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little left of this miner's jalopy


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Does anyone recognize this car? It's out in the mountains of Arizona at a mining area, so I presume it was used to get around the site. Has been pretty well chopped up and modified, but if you know your dashboards, it should be identifiable. Can get better pics later if needed. Thanks!

ash car.jpg

ash car 2.jpg

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Looks like there might be the remains of an engine block in there. It could have some identifiable casting numbers or marks. Same goes for brake drums and other hard parts. Pictures of the engine remains would help, too. That large glove box makes me think it was a truck.

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I had to do some research to find it as well.  I knew it looked late 50's early 60's economy domestic car or foreign.  Eventually stumbled across it.  Seems google images has really removed alot of images that used to come up.  I used to search dash panels to identify parts and there were always a pile of results, now not many.   I guess Just AI determining what we should see,  not what we actually want to see.

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Ran back out to the site, and a closer look revealed the word Opel cast into the steering gear. The cluster is right, too. No trace of the engine, what looked like cylinders was part of the body. So, mystery solved. Thanks for the help! Note, those lights are very well attached, but not movable. I guess there were no fenders (or roof or windshield, or ...)





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