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The past three days or so, everything is different. As soon as I sign in, I get some weird navigation menu on my right side of my screen instead of the long yet easy to follow menus on most of the screen. I have to continuously check and uncheck boxes instead of simply clicking into the section I want. I have to be careful how I uncheck some boxes. If I begin by looking at a main heading, then go to a subheading (like in the For Sale areas?)? I have to uncheck the main heading (which delays my computer because it wants to load a whole huge something I don't want and didn't ask for?) first, then check for the subheading. If I first check the subheading, and THEN uncheck the main heading? That uncheck unchecks BOTH!

The entire navigation process is awkward and difficult. The list of boxes to constantly check and uncheck is long and not as easy to follow as the same list was before. Before, I knew where to look, clicked in, back clicked out. I got where I wanted quickly and easily. Now? Not so much. 

I have watched for three days now looking for comments? And seen none? 

Has the site changed?

Was my computer hacked?

Or is it one of those automatic updates I dislike so much but am forced to accept?

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For what it is worth, I have seen no changes like that on my computer.


Two possibilities that I can think of off the top of my head:


1. This website is formatted dynamically. If you have made the window small then it automatically changes the format to be that for a mobile phone with a pull down menu on the top right instead of across the top. If you open your browser window a bit wider does the site revert to what you had before?


2. Your browser has gotten horribly confused. You might want to delete all the cookies, browser cache, etc. and see if that helps.

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Thank you ply33 and Ben Bruce!

With your guidance and encouragement, I looked around a bit further, and think maybe I found it. I don't know WHAT I found, but switching a few things around, I think I got it back to where I liked it before.

Again, thank you.

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Thank you for that Peter G! 

Hard to believe, but I earned my living for many years in cutting edge technology! We did communications systems contracting. Installed commercial satellite dishes before cable television was even running programming over the the first satellite launched for such use. We participated in the testing of that first commercial programming satellite. Later we used some of the first encryption receivers, and later still, some of the first digital receivers outside military. We designed and built information technologies that eventually became the internet. We designed and built one of the first non-government LAN systems, and had to design and custom order equipment to run that RF system nearly a mile across town, because such equipment hadn't been put on the market yet. We were in on meetings with the programmers to coordinate systems compatibility. The programmers told us about this new thing called "cookies" that they were going to use? But we already knew all about cookies before that. We were on the cutting edge. 

Today? In spite of me spending too much time on my computer? (Mostly here!) I don't really like computers, or the internet. Although it would be more accurate to say I don't like the way gamers and people with personal agendas run them. Technology I actually do like. Properly handled, most of mankind's problems can be solved by technology. Handled incorrectly, the same technology can bring a lot of grief.

I don't like the automatic updates I am forced to accept on my computer. I don't like the changes in programs, things that used to work well, now no longer do the things they used to do. Programs I paid good money for on promises of managing my needs for many years to come suddenly age out and are no longer compatible with my updated operating system I didn't want. 

The cursor on my computer is constantly doing all sorts of stupid things I do NOT want it to do. No matter how many times I try to turn of "hover" and "multi finger drag"? They keep coming back on, and, eventually, how I could turn them off before itself disappears.

Frankly, I am tired of playing games, trying to avoid having the cursor go anywhere near something I don't want it to magically engage without my knowing about it. And that is an ever shrinking sphere of safe areas. I don't know for sure what, or how, but somehow my computer made a switch I did not want. And I had spent an hour trying to find my way back even before I posted my above. Ben Bruce and ply33's responses reassured me that the problem was on my computer. I thank them for that. And after another hour poking around, I found my way back. I think.


Sorry for the rant. But I was trained by real engineers. We had a sort of a code. Design things to WORK. Make them SAFE, and as RELIABLE as reasonably possible. And make them to be used by normal average people that are not engineers.

I don't think anybody designs things that way anymore.


Thank you Peter G, and all the others I shall not try to name because I won't remember nearly enough of them, for all you do making this site one of the best on the entire internet! I really do appreciate it.

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On 4/9/2022 at 12:44 AM, wayne sheldon said:

Design things to WORK. Make them SAFE, and as RELIABLE as reasonably possible. And make them to be used by normal average people ...

Like automobiles... computer technology, government regulations, and customer expectations change over time.

  • Carbs - Fuel Injection
  • 6v - 12v
  • Non power to power assist: PS, PB, PDL, etc.
  • Safety glass, seat belts, air bad, collapsable subframes
  • MPG increasing by multiples
  • 4cyl - 6cyl - 8cyl - 10, 12, 16....
  • Internal combustion engines - pistons, rotors... and not electric motors
  • Standard Transmissions - Automatic Transmissions
  • ... and 1,000s more changes we seldom notice. 


We are fans of antique automobiles... but I'll bet the vast majority of those that post here have a modern car, truck or SUV with modern conveniences.


Like cars, computers are designed to work and be reliable.  However, the reality is changes in computer technical progresses exponentially faster than automobiles. (or feels like it) 


The forum software for example has changed radially 5 times in 22 years.  (and countless minor updates in between) I'm confident had I never updated the forum software this forum would be long gone by now.  Lack of features, incompatibilities, hacking vulnerabilities, etc.


We can whine all we like about progress and change... but it's inevitable.  Keep up or be left behind.

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On 4/9/2022 at 5:44 PM, wayne sheldon said:

The cursor on my computer is constantly doing all sorts of stupid things I do NOT want it to do. No matter how many times I try to turn of "hover" and "multi finger drag"? They keep coming back on, and, eventually, how I could turn them off before itself disappears.

Using a computer - laptop?  [not a phone]

Windows based? [not apple]

When was the last time you did a "restart"?

The cursor jumping may indicate something is now in your auto start set up.  Maybe time to take to a computer mechanic for a service.


No issues for me. Laptop running Win 8.1, with all updates and firefox browser, with all updates

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