the same colors & finishes and applied them both to similar surfaces under the same conditions. Without a doubt Krylon is far superior in all categories. I find it humorous that they are like Coke & Pepsi, with obvious contractual agreements to limit certain retailers to their product only. But thats biz I guess.
  8. RIP,Bill. Great American Hero + Great American Auto = Gold! Good to see you on the forum, Gene. Drew
  9. I have an extra '65 remote control mirror which I have tried everywhichway to configure the bezel to look even remotely acceptable on the passenger side. Sure you could mount it, but it will always point down & out, which is exactly what you'll be after you suffer the ridicule which you may have noticed is already happening as we speak. What we need is someone with the ability to cut & weld or recast a mirror(pun intended)image of the drivers side. The cost would probably be prohibitive, but I'll wager enough of us would want one to make it doable. Somebody out there casts horn bars. Why not a passenger mirror (aside from the fact that it will suck as a mirror (but look great)) Get on it, somebody!
  10. Lee Carroll is listed in the Riview as the regional coordinator for the ROA for the San Diego area. His number is in the back of the Riview or on the ROA website. He may be the one to contact, who knows.
  11. thanks for all the info, guys! The pertronix II is on its way from Amazon, along w a 45,000V Flamethrower coil. Will let you know how it goes. Drew
  12. Im wanting to keep everything looking stock. Thats why the Petronix ll appealed to me. However there are quite a few different Petronix coils. Any recommendations?
  13. Greetings! I want to switch my '65 to electronic ignition. After a little research I'm thinking about the Petronix ll. Can I get a "customer rating" from anyone? Can anyone recommend a better one? And should I replace the stock coil with a high performance one at the same time. Any tips on installation ? Any info on the subject will be greatly appreciated. Drew