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Swigart auto museum

Porsche 68

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The Swigart Auto Museum is one of those little gems you have to visit at least once. The Swigart family history is intertwined with the AACA. Saying it’s out in the country is an understanding. When you go, also stop at the Horseshoe Curve railroad site for a great railroad history lesson. We visited both of these sites after we toured the 911 Memorial. Plan on spending 2 days in the area.

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Pat Swigart has driven that black Duesenberg on many Glidden Tours, where she is the Dean of Freshman Tourists.  I'm sure I've seen that Duesenberg being used more times that all the others put together.

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The founder of the museum, Emmert Swigart,

was a true pioneer in car collecting.  He began

putting the earliest models aside in the 1920's.


That is the museum, Al, though I don't know

the date of the picture.  And here's a picture 

I took of Pat Swigart, the proprietress, posing

with the museum's 1929 Duesenberg victoria:



Car Club 2015 Spring Tour (37).JPG

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