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  1. Try Jay Astheimer 610-863-6955 astheime@ptd.net in Pennsylvania.
  2. Conversion: 5 pounds is 2.3965 quarts and 3 pounds is 1.4379 quarts................bazarre no?
  3. Thank you hwellens, why do they refer to the oil in quarts and the transmission/differential in pounds?
  4. How about AGMA 8EP ISO 680? And how do I get it in the rear end. (Wait a minute, that didn't sound right)!
  5. Again, the owners manual fails me! Why did they choose to ignore this important information?
  6. Try Jay Astheimer 610-863-6955 astheime@ptd.net
  7. Try Jay Astheimer in PA (USA) 610-863-6955. He has a very large assortment of pre 1930 Chrysler parts.
  8. Whoever does judging on these cars would hopefully know the answer, however if there is no manufacturers documentation/photos to verify it then anything goes.
  9. I've not seen anything other than the lock tumbler in a golf club door. This is the set up on an unrestored Model 72 rumble lid. Still a mystery.
  10. Looking for a pair of these slide hinges for the inside of the door in front of the rumble seat. Thank you. leomags@optonline.net
  11. Hi lozrocks, thank you for your input. What does this removeable handle on the large door look like?
  12. These photos represent two 1928 Chrysler Model 72 roadsters with the rumble seat lock residing in two different locations. Notice the blue car has a T-handle on the rumble seat lid with the locking bolt protruding and the receiver on the door in front of the rumble seat. The other has the lock on the door in front of the rumble seat with the locking bolt protruding for the receiver on the rumble lid. Also, there is no T-handle on the tan car instead there is a U shaped handle. I've seen this variation on several restored cars. Does anyone know why these two variations exist?
  13. Looking for a 1 headlamp rim and 2 jewels for headlamps. leomags@optonline.net
  14. The mystery continues as you can see because in some of these photos the drivers seat is larger than the passengers seat and in others vise versa.......
  15. The headlight rims on my 1928 Chrysler are badly cracked. Is it worth the expense to have them repaired or is replacement a better idea?
  16. I've looked at photos of restored Chrysler's of this type and come to the conclusion that not many owners know what their front seats are supposed to look like. I've seen cars where both the drivers and passengers seat were the same width and size, then others where either the drivers seat or the passengers seat were a different width in size. Does anyone know what is correct and what the seat sizes should be?
  17. Need one or a pair of these. Size: sitting on the base to top 1 1/4 inches, across the base 3/4 inches, across the wing part 1 7/8 inches, thread size 3/8 - 24.
  18. Try Jay Astheimer in Pennsylvania, USA 610-863-6955
  19. I'm big on rattle cans for components other than bodies because they are convenient and do not require spray paint booths, special equipment or hazmat suits. Having said that, they do have limitations particularly their weakness to gasoline and solvents. Enter engine paints which are said to be resistant to gasoline and they don't even require a primer. Does anyone have any experiences to share about using engine paints on chassis parts? Can they be sprayed over other other old paint?
  20. I posted something under General Discussion about L & L Antique & Custom Auto Trim of Pierce MO. who were in business earlier this year as a source for running board trim on pre-1930 Chrysler cars. Unfortunately it appears to be a dead end, the phone number is no longer valid and I cannot identify the principals or where to reach them. Can anyone provide a good photo of the cover on a 1928 Chrysler Model 72 running board and it's trim? Or even better does anyone have another source for these items?
  21. So there is no current information on L & L Antique & Custom Auto Trim or their principals.
  22. I found a company that makes the running board trim for 1928 Chrysler cars. However, a day late and a dollar short. Apparently this place closed it's doors. Anyone know what happened or if anyone else is picking up their business?
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