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  1. Let me jump in here. I'm selling the Lotus Cream Robbins car mentioned above. You've restored in the past? Good. Look at mine last. It's also been generally refreshed a little since those pics, but this is a never hit, never rusted California car. No typical age/rust scars on the suspension and chassis parts, decent amount of documentation and service records, even has most all the hanging tags and owner info pamphlets. So yes, look at and drive mine last, then tell me it's too much. Why do I still have it? 2 people have looked at it, 1 drove it, that's it. I'm not giving it away because lesse
  2. Car is located in Monroe, MI south of Detroit, or about 20 miles north of Toledo, OH.
  3. I'm not shy, I'll say it. It's ugly in an almost childish sorta way. Then to tag it as a Super Snake? Ok if you can't say something nice, right? How about, seems like they had fun building it...
  4. Now that you've had time to reflect given our nation's current events, admit it. You want it. How upset would you be if you missed it when this virus gig is under control. Within a few days she's going for a joyride. Nothing else to do, no events, nowhere to stop and grab breakfast, so why not just enjoy the loveable solitude that a car like this can give you? Besides, she's due to stretch her legs anyways and I'll stop and get som envy pics along the way...😉
  5. Late to the party, but you need to go to: www.autocolorlibrary.com There you will find the Ditzler intermix color charts. If your list includes some form of a 4 digit number (ie, IM-1443) it'll be there. Some colors don't show due to 'net picture posting, for example any light "iridescent" color (metallics) tend to transmit as a dull dark grey. Still, it's enough to give you ideas and buying a qt for spray out and color match is $$$ well spent. Good luck, and this info will help anyone's color selection efforts.
  6. COOOOME AAAANND GET IIIITT!!! I thought I'd yell this time to get your attention 😉
  7. Guess what? You didn't miss it, it's still available. I know, right? All I can say is this one's a sleeper. A no rust ever California car with nice everything. I dont see how an interested party could pass it up. Seeing is believing.
  8. That's not a Packard body used for the cab. If it is it's something really custom coachbuilt but I'll hang with it not being Packard. That said, and rolling with all the other price talk, if it could be brought back to running condition it really is worth close to the advertised price. Who's willing to build a "new" one? And even if you did would it have the spirit this one has? No. Since it came from a noted enthusiast I'd be willing to bet a good cup of coffee it has a real back story as well. Some tangible history to season the kool factor beyond dollars and sense. Just my .02. Wishing all
  9. Decisions, decisions. New Escalade for $80K or a 47 Cadillac conv for much less? I wonder what the 47 will be worth in 5 years. Imagine that, almost literally owning it for free. Just a thought. Enjoy...
  10. I love the site, don't want to create the wrong impression. But like home sales, if it sits too long and doesn't sell "...must be something wrong with it.." is easy to set in. My Super Clipper was here for over 2 years. It's likely one of the very best deals in quality and price for a senior series Packard. Just short of 9000 views, yes nine thousand, and I still have it. I'm not interested in give away pricing that helps drive the values of everyone's car down. And the "...nobody wants these cars..." discussion is as wrong and boring as it was in the 70s. This Cadillac is pretty much a dream
  11. One more week and it's getting pulled from here. I've come to view this site page as a picture post and little else.
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