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WARNING All of our cars could be outlawed!

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I’m not sure using what was learned or not learned in the last 4 months is a great argument.  The infection rate in places of large unmasked groups like college’s is growing. The death rate is still much higher than it was in March or April. Even GA is saying mask are needed. I am sure some news groups only report the bad news parts of this just as some news groups choose to not report any of the bad parts, that’s life I. This reality tv world I guess.
The green movement has what, six votes in Congress. And most people believe a few of those are just wack jobs anyway. 
 Is global warming happening or not?  Two major storms hit the gulf in two days. The worst fires the west has ever seen, worst than what happened a couple years ago. Record temps all over. The USA is the only country to pull out of the environmental treaty. We’re right because we are mighty and the rest of the world is wrong. Makes no sense to me. 
There will be arguments on both sides of all of these issues and that’s good. 
Just don’t leave out a very important part of a story because you want to put the other side down. 

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10 minutes ago, auburnseeker said:

An Armored Tesla if you believe one has no Carbon footprint would set a better example? 

Though after the whole Amazon Debacle I would be afraid of the people in my own district as well. 

I would want to ride around in a Sherman tank with an infantry unit and air support if it was me. 

Of course I don't feel safe in that part of NY state any way you look at it.  I can reason with bears and Coyotes we have a mutual resect for one another. 



How many of her friends would fit in a bus?

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Lets keep it cars.  I only mentioned the last 4 months as I have personally witnessed and will show you if you want to swing by for a ride in the Hudson how the forced shutdowns have affected my local community.  

Thus as the result of orders that go directly against the constitution and were not created in the proper manner through thorough legislation. 


This places the precedent for many things to be pushed through in the name of the common good without proper legislation. 


It's now an emergency because of those disasters you mentioned that we ban all fossil fueled cars.  Order signed deal done.  No say allowed by the constituents. 


We can reference back to the last 4 months how this happened and is now considered acceptable. 



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8 minutes ago, dustycrusty said:

I remember when they banned R12 and how the "experts" were predicting cars would no longer be sold with AC, and to convert your old R12 system would cost thousands of dollars too......

You can live without AC.  The car would still move.  Now if you eliminate the ability to get gas for our cars you have essentially eliminated the ability to use them.  It's not a comfort thing it's an it won't move except under some other source of power thing. The mystique of old cars is the old power trains for most of us.  As soon as we all convert our Duesenbergs to electric power plants we will still get to use them they just won't be the same.  First of all Ed will be out of a job.  That alone is worth the fight ;) 

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Sorry, but its gotten away from government interfering with out hobby (without any concrete proof) to being partisan.  We have an election coming up. This is the wrong place to debate the merits of the candidates.



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