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identifying car probably from 1910s


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1) It appears to have an emblem on it with sort of a pineapple or bowling pin shape.  Is it known?


2) I figure it is from 1910 based on these inset headlights.  Is there a term for these type of lights?


I notice the fender (3)  is in line with the headlights and the hood (4) is curved and extends in one piece to the cab.


Not sure what  (5) is.  Is that suppose to mimic a coach lantern and is it a lamp?


Other distinctive features I notice are 6 "panes" in the rear window (6) and a single clasp  (7) on the toolbox or whatever that box is called.


It has 10 spokes in the front, and I was thinking 12 in the back, though I'm not so sure.


Are there any other characteristics I might key on in trying to narrow this down?

old car ID.png

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Case.  Here's the emblem (from a tractor)

Old Case Tractor Logo Photograph by Linda Peglau | Fine Art America

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#2 These are Carbide gas head lights, lit by hand and a 1/2 inch thick concave mirror in the back of them.

#5 These are cowl lights (think parking lights) there is a reservoir for kerosene at the bottom and you would light the wick by hand.

#7 is a tool box, jack and assorted tools for maintenance  and often a gin bottle under a rag.

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