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FOR SALE: Large RAUCH & LANG Wall-Charger !!!

$1500 Price Reduced ! Very Impressive Origional Wall-Charger

This is a very EARLY Rauch & Lang model...Marble control board with Rauch & Lang name and logo !!!


I have seen several (3) carriage chargers over 20 years...All were freestanding & Steel!!!

This is wall-mounted with Marble conrol panel!

I removed this "Monster" from a Philadelphia Center City Townhouse garage 25++ years ago!!!

100% Complete !!! FANCY & IMPRESSIVE Display Unit or Possibly can be used today!!!

It was still wired-up Hot when removed!!!

I would bet it still works!!!

approx 5 Foot tall X 2 foot wide!!!

Marble control Face with Rauch & Lang brass plate and Three large rheostat controls, three large meters AC Volt, DC Volt Meters...One Ampere Meter...Twin Knife Switch, Fuse Holder

Mechanical Wind-up shut-off Timer!!!

Large heavy multi-tap transformer in bottom...

Several wire-wound ceramic resistors

Glass lamp-style rectifier (Mercury tube )intact!

Cloth-black-shellac covered wire

large cordset with large bakelite + auto Steel &brass plug

Very Very Heavy Monster

This is NOT a forklift charger!!!(as some may think!!!) It is an Electric Carriage Charger!!!


Located in my long-term storage area and very hard to get at to photograph!!!

Serious Buyers only!!!

I want this to go to an Electric Carriage Auto owner or early car museum!!!

It Will take US a Half-Day to move all the "Junk" in front of this Wall-charger!!!

I Will NOT ship this MONSTER!!!

Weight 300-350 lbs !

You must come to PA and see it for yourself!!!

Bring cash and a truck or van!!!

Brad Hunter

Huntingdon Valley PA (near Philadelphia)

215 947 4676


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As of 9/2010 I have been offered only $400. by a R&L collector for the charger !

Sight unseen~

He never ever inspected it..

I have now cut my asking price by 50% !

There have been very few calls.

My $1500. asking price seems more than fair ...

Where are you going to find a charger like this ?

I bet you never saw an original Rauch & Lang wallcharger !

Or any original electric carriage auto charger for that matter ?

It is in MINT condition & it works !

If not sold in the next month I will list it on ebay !

Thought I would give everyone here one last shot !

Please come to see this in person !

I am located just outside NE Philadelphia !

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We offered you $1500 several years ago. Now the electrics have been sold and my customer is no longer interested. Still, a neat item that should be in a display somewhere. Maybe donate it to the AACA Museum?

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This is true...

I do remember your offer.

That was in 2007 after I first listed it for sale here...


You also stated that my R&L charger was not the correct voltage for his type of electric auto.

I remember your direct questions about voltage...

I checked into this for you, and got back to you about it, as I remember.

You stated that the charger would not work on his car's battery packs.

There did not seem to be very much interest on your customer's end other than it just being a static museum item.

That's ok...

I did apprecaite your interest & offer !

If it would have worked with his car I would have accepted your offer !

This charger works & should be displayed & used with a proper electric auto... not just used as a static museum display decoration .

Frankly I had thought some electric car owner woud be thrilled to own this charger.

I know of very few electric car owners who actually also own a proper period correct charger !

The one or two that do want it... seem to want it for very little, if any money !

Anoher local museum wanted me to donate it for free !

I have donated items to museums before for display only to have them later SELL or dispose of the donated artifact !


I did not get it for free !

I have never owned an electric carriage auto.

I bought it in the first place to save it from the scrap pile !

Sadly few others have indicated ANY real serious interest .

Oh Well...

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I also tried to purchase this wall charger to go with my 1912 Rauch & Lang. I was even to the point of driving out to pick it up. I would still like to have it, but I believe in the end, it was really not for sale unless you presented an offer which was out of this world. I made an offer which was more than what I had seen others sell for. I thought my offer was out of this world, but apparently it was not quite out of this world enough.

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The owner, Brad Hunter, has since passed away. We offered to pay his asking price and like you were ready to go pick it up but somehow it just never happened. No idea what became of it or the 30 or so cars he apparently had.

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