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For Sale: 1961 Thunderbird hardtop coupe - $7,495 - Mercer, PA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1961 Thunderbird hardtop coupe - $7,495 - Mercer, PA

1961 Thunderbird - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale (craigslist.org)

1961 Thunderbird, new tires, new tune-up, new water pump, oil & filter, runs good, 68,000 miles, repainted. 

Contact:  Dave  call:  (724) 6-six-2-5-7-zero-nine 

Copy and paste in your email:  57d8cff6a6eb30f881873d9aee129849@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1961 Thunderbird hardtop coupe.

'61 Thunderbird cp PA a.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA b.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA c.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA d.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA e.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA f.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA g.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA h.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA i.jpg

'61 Thunderbird cp PA j.jpg

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Only catch might be rust damage not readily visible in the photos.  After all, this is a Northeast car with all that may imply.   But, we still do have solid survivors even up here.  Short of an in-person inspection or one by a trusted individual, no way to know for sure.

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My favorite year of '60's TBirds!

Somebody building a rat rod might like the gas pedal.

Looks like there might be a rust spot just in front of the driver-side rear wheel cutout. As 58L-Y8 mentioned, further investigation is warranted.

Upholstery needs some cleaning, but looks in good shape.

Interesting tailpipes. De-ice the driveway as you back out?

Good price if it isn't a rust bucket.

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As iconic as 60's T-Birds are, they often can still be good deals, but this one does seem unusually low priced for it's condition. I'd verify that the title is good and transferable, and make sure there's no or little hidden rust. I don't know about 3rd gen cars, but 4th gen cars can have rust that's masked by the unibody construction. Difficult to detect it sometimes, even when you put the car up on a lift. The good news is that they're generally robust and solid built cars (and heavy for their size, as a result.)

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