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  1. I've watched a few Youtube videos about this place and it makes me envious to learn this skill. I am moderately capable with basic shaping with a hammer, dollies and sandbag but these guys are a whole new level of talent.
  2. @AussieJohn That is a Beautiful Commander! I love the doors!
  3. Thanks. I'm not near my parts book otherwise I'd look it up.
  4. @studeqwhat is the difference between this one and the 34 rad cap? Size? I have 6 or 7 at home, none of them in spectacular shape. I want to make sure all of mine are actually 34s if there is a difference.
  5. George, This thread was brought up from 2 years ago but I see some familiar parts I am in desperate need of. Do you have many of them left. There are rear axle u bolts and it looks like a bottom plate. They look similar to what mine are suppose to be. I need rear engine mounts. The big U frame looks like mine so not sure if you have the rubber mount. Let me know if you do have the parts as there might be more. Derek 34 Dictator Coupe
  6. It's all good. Take your time. 😉 I havent talked to anyone on the site with a 34 dictator. I have the name of a fella to contact here in Ontario that has one. With Covid and slow progress on the car I haven't wanted to bother him with a call.
  7. That is excellent! That should really help me make sense of where everything goes and what I need. All the rubber grommets are a burnt, cracked or dried out. Can I bother you for one more thing. I am missing the bottom plate to mount the rear axle, U-bolts and shock link. It appears to be a simple plate of steal with the holes drilled in the correct spots. If you could measure length width and thickness I can figure the hole positions. I should be able to manufacture one myself. I really appreciate all your help.
  8. Sorry, I was confusing. I knew mine was a model A. I was pointing out that the 35 dictator doesn't have any on the front yet the 34 does. I was looking at it from a point of logic in why the 35 doesn't have one and the 34 does? They aren't that different. To explain my point of view, I have to assemble my car like a jigsaw puzzle. I open a box full of pieces and only a picture and some parts manuals to go by. Therefore I approach everything with a question of why, how and logic.
  9. Sweet. That helps. My factory parts manual is a 34-46. It doesn't list these numbers. Pictures of how yours mounts would be great. Mine is a Canadian one which if you notice for the rear at least, has a different number although I am certain they are essentially the same. Another interesting note is if you notice the manual says under Note 4 that the 35 Dictator does not use front shocks. Unless I'm misunderstanding what it is saying.
  10. I have no doubt it would be the same as the 35 Dictator. The parts manual doesnt say that. I am just now in the shop and all mine are Delco Remy which by the manual makes sense because the 35 Canadian built ones were Delco. Some pictures on location and proper orientation would be great. Before I start the rebuild on them I'd like to know which ones I am going to use. I have 6. Here are a few pictures. 2nd picture is where I am at. Piecing it together a little at a time.
  11. I have a 34 Dictator A, Canadian Built. The car has not been in one piece for 50 years. I have a number of shocks but not sure which ones were on the car or bought over the years while my father and I were scouring the rows of Hershey and Carlisle. I am trying to make this car as correct as possible so my question is which shocks are used, where and how do they mount for the front and rear. My parts book is very vague. It shows that yes, the car had them but not available. The front doesn't list a part number but the rear does. There are part numbers listed for links, intake valves eye bolts etc. Educate me. Pictures would be great. I appreciate any info and discussion this will create.
  12. Thanks! That would have to make the 2 extras I have Commander or President. My parts book starts in 34. If I recall there would have only been a few years with Artillery wheels prior to 34. do you know exactly what year would be the first for artillery wheels? I'd like to know because these ones will be up for sale or barter for parts that I need.
  13. The 2 spares that I have are: 17" 2-5/8" between studs and a centre axle hole of 2-3/4" 14 spoke. I have no idea what model they are from. The parts book doesnt give enough detail to differentiate between them. Anyone have any ideas?
  14. That's awesome RBK set you up. I counted through mine and do have a few spares but some of them are rough. Di you mind sharing the number he gave you incase I need some replacements too.
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