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1957 Chevrolet Convertible - Convertible? - $18,000 - Ohio

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Automatic, V8, Runs Great, Many New Parts, Leather Interior, 2 Door Convertible, Needs top finished, but has the brand new top for it, just needs to be put on.









Poster's comment:  I'm not an expert on 1957 Chevrolets, but something seems very wrong with this car.  At least one body line seems to be missing?  Or am I missing something?

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I dont know a lot about the tri 5's but this one looks funny to me as well. Shouldnt there be a dip (v) where the door hits the quarter panel?


I had a buddy that was looking for a 57, I thought I found one for him. Found out it was a 4 door with the back doors welded and filled in. After looking I could see the goofiness, but driving down the road it didnt cross my mind. 


Get this car for 15k and it may be worthwhile to put a hard top back on.

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