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Brewster Automobiles - Ford powered Custom Bodied 1934-193

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They're interesting cars. You tend to see a lot of them that are unrestored. I take care of this one. Paint on the coach is original, as is 80% of the interior, though it recently underwent some cosmetic upgrades as it was getting so rough and the engine needed rebuilding:




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My friend and Great Race Driver for 9 years had a Brewster.  His was re-chassied to a 47 Buick Chassis after WWII.   Ted Holden was at that time the Editor of the Brewster Club Newsletter.  He said that when Brewster bodied cars were built on Ford Chassis in 1934 & 1935, that the sales pitch was

to buy the car new then and iit could be re=chassied after the Great Depression was over.   His was one that had actually been done that way.  It was also a orif\ginal paint and upholstery car back in the 1980's & 90's when we raced together.

He would alert the Brewster Club members where the Great Race would be stopping and it was fun to see many of the fabulous cars come out to meet him and see us in the 1935  Chrysler Airflow.  i met a bunch of Brewster owners and was suprised how many of them were originals at that time.

The exception was to see a restored one.   The heart shaped grill and swooping front fenders was very special.   I was lucky enough to be chauffered

around Jupiter & West Palm Beach in the Brewster and other Holden cars, like his 1917 Milbern Electric and 1915 Packard.  I would guess that was before Edinmass moved to Florida.

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