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If someone has a photo I do have several foot rests to possibly match. Also I have the cast brackets that are used with the foot boards like the one shown.


These are for the 1925 Master cars. They are different from the cast iron brackets I have that screw to a board to be mounted on top. Again since this is a McLaughlin they may be different than Flint examples.


The correct one for my Standard that I got from Terry.


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Ok, I give Terry how do we know? I know the buick and the Mclaughlin might be different . If i could get something that would go with the rob rail would be neat.( If the rob rail is right) here is a picture of the rail.

 This a k45 1920



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Other than requesting photos of another period McLaughlin or Flint Buick and the rear compartment, using the Book of Parts would show an illustration. I Know John Fesser with the 1923-45 special had many photos in his Gallery whch is no longer available. Do you have a "footprint" outline of the bracket on the floorboard under the carpet? Spacing of the screwholes could tell me if the brackets I have are close.

 Looking at the 1923 Book of Parts the Model 45 foot rest look very much like what is on my 1925-45.

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Never had a foot rest or a robe rail in my 1923 Model 45.  No witness marks for either. Guessing my floor wood is new and the reupholstering covered the rail marks. 

After all these years of kids, dogs, luggage, more luggage, garage sales and other assorted cargo (apologies to those who actually rode in the back) and er a passengers, I’ve never missed either and no complaints.  So if your car is lacking either, don’t get too bent out of shape. 

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6 hours ago, Mark Shaw said:

No complaints from me, since Brian made a custom back seat windshield for us...



For those with touring cars, the second windshield really does make the backseat comfortable. Without it, the wind coming over the front windshield hits the backseat passengers right in the face. I made mine with cheap easy to replace plexiglass panels from Lowe’s. It pivots on arms from the main top anchors on either side so it flips up for entry access and rests on the door top pads. Make sure to measure with the top in place/up so you clear everything and can use it with the top up or down.  Easy to remove too.  Don’t have too many pics of it but here’s one from this summer. 


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