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Hershey Observations


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It was a great Hershey, Lantern flies notwithstanding. Saw lots of old friends from all over the US, and people who live near me who I only see at Hershey!

Sad that some vendors are confused into thinking it was a political rally with their flags and banners, but vastly improved from the amount on display at the 2019 meet. I go to Hershey to get away from all of that. 

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Sorry about the Lantern flies, can't kill them fast enough.  The rules are for the flea market are no political materials.  All vendors were sent a flyer about this rule.  Some feel they found a loophole in it which we will close for next year.  If you see a vendor breaking the rules, please go to the Hershey Main tent with space numbers.  You are not being a tattletale or snitch but protecting this event so everyone can enjoy it.  The fall meet must remain a family friendly atmosphere devoted to our hobby.  The other stuff just causes issues and we have enough of those in this country today.

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Save the political signs for the pressed tin ones made pre WWII that say Vote for Coolidge, Hoover, Landon, Roosevelt  etc. that mount on the license plate and are called "toppers" by most people. The post war ones for "I Like  Ike " etc are ok too as far as I am concerned.

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Those older pressed tin toppers are part of history. But the same can also possibly be said for German ones from the 1930's. 


Then there are your NGO toppers, including Shriners, labor unions, national parks, and a multitude of others to show one publicly that they either belonged to, or supported such an organization.



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It was a great Hershey all the way around!  A broad panorama of automotive history displayed and offered for sale.  Folks seemed to be glad to again attend a public event we all used to take for granted, but wont any more.   The best part is the conversations with old friends and those struck up by chance with people of common interest.   Only regret is not connecting with some fellows who I had hoped to, but that's unavoidable.  The variety and quality of those in the show was sublime.


Although there were noticeable empty spaces, when 'normalcy' completely returns that may improve.   Some folks simply haven't much left worth carrying in to sell, only retain their space as a matter of convenience.   Setting an area aside for them to repair to may be worth considering.   


Enforcement of the no current political messages will be appreciated.   Society is already awash in such divisive, contentious messages.   Such violates a basic tenet of Business Practice 101: by displaying one's political outlook at one's business affectively dismisses half one's potential customers.   Personally, I've bypassed vendors who engaged in such displays regardless of what they had on offer.

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