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1950 Ford Hearse, not mine

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Siebert in Toledo, Ohio specialized in these stretched Ford passenger car-based ambulances and hearses.  They were among the lower-priced lines of professional cars completing with National or Superior Pontiacs and Barnette Chevrolets.  Small town emergency service and funeral homes who couldn't afford the Buick, Cadillac or Packard ambulances and hearses could avail themselves of these.

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I don't know if the black one is long enough for a casket, unless there is no front passenger seat and during your final ride you can chat with the driver...

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About 10 years ago, in my working life, I visited a firm in Southern California that was making super stretch limos. Everything was done on site, including bending the very dark side window that was 11 feet long. All hand labor, and the finished product looked really good.  Shows it's still possible. 

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