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Have you tried locating your nearest PPG supplier and seeing if you can order through them ? Some PPG autobody shops will also order for you.


My PPG supplier can still order some of the acrylic lacquer colors,  plus the different shop temp thinners.



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2 hours ago, broker-len said:

I have two cars painted with the stuff      still have a little in can but have some fix up and would like more      Can not get in New Jersey or Pa. also checked Delaware    -----------------------    bobnroman@yahoo.com


I thought Hibernia Restorations sells lacquer paint? They are in New Jersey.



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On 1/27/2020 at 6:40 PM, broker-len said:

what state are you in    I can phone a paint store maybe have it sent

If you want to stay with matching what you have, you can look for the closet PPG dealers here. They may be willing to ship to you ????




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