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Reatta "Body Plate"


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Early 1988 Reattas had the Service Parts label on the underside of the trunk. 

Then they went directly to the right side of the spare tire well..........it would be a great story if we could discover why it was put there. 

here are pictures of what you are looking for.


The last picture (all red) is a body tag that is riveted behind the passenger side headlight.   It was probably used to track bodies before assembly

This body  905499  is likely an '88,  note the "J" code at the beginning of the first line.    55A on the second line is for a gold pinstripe, 81U is bright red paint.

JL9 = ABS brakes,  since all Reattas had ABS brakes, it may be there because ABS would have been an option when the Reatta was first planned but by the start of

production it became standard.    



body tag 3.jpg

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Hi Barney and all  - Thanks for the info.  I found the SPI in the wheel well but have yet to find the elusive Body Plate.  It's a 1990 - and I am about to raise the white flag!  I've only owned it 3 days and it does have a few issues so I will be asking for more help to hopefully resolve them.  

Both turn signals on passenger side don't work.  

Radio is an issue.

Temperature is stuck on 90 and can't be lowered.  

Any help as to repairs and/or parts is welcomed.


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the 33 in the vin number tells us that it is a convertible.... the C05 also tells us it is a convertible

13U = silver exterior

15 = tells us it has a grey/slate interior

A80 &A81 indicate it has the 16 way seat option. 

U1H = radio with optional CD player

19T = black convertible top

A19 = black pinstripe. 

The stuck heater control at 90 is a dirty contact and a search here will tell you how to fix it. 

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Congratulations on the purchase of your Sterling Silver Reatta convertible.


Your Reatta's body plate will not look like the body plate photo above. By 1990, the body plate changed to a very simple flat plate with a stamped sequence of five numbers. The numbers do not match any part of your VIN. There is no other data on the plate. The plate is very difficult to find and view - it is directly behind the passenger-side headlight bucket.


There is a representation of this simple plate on page 14 of the book: All 1988-1991 Buick Reatta Colors, Codes & Quantities.


Considering that, in 1990, there were 769 Arctic White convertibles and 686 Bright Red convertibles, you have a quite rare Reatta convertible color: There were only 66 units of 13U Sterling Silver Metallic built in 1990.


Frank Sinatra Jr owned a Gunmetal Gray 1990 Reatta convertible (VIN 3270). And he owned a Sterling Silver 1991 Reatta convertible - the last one built (VIN 0610). You're in good company.

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