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  1. George,

    Free hubcaps

    PM sent.
  2. George,

    Free hubcaps

    Paul, I am interested. What payment type are you accepting ?
  3. George,

    Passwords not accepted second time of login

    Yes, please. Thank you Matthew.
  4. George,

    Passwords not accepted second time of login

    Looks like I have the same issue as Ken Green has described in the first post. I can't log in, I need to reset the password, then I can log in. But after I logout, I can not log in anymore. Then again resetting the password helps. Update: I have changed my forum display name (option allowed once per 30 days in the profile setting). Additionally I have changed an email address linked to my profile. And now logout and login works. Not sure which change solved the problem (shouldn't have done both in the same time ...), but it is OK now.
  5. George,

    Strange blower speed / PCV issues

    I am using a hand vacuum pump to create vacuum and to monitor if it holds it. I am connecting it to the different components or systems (like vent flaps actuators) one by one, to shoot the problem.
  6. George,

    What kind storage facilty do members use?

    Thanks Pete :-). Idea was to build something that will fit the landscape and will not damage nice surrounding view we have. We had to demolish a bit one side of a small hill and to build the garages in that place there. Heavy construction was necessary to hold the ground so it will not push (or worse slide down) on the garage back wall...
  7. George,

    What kind storage facilty do members use?

    Thank you. (the brick room is a wine cellar ;-) )
  8. George,

    What kind storage facilty do members use?

    I have built something that fits surrounding area - that was costly but I like the result. Anyway I would built it slightly other way now :-).
  9. George,

    1965 Mystery Decal

    Picture says 100-2, not 200-2.
  10. George,

    Learned alot from an appraiser the other day

    Restoring Riv 65 GS, I can see no other way than going stock as much as I can. But generally Chris is right ....
  11. George,

    Want to rent a Riviera

    That is real addiction to Riviera.... Good luck Trond !
  12. George,

    63-65 Brake reaction rod question

    The pictured bushings in post #3 (lets say type 1) are from CARS. I have seen also another type (lets say type 2) of bushing available for Riviera 65: Moreover, I have seen both type 1 and type 2 of the bushings in the different suspension drawings (different books) for Riv 65. Is the type 2 what you used, Tom ?
  13. George,

    63-65 Brake reaction rod question

    Yes, I have seen it as well, even before I decided to post the question here at AACA. But did you noticed the title for that V8TV article ? 1970 Riviera ... maybe there it is different solution.
  14. George,

    63-65 Brake reaction rod question

    You are right - I saw it as well - had to count and find #3... Ed, maybe you can send this information to the forum administration ? Last days there was some big update / movement to the new server, so there is a chance they can bring the # back ?
  15. George,

    63-65 Brake reaction rod question

    I will look at this as well, thanks for the tip Ed ! My other problem is that I was not disassembling the car by myself, so I can not say how it was....