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1965 Super Wildcat


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My uncle gave me a factory 1965 Super Wildcat. It had been parked since 1978. I went through and flushed and cleaned everything, buffed the original paint,  replaced the heater core and water pump, and drove it down the road. It appears to have all the bells and whistles from the factory.It had the drivers fender and hood replaced after a minor accident in 1966. On a scale of1 to 10 it is an easy 8 maybe 9.?tab=comments My research tells me there were less than 200 of these factory built. I believe this is a very rare car and am curious what it is worth and what anyone can tell me about it.




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SO awesome!  Wildcat Deluxe with bucket seats and column shift.

From the Daily Car Reports, Buick Motor Division, 8-24-1965-

Model 46437- 11617 built

A-8 Engine-High Performance V-8 425 Cubic inch Dual 4 Barrel Carburetor Dual exhaust- Flint Only -54 built of the deluxe coupes

White paint- 2324 (these will #s will all be regarding the Deluxe coupes)

Black Deluxe Bucket seats - 869 built


Let us know what other options are on your Wildcat and I can try to help.




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Ted Awesome info...I joined the forum just so I could post to you as the subject matter expert with questions about my car!!! Please share any info or ask any questions  that will help you better educate me about this amazing car.

I am having a little trouble interpreting the data .. so that means there were only 54 of the deluxe coupes with 465 foot pounds of torque built that year, that day, or to that point in the year? Guessing by the date those numbers were production year end totals? 

I has a posi rear end but I am not sure of the gear ratio or how to find it.  So I think you are saying this wildcat was very rare new and really rare now or is that a overstatement ? I will talk to my uncle tommorrow...he found the origional invoice with each option and its cost. He doesnt do technology  so it will have to be verbal otherwise I would post a pic!  

Thank you




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8 hours ago, Firebob98 said:

he found the origional invoice with each option and its cost.


That should tell you the rear axle ratio.  You can get close by jacking the rear wheels off the ground (with jack stands supporting the axle ends), marking the driveshaft and tire.  Rotate the driveshaft by hand while counting axle and wheel revolutions.  Divide the number of axle revolutions by number of wheel revolutions.

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Yes, those are year end totals.  Daily production report is kind of misleading- I guess they made one every day and added them up for this final report.

BQ transmission I think the Q may be an indicator of the rear end ratio but have never confirmed.  Like the Riv GS was "BS" and rear ratio 3.42:1.

Found This:



LeSabre V8-300 BU
V8-401 3.07 Axle BJ
V8-401 3.23 Axle BR
V8-425 3.07 Axle BN
V8-425 3.23 Axle BT
V8-425 2 Carbs 3.07 Axle BQ
V8-425 2 Carbs 3.42 Axle BS
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