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  1. So a recently retired man was driving his new Corvette and decided to wind it up. State police pull out and follow him quite a way well over the speed limit but he finally pulled over. "Sir, you were at least 25 over the speed limit. I should cite you, but it's late, and if you can give me 1 good reason why you didn't pull over right away I might let you off." "Well many years ago my ex ran off with a state trooper. I thought it was you and you wanted to give her back." "Have nice evening sir, but slow down..."
  2. We did some parking lot tricks too. There was this one guy that had so much pride being the 1st one out at the end of the day. One day everyone blocked him in and were nowhere to be found ( as far as he knew). After he took the long walk up front and brought the boss back they were all gone. Of course. Another day, being a proud enabler, I had chopped off the right size cinder block and painted it flat black. We jacked up the car and set it under the axle, dropped down you couldn't see it. There he was, "vroooom-vrooom" couldn't move. We let him stew a little. The last straw was we stuck a big
  3. So, I bought this super wow carb adapter guaranteed to give 35% more fuel mileage. Next I got a really high zoot coil guaranteed to give me a 60% increase in fuel mileage. Finally installed some triple electrode spark plugs guaranteed to give me 15% better fuel mileage. Imagine my surprise when the freakin gas tank overflowed...!
  4. Let's try this again. Just imagine if you had to find this stuff piece by piece. Even if you need just the trim, bezels, lights, reflectors, sockets, lenses. The shells are likely the least value here, it's the sum of the whole gig, no? What does new silver plating cost? Stainless repair? A lense? A bezel? Also, if I'm like waaaayy out to lunch on the price (I don't really think I am) let's talk. To the best of my knowledge a "No thank you..." never left a bruise or cost anyone 1 thin dime. Thanks for looking...
  5. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/hf18/hershey/lots/r0115-1947-cadillac-series-62-convertible/720795 $88K out the door in 2018. The defense rests, but I did inspect this one as suggested above. I was there. I'd park mine right next to it and wouldn't hang my head a 1/4 lower than normal. I want a new Escalade, a 2020, and I want it for 60% of 'A' plan price. I'm "the guy" that has to have it for that price. I'm the right guy. I deserve it. I don't care what the avg retail or plan price is. So sarcasm aside, tangible things like condition, history, documentation, perfo
  6. highlander809@gmail.com missed that error all this time...:-(
  7. Price drop, $60K firm. Having seen and heard of what's selling for what I have to think anyone serious is missing out, HUGE. This was after a weekend clean up. And yes, the top, seat and windows all work as they should. Not shown, the chassis got an enthusiastic power wash, left to dry a couple weeks, then some simple black touch ups here n there. It's actually better than I 1st thought. A sleeper kids, don't hesitate...😉
  8. Market...Market...Market Who gives a steaming pile of fecal matter what the "market" may or may not be when you simply want the RIGHT car? All this babble about costs and restoration, well what's the going rate for a proper Jenkins leather interior kit for a Model 62 Cadillac? back in 2011 the whole gig was just under $17K, now mind you that was before you picked up the wrench to turn the 1st seat bolt to start installing. Anyone ever done one of those? It's not exactly like stretching seat covers on a Mustang. With avg labor rates nationwide hovering at $80-125/hr (some way more) who wants to
  9. Let me jump in here. I'm selling the Lotus Cream Robbins car mentioned above. You've restored in the past? Good. Look at mine last. It's also been generally refreshed a little since those pics, but this is a never hit, never rusted California car. No typical age/rust scars on the suspension and chassis parts, decent amount of documentation and service records, even has most all the hanging tags and owner info pamphlets. So yes, look at and drive mine last, then tell me it's too much. Why do I still have it? 2 people have looked at it, 1 drove it, that's it. I'm not giving it away because lesse
  10. Car is located in Monroe, MI south of Detroit, or about 20 miles north of Toledo, OH.
  11. I'm not shy, I'll say it. It's ugly in an almost childish sorta way. Then to tag it as a Super Snake? Ok if you can't say something nice, right? How about, seems like they had fun building it...
  12. Now that you've had time to reflect given our nation's current events, admit it. You want it. How upset would you be if you missed it when this virus gig is under control. Within a few days she's going for a joyride. Nothing else to do, no events, nowhere to stop and grab breakfast, so why not just enjoy the loveable solitude that a car like this can give you? Besides, she's due to stretch her legs anyways and I'll stop and get som envy pics along the way...😉
  13. Late to the party, but you need to go to: www.autocolorlibrary.com There you will find the Ditzler intermix color charts. If your list includes some form of a 4 digit number (ie, IM-1443) it'll be there. Some colors don't show due to 'net picture posting, for example any light "iridescent" color (metallics) tend to transmit as a dull dark grey. Still, it's enough to give you ideas and buying a qt for spray out and color match is $$$ well spent. Good luck, and this info will help anyone's color selection efforts.
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