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    reside in Orlando,Fl...owned 65 RIV nearing completion after 20 yrs of restoration....orig.blue/wht int, now silv/ blk int....

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  1. Boy when you guys get going it is a wonder to behold! Don't let me interrupt the debate, but I found Quick drying JBWeld which sets up in 6min. (the premixed JB paste was too thick)I will try it on one of the 4 cracks after cleaning it up w my Dremmel & drilling a few "rivet" holes as per the video Ed submitted. BTW, the only vid I found pertaining to the silver strip was one of restoring the rim-blow horn ring on a '68 Mustang. That may be the one you remembered, Ed. Thanks, and now, back to the epoxy kerfuffle! Keep talking because I will soon need advice on paint.
  2. Thanks guys. At your suggestion, I looked at Eastwood & Alvin Lab-Metal products, Ed. They look like the ticket, but they are also very pricey. I've got the JB so it's in the lead at this time. However when mixed properly it might be a little runny for this type of job. Ive even let it harden a bit before use & come back to find gravity has caused it to run or sag. I found JBweld premixed paste which may be thicker, so that might be worth a try. Thanks again, Pete & Ed. Any more suggestions will be welcomed. Thanks , Drew
  3. Greetings, Riv owners! Looking for steering wheel restoration tips. Just got an original wheel for my '65 from fellow forum user rivmaniac.(Thanks again,Paul). It is in nice shape with a few small expected cracks where the spokes meet the rim. And as usual the aluminum foil strip is beat & had to be removed. That of course left a deep groove around the wheel. There appears no be no great options to reproducing the original appearance of the embedded metal strip, but that doesn't bother me too much, it was a design flaw from the start. I'm pondering over the possibility of filling in the groove & painting over it. Anyone have any better ideas? Shmiddy? Anybody? And what product should I use to fill the groove & the cracks? Also any suggestions on paint (black) will be appreciated. My attempt to paint my current Grant wheel w Krylon gloss did not turn out well. I could not get an original looking gloss finish & it is now perpetually sticky! Think I might take this one to a paint shop. I like the look of my Grant Corvette-style three spoke wheel but want to try to capture the original skinny wheel feel for a while. Thanks, Drew
  4. Great gift! Hey Rivman, can you give us a ballpark on what a trip like that costs?

    WTB '65 wheel

    Greetings rivmaniac. I am interested in the black '65 wheel. I am off to work but will figure out how to PM you later. Drew Rivnik
  6. I may have already asked this several times over the years.....Does anyone have or has anyone seen a '65 standard (non-"wood") steering wheel for sale? Preferably black in nice condition complete w horn bar & mounting hardware. Seems to be an oddly rare item. Thanks Drew
  7. Sadly, the one thing I didn't get from Clarks when I had the chance is the one thing they no longer offer. A perfect repro '65 shift indicator lens. WAAA
  8. Greetings, An interesting side note, as it were. For those of you who have benefited from Clark's Corvair over the years, you can see Clark's in action, albeit briefly, on an episode of the great Velocity Network show "Wheeler Dealers". It is an old episode they are currently airing, but can also be seen on YouTube. The two Brits that are the show restore a '63 Corvair to near showroom w parts from Clark's & visit the shop, where they are shown how interior parts are fabricated. Very interesting after all the great business I've done with them. & check out "Wheeler Dealers", one of the best car restoration shows on TV. Later
  9. greetings Z, Do some serious shopping for an installer. Hopefully you'll find an old timer who has done a few of these. It's not an easy job and would be best done by someone with experience. Prices for installation can run up to $500. I was lucky to find an old guy with a tiny shop in an "office park" who did a perfect job for $250.,the cheapest estimate I could find. The job is do-able by anyone with a reasonable amount of ability, but from what I understand is a real PITA. If you shop by phone, make sure the person knows this a bow-frame headliner, not the modern type. Good luck! Drew
  10. Greetings! Went to a local event recently & had to drive the Riv home after dark for a considerable distance. I realized that I had not been out at night since I dismantelled, refurbished, & lubed my clamshells & linkages(months or years ago).Each lamp now points in the wrong direction. Any tips on adjusting the lamps properly would be welcome. I am familiar with the basic procedure and have actually done it before on another car with only two lamps, but the stacked quads with the clamshells presents an entirely different situation. I know you don't just point them all straight ahead. And the adjusting screws don't appear to be as easily accessible as one would expect. I know the service departments used to have a gadget on wheels they rolled up to the lights for aiming them, but there must be some tips only you old-timers know for doing this at home. Thanks for any help you can offer. Drew
  11. Ok, Schmid, I have to ask. Do the Swiss get a traditional broom for each birthday? By the way, your posts, particularly the ones with step by step restoration techniques, have richened the forum & the Riview to a huge degree. I intend to make good use of your treatise on restoring door panels in the near future. Thanks again, Drew ps. could you remind me of your website name?
  12. Thank you, guys. 10-13lbs it is. & Ed you are absolutely right! Which compels me to offer an apology to you other two. I have an FSM, but it is buried somewhere in one of several boxes. It wasn't that Im too lazy to look for it....I just thought it would be good to give you guys a little exercise in mental acuity. You both seem to be doing well for your age.....so there's that. Thanks again, Drew
  13. Greetings! Anybody out there know the torque specs for transmission pan bolts on a '65. Thanks,Drew
  14. Searching exclusively for straight genders could be considered discriminatory in the current social climate..............Wait!! Are we cyber-bullying Coach? That is also unacceptable!