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Radiator emblem ID help needed


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The wonderful posts here on the AACA forum about radiator badges and other collectibles displayed by MoneyPit, Terry Bond, and several others finally inspired me to dig out my old boxes of emblems, and start putting them on display again. (Might as well, while I'm quarantined here at home!) I'll make a separate post with some photos of the collection. 


But right now I need your help. I have an old enameled emblem which I cannot identify. It may not be automotive, and is likely not American anyway. But it is made exactly like our familiar radiator badges, and it features an enameled crest which shows images of a military aircraft and a military tank. So it would seem likely that it could be related to an industrial company which made components for vehicles (engines, transmissions, armor, body parts, etc). That would seem like it MIGHT be somehow related. 


The name "CHIODO" translates as "nail" in Italian (ASSUMING this is an Italian emblem). But the word seems to have commonly been used as brands of clothing and other merchandise. I checked the STANDARD CATALOG OF AMERICAN CARS, but of course did not find it there. I know VERY little about European cars or manufacturing. Can anyone help me with clues on this emblem's identity? 


I've had it for decades, and can't recall if I found it myself, or inherited it when my parents were killed. Any help will be deeply appreciated. 

Chiodo emblem front 800 px 1.jpg

Chiodo emblem front 800 px 2.jpg

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Looks post war and non automotive. Not manufactured in a way that it would be used on an automobile........I’m thinking a refrigerator, or some other household appliance. 

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