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  1. Someone who had a huge number of different types of wheel wedges is Vin Cassidy tel 978-758-0834 or email vincent@cassidybros.com.
  2. Being asked if I did the work doesn't bother me in the least. Being asked how much did it cost or how much is it worth is mildly irritating. What I really dislike is the person who can't seem to quit a conversation about what its worth or how much it cost. After five minutes it really gets old.
  3. I have had very bad luck with UPS. I have a theory that the more a package weighs, the harder they throw it. I have had pretty good luck with the usps. A local shipper who uses all of the shippers says Fed Ex actually cares about smaller shippers, whereas UPS only cares if you ship large numbers of packages.
  4. Most of the regional HCCA clubs will allow later models to participate in their local tours because there are not enough people who have pre 1915 cars. I drive my 1915 car in all kinds of tours. I even recently participated in a local AACA tour where Ed and I were a little out of place but what the hell we had fun and got our pictures in the Antique Automobile. The tour was a little faster than I was used to, but it had been so long since I was on any kind of a tour it felt pretty good.
  5. There is a clear textured coating that is available at any body shop supply.
  6. For most of us who are interested in cars we like the cars more than who owned them. Sometimes it mildly interesting to see who owned the car but it ain't worth much for the celebrity who owned it.
  7. The best place for window channel is Restoration Specialties in Windbar PA. You may need to get a tape measure that will measure inches and feet. The thickness of your glass also matters.
  8. To twin six. I think that car is an Autocrat as the wheels do not seem to be big enough . Limiteds also had wheelbases of 138" to 140" and it doesn't seem to be quite that large.
  9. You really need to buff before you plate. Most items are (especially iron or steel) will work much better if plated with copper first.
  10. That would be a Northway engine. The GM group Northway actually morphed into GMC in the mid twenties.
  11. Don't know about their zinc plating kits but I have used their nickel plating stuff for several years.
  12. At least one of the cats looks to be a calico.
  13. You say you have nickel plated some small tasks. Are you doing your own nickel plating? Are you using Caswell kits?
  14. Only if you have enough of the red wire too reach a clean place on the other end. It looks like you will have to cut a little bit of the black part off. Make re you are not putting any tension on the wire. It will be best if you solder it.
  15. I can't see how it is your responsibility to get it yourself. Maybe Apple just needs to replace it whatever their cost.
  16. You will get more looks if you put that in the post title.
  17. Being that your car is a 2002 getting your parts from a Toyota dealer is going to be expensive. Generally they charge more for parts that are ten years old and older in an escalating fashion. At the prices that you have been quoted I would go for the lower priced item and figure you haven't lost much if it goes bad.
  18. Show some pictures of the engine and is the wheelbase 120" or 127"?
  19. I am just curious as to what these cars would cost to buy and keep running over there. Some of those bohemouths Must be hard to get around with on French streets. Probably not used as daily drivers.
  20. You would probably have a little better luck sending a private message or an email.
  21. I was driving to school in Wyoming in a 1964 Triumph TR-4 when I over reved the engine and threw a rod about twenty miles North of Medicine Bow. My emergency towing insurance says it only pays to the nearest place that the vehicle can be repaired. Medicine Bow was not that type of place nor were any of the other small towns on the way to Laramie so I got towed about eighty miles. There was a rod sticking through the block but I still got a core charge refund on buying the rebuilt engine. I suppose that when they got my old engine they didn't look very closely at it. (It was quite dirty.)
  22. Instead of crappy paint strippers why don't you use 40 grit on either a DA or angle grinder. Afterwards go back over it with 80 or 100 grit and it will be ready to prime. The paint looks poor enough that this migh tbe easier than strippers.
  23. I would suggest that you get an owner's manual, drop the oil pan and inspect, clean before you try to start this. If your bearings are deteriorating you could easily ruin the engine if you try to start it.
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