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  1. If it's a true early production, small letter Gran Sport, wouldn't the vinyl top be incorrect, since it was a spring of '65 option?
  2. That may shed some light on my '65, then. I have chrome buckle belts in the rear seat, like the front ones, but NO carriage logo on the rears. Is it possible they were dealer installed as well?
  3. I bet Tom Mooney can correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the rear seat belts incorrect too? I know the '65 was available with them, and it's a rare option, but weren't the rear buckles black instead of chrome with the carriage logo? Came back to edit; it also seems to be missing the wood piece on the center console door, unless I'm looking at the pictures wrong. Okay, now we've all picked it apart, but it's still a desirable Riviera to me, just not $132 big ones worth. Different strokes for different folks.
  4. The stories behimd the cars are the best for me. The guy who repurchased his white 66 years later, and didn't know it til he got the paperwork in the mail, and the blue boattail story was really cool.
  5. Not to revive an old thread, but my 65 has recently developed this issue, and I tried your method just now, and it seemed to work. Good advice!
  6. Who did your package tray? My 65 is getting to the point that a new one would be nice, but many of the replacements are kind of shoddy, I have heard.
  7. I live in North Alabama, and I swear that could be my hometown, lol.
  8. I agree with Tom. Drop your idle speed to about 550 in gear and see how it does first.
  9. Try Autozone part number VR715. Worked on my '65, it is electronic and looks like the old style regulator, plus it fixed the overcharging that the new Napa regulator was doing.
  10. Awesome story, and I certainly understand your feelings on these cars; I feel the same way.
  11. It's indicated in my above post.
  12. I agree with Jim on this one. Had basically same issue a while back with my 65. Switched to an electronic regulator and all is right with the world.
  13. The one on the right was in the back; I have an identical one for the other back floorboard
  14. The mat on the right is what was in my 65 in the back seat when I bought it 5 years ago. The one on the left with the shield logo is part of a good used set my wife bought me. Which is correct for 1965? The front ones are identical; they ones that were in it and the set she bought both have the Buick logo with cutouts on the driver's side for the gas pedal and dimmer switch. Buick's floormat nomenclature is somewhat confusing to me, such as Handimats.
  15. Sometimes, it's fun to play like you're Uncle Buck, lol.
  16. The plate on the firewall indicates options put on by Fisher Body. The engine codes are on the block in front of the valley pan on the left as you face the car. It should be a 2 digit code, such as "LT". L indicates 1965 and T would be for a 401, for example. The 445 callout indicates engine torque, as Buick was quite proud of torque ratings. To see if it's "number matching", look on the right side in front of the valley pan on the block, and a VIN will be stamped there. If the engine is original to the car, it will match the VIN on the body. A 64 401 will be KT, a 63 will be JT, and so on
  17. That would be me with the marbles, lol
  18. What a shame and my condolensces to his family. He had a great knowledge of these first gen Rivs, and I remember seeing his Verde Green 65 back in 2005 in Hemmings Muscle Machines, and it just spurred my desire to get a 65 Riv even more.
  19. Wow, I didn't know that. I thought my 65 is supposed to have natural, unpainted drums. Was '67 different?
  20. Yeah, the LT1 Corvette exhaust tips don't do it for me either. Nice enough car, but not sure it's 19k worth of nice. Always loved this bodystyle though.
  21. I swear, the stories behind these cars are about as good as the cars themselves. On my '65, the am/fm radio was an option, and as far as I know, ALL radios that year were listed as an option. But you're right; I bet not many, if ANY had NO radio. The rear seat speaker was also an option in '65, and I figure that carried to '67 as well. Most Rivs came with whitewall tires, although that was also technically an option. Glad to see it's still in your family; my car spent most of it's life in Texas too; it was owned by country singer Junior Brown for 20 years, and a man from Austin for 20 years before that, so I can trace my ownership back to 1976. Beautiful Riv; if I couldn't have a '65, the Second Gen 66-67 cars would be my next choice. If I had the money and room, I'd hunt one down. Enjoy!
  22. Wasn't the carpet more of a charcoal gray when the white interior was installed? Seems like I read that somewhere in the past.
  23. I agree with this to a degree. I work as a Parts Manager in a dealership, and for whatever reason, if you bought a car here 10 years ago, it seems to entitle you to special pricing AND a warranty on all service work that never expires. Had a parts manager years ago that finally asked a guy who was on a tirade about his older vehicle should still be under warranty for a repair "sir, how much longer do you expect us to fix your car for free"?
  24. Mine are painted, but around the edge trim, they are chrome.
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