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1924 Moon Series A

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Just before Hershey 2023 I took delivery of this 1924 Moon from Jeff Buckley, Moon Car Club President.

My sons and I are planning to restore it - but we also appreciate it in this condition, fresh from a long storage!




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56 minutes ago, E-116-YH said:

Hello AC,

                              Is this the car you purchased from Jeff?


No - same year and model etc - but mine is unrestored - this one has much already done!.


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     What's your definition of "restore"?  How much time and money to you have to spare?  What's the end goal? 

     Whatever parts it needs will probably need to be custom made.   Embarking on a "full restoration" is an endless rabbit hole.  Anything shiny and new will stick out like a sore thumb unless it blends in with everything else that's shiny and new.

     An "unrestored car" often gets more attention at shows than those that gleam inside and out. 

     I would concentrate on making it mechanically sound, enjoy using it and let the next owner completely empty their wallet.

     That's my take but it's your, (nice looking find), and you should do as you wish.



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Hi Nat-

There's a long story that goes with this car and my genuinely wanting to own a 1924 Moon automobile. We're aware of the pending number of hours and costs. Fortunately, we have the right car, (complete and solid,) from the right guy, (Moon Club President,) and restorer friends that I've worked with over the years. I have a couple other cars - some shiny; others well.... not so much. 

We do intend to use this car for both "show and go." 





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My father and I owned a 1922 Moon car dealership for over fifty years, where we kept our collection and repair shop.

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