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1969 Riviera Origin


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I live in New Zealand and have just imported a '69riv. I would like to find the dealer that first sold it new.

Is this possible?

How would I go about it?

I bought the car in New Hampshire USA but I think it may have been originally from the West coast and would like to find out.

Thanks Chris B 

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4 hours ago, ol' yeller said:

Pictures or a description would help. Buick made a lot of ‘69s.

I don't think those would help us, but they are always interesting to see!

Only the Serial Number would be useful, and it must be given to someone

who has the original dealership data--if those data are even available.

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Hi Chris,

welcome to the word of Buick Riviera. There is a site on this forum under Buick for the Riviera and there is also the Riviera Owners Association that you may want to join. Both are excellent resources for information, how to blogs and parts advice.


Worth a look,

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀

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The main reason why pics or description is helpful is that I restored a ‘69 Riviera here near Seattle a few years back. I sold it on EBay to some guys in Idaho who a year later sold it on EBay. If memory serves, that buyer was in Qatar. But the car could have wound up anywhere. I know it is a long shot but I thought it could help the OP if it is the same car.

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1969 is not that long ago. Especial for the group that remembers 40 or 50 years ago in great detail but forgot what they had for breakfast.


I bought a 4 year old '68 Riviera shortly after getting out of the Navy. I know the new car dealer, first owner, and many intimate details. The car is about 6 miles from me where I parked it in a friend's back lot in 1981 while I got ready to fix a bit of phone pole damage. It never really changed ownership. I guess it is legally still mine.


Time passes quickly and Rivieras are cars that tend to have long time owners.


I bought a 1953 Jaguar a few years back that was in Seattle and previously from Montana. There were rumors of it being a southern California car. I sent a nice letter to the Montana DMV and got history back to an owner named Steven Giles in North Hollywood. Might have been the guitar player, never got any deeper.

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