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WTB 1929 Chrysler 75 Steering Wheel

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I have this excellent steering wheel I believe is 1929 MOPAR, measures 17"dia, 4 spoke, no cracks or blemishes of any kind, all original condition, got from a long time MOPAR guy several years ago who said Chrysler/Dodge. I have it set on another Mopar column, box and controls from an unknown year, perhaps '29? Would polish up nicely "as is" I suspect. Note clear tape is holding woodruff key for steering shaft. If any interest, send me a PM.




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Perhaps if you posted a photo of your wheel people might have a better idea of exactly what the '75's actually used. Chrysler used so many steering wheel variations back in the day, often with only minor changes. I do note parts book lists it as a stand alone, Model R only, part # 301717.

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31 minutes ago, $um Fun said:

This is my steering wheel, the ribs in the area of the grips is what I am after. I believe that all 1929 Model 75 cars had this type of wheel originally.



1929 Chrysler interior.jpg

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