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The parts are for a dual ignition Bosch ZR4 magneto, popular with everything from early aeroplanes to high-dollar pre-war autos and even as a speed part on modified Model "T" Fords.  It allowed you to start on steady-current battery ignition (via that unusual central lead on the cap), then switch over to the magneto when running.


Heres a complete unit on a Model "T" engine front cover  designed to accept an external magneto drive, and a fairly primitive, basic schematic- probably from an early Chiltons!


These days,  complete, useable ZR4s are not cheap...



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5 hours ago, dustycrusty said:

The parts are for a dual ignition Bosch ZR4 magneto

Yep, definitely ZR4 2-Spark Dual (a 2-Spark magneto is not necessarily Dual and a single spark magneto can be dual too), the other Bosch 2-spark magneto would be DR4.....not DU4.....



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