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New question regarding exhaust

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     The flat flanges and gasket should be tightened incrementally and uniformly but will probably work fine if that is neglected.

     With the protruding flare in the center, tightening one side before the other will tilt the flange against the gasket on the first side and bend the flange when the second is tightened.  Best might be to use self locking nuts, (not nylon), and take care to keep an even pressure on each side.




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Judging from the picture alone (and not knowing what the mating flange looks like) I'd be tempted to flatten the flange that's sticking up, dress it flat with a file and then use the gasket.

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I may file it down a bit, but the flare is what keeps the flange from sliding over. That and double up the gasket. It needs to be even and cannot tighten to much or the ears will break off the manifold. The original one had the flange welded in place with a flat mating suface. Thanks for the info all.


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