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  1. It was a great Hershey, Lantern flies notwithstanding. Saw lots of old friends from all over the US, and people who live near me who I only see at Hershey! Sad that some vendors are confused into thinking it was a political rally with their flags and banners, but vastly improved from the amount on display at the 2019 meet. I go to Hershey to get away from all of that.
  2. Our good friends at Classic and Exotic Service have reproduced the 1929-1932 connecting rod bolts from the original Packard blueprints. They make two types, the standard bolt, and one with a larger head for rod caps that are worn/damaged, and a new mating surface must be machined for proper fit. https://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-4612-1929-32-packard-super-8-connecting-rod-bolt.aspx https://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-4613-1929-32-packard-super-8-connecting-rod-bolt-larger-head.aspx
  3. Was this the car that Vince Geraci owned at the time of the 1999 Centennial meet?
  4. John Cizlak has made these modern retro-fit filters, to the exact appearance of the originals. John is one of the great guys in this hobby.
  5. My boss found these parts in a box, we made them for a client some time ago, and made extras. He said "I think this is from a 50s Chrysler or something". The two "clamshell" looking pieces are identical as near as I can tell. The other U-shaped pieces are mirror images of each other. If someone could put a positive ID on them, or say "that's definitely NOT Chrysler" it would be appreciated. Thank you for looking!
  6. We make parts using 3-D printing where I work for Classic car parts. The detail isn't as good as with a wood pattern, and the cost ends up being the same as having a wood pattern made. For a job like this, where there ins't a big volume of sales possible 3-D printing would be a good way to go. You have to leave a lot of material on the outside to allow for metal finishing. otherwise you can see the "Layers" of the #-D printing. The raw parts from 3-D printed "lost" printings look like someone cut pieces of paper to that shape and stacked them on each other.
  7. If you can at all machine it from a solid piece (sheet goods) if the details aren't that fussy use Garolite from McMaster-Carr. We make Duesenberg parts out of it that were originally Bakelite. https://www.mcmaster.com/garolite
  8. The good folks at Classic & Exotic Service Inc. in Michigan have replicated the Purolator SF-3 filter in exact detail, except their version uses commonly available spin-on filter cartridges available at your local auto parts store. https://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-4555-purolator-sf-3-filter.aspx
  9. The good folks at Classic & Exotic Service Inc. in Michigan have replicated the Purolator SF-3 filter in exact detail, except their version uses commonly available spin-on filter cartridges available at your local auto parts store. Fits all 7th-9th series 8 cylinder models, as well as many other makes and models. https://www.classicandexotic.com/store/p-4555-purolator-sf-3-filter.aspx
  10. Can anyone provide year/make/model fit info on this Autolite right angle distributor drive housing? We made one for a client a long time ago, all record of that seems to have vanished, and we have this extra housing we'd like to market, and no doubt someone could use.
  11. That MO must be an Oregon thing. I used to sell tow truck and heavy truck parts. One of our vendors was a company in OR that made what is called a "pilot pole" this telescoping pole that goes on the front of a pilot car and is set to the height of the over size load being carried on the semi behind. The operating theory is that the tip of this pole hits an overpass well before the load on the truck, who has ample room to stop. For what looked like a pool skimming pole in construction it sure was hard for this company to produce, and to tell you when they would be able to ship how many units. Every time you called it sounded like you interrupted some bong hits. My boss finally dropped them from our catalog and website, we couldn't make a sale and promise a delivery accurately.
  12. This would be the Broadway musical, not the movie. The movie came out in 1958.
  13. Our friends at Classic & Exotic Service in Michigan have made another excellent quality Packard part, the braided flex hose from the frame hard line to the fuel pump. All American made. https://classicandexotic.com/store/p-4481-1935-36-packard-super-eight-fuel-pump-inlet-tube-assembly.aspx
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