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Bolts engine head - studebaker rockne 1932

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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to Bolts engine head - studebaker rockne 1932

Dear nice people 

Everything is now okay with the problem from the engine head

I bought new bolts and a head gasket (Olson) 

I three days I received the package (head gasket) unbelievable 

They made the head in the factory straight

I put a thermostat from a Volvo in the head with a selfmade gasket


Everybody thanks for the advice

It's better to have more opinions about a situation

If I take the advice or not,I can make a choice 


Herman de boer

The Netherlands 


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Restoration is all a big learning curve, isn't it Herman. One thing I learned about most early cars is they did not have special torques for bolts. They used the standard torque table for all critical bolts. 



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