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1942 Special Convertible Project $10,000

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Wow, $10,000 in that condition? No top; no upholstery on the seat springs that I can see; not running; yes, it's rare and I have a lot of 1942 parts, but I just can't see $10,000 for this. $4000 or $5000, maybe, on a good day.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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1942 '40 A-series Specials ran a 118" wheelbase while the 40-B Specials ran 121" using the GM "B" body.  Seems amazing that the better-proportioned B was not available as a convertible.  No doubt it would have fetched a significantly higher price.

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I don’t think anybody but that does not stop the current greed marketplace sellers from trying.  Hard to say, but when I advertise something for sale I want to move it on. I in turn have lost $150,000 on the hobby over the years.  

But these sellers seem to not adjust price. “Don’t like it, move on” they usually say. Or “where you going to find another one” is something I commonly hear.  

Sellers are myopic. They think because it’s rare people will push each other over to buy what they have. But, as a generalist, I am comparing the value of buying this car with many other cars in mind. Of course none are 42 Buick convertibles, but they are all rare and interesting in their own rite.   

I am reminded for instance of a low mileage 55 Century convertible I found at least a year ago on Facebook marketplace for asking $10,000.  Still for sale last time I checked. Are these sellers incredulous that we lucky buyers haven’t showed up with wheelbarrows of cash?   

What is a good price for this 42? Well, virtually anyone will tell you the restoration age is over.  Done. Not even high end cars are worth restoring.  Therefore projects of any kind have no value.  The right price is “0”.   

I am not sure what the right price is but $4,000 seems right.  Most of these lucky sellers buy or own these cars for less than 10% of their greedy asking price. 

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