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  1. Contact Tom Telesco when you do; I did, and have NO regrets there.
  2. I need those slide controls on my Vintage Air. Wonder if they will work in place of my rotary ones?
  3. Not to jump in, but I have a Vintage Air unit on my 65 installed by the previous owner. It it integrated into the factory a/c vents that were on the car. Is there a way to adapt the a/c duct hose to the center vent a little better? The duct hose is round, and the vent is oblong, so the installer used a/c tape to take up the difference in an attempt to seal. It works ok, but I feel like I may be losing a lot of air at this juncture.
  4. Wow, learn something every day, thanks for the info.
  5. I thought all first generation Rivieras used a silver colored headliner, regardless of interior?
  6. Custom Autosound makes a bluetooth adapter that plugs right into the USA630 in my 65. Not sure its possible on the 230 though.
  7. These cars (and most cars predating the Eighties) have all the aerodynamics of a Ryder truck full of furniture. Zora Arkus Duntov, the Chief Engineer for the Corvette platform for a long time, once said that the C2 Corvette, made from 63-67, had just enough lift at speed to make it a bad airplane. Wind noise in my Riv is negligible to me; my driver's window probably needs to come up just a HAIR in the back where it meets the back window, because it gets some water there if I wash it, but it's a bit of pain to pull the door skin then try to figure out what to adjust. I just turn up the radio a
  8. It's like I know that the remote mirror was technically an option on a 65, but then again, I've never seen one without it, either.
  9. These cars are built funny sometimes. Saw a 65 for sale on some website yesterday that was a Gran Sport with almost all the options I could think of including Custom interior, power windows, etc. but NO power seat or A/C.
  10. I still love the stealthiness of this early Gran Sport with those standard GS hubcaps and black paint!
  11. Ok, I've seen redlines on Seafoam's 65 that's a green car. What does everyone think of those tires on a white car like mine? Good, bad, or indifferent? May go that route next time around.
  12. I agree. My seats are in perfect shape, other than the fronts could use some foam support under the original covers. And it seems as if the production numbers would be close; seem to see about as many standard interiors as I do Custom.
  13. I'm a Buick guy, but I have always loved the 69-70 Sportsroof, especially with a big block engine, buckets and console. GLWS!
  14. The vinyl top was a Spring option, available in black only on the 65. Fatory fitted to exactly 2000 cars and identified by a 2 next to the colir code on the data plate. My car was one of them, built 4th week of June in 65.
  15. Those harnesses are available from Lectric Limited. Bought my horns from Steve, and the harness he sent was just a wee bit to tight. It worked, but I wanted just a bit more slack. Bought a new one for like 29 bucks, and saved the one Steve sent for a backup.
  16. Here's some photos for reference.
  17. Just want to give a shout out to Tom Telesco for redoing a correct AFB for my 65. Had small issues with the 4gc ever since I bought the car 4 years ago, and they weren't getting any better. If any of y'all are in need of one of these, Tom is definitely your guy. Carb looked so good that I set it on the kitchen table for 2 days just as a centerpiece. 😁 SHE wasn't thrilled over it, but she tolerates my obsession, lol. Anyway, thanks again to Tom for a great job. This carb truly needed NO adjustments whatsoever, and the car runs like a champ and idles down so well you can barely hear it in the ca
  18. My Dad was trying to choose between a T Bird and a 65 Riv. My Mom talked him into the Buick. MUCH better choice.
  19. On my 65, I just used spring type push nuts, available at any parts store.
  20. Welcome aboard! Love the color on that Riv!
  21. Many car dealerships carry it as well.
  22. Let's see more pics; underhood and so forth. Awesome car!
  23. I would second ANY BG product. Sold it for years and it is truly exceptional. Only available in car dealerships.
  24. You may just have a missing or bad ground on the sending unit wire.
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