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  1. Post the size, what it is made of and some one may be able to help. I made some from leather and steel belt lacing.
  2. You might also think about adding a flex agent like they use when repainting bumper covers. Any auto body supply would have it.
  3. I am with Mercer 09. I guess we will have to fight for it unless there are two available.
  4. It looks like a combination hubcap wrench that can also be used to loosen or tighten lug nuts.
  5. Most likely model 46, has the correct hubcap on the front, seems to be missing on the rear. It has the right toolbox storage on the side above the running board.
  6. I have to agree with Tinindian on not badmouthing the competition. A very poor sales habit.
  7. Well this will be scam number 2 on selling a demountable rim. The first I posted about three weeks ago. This one looks to probably be Russian in origin. Bad grammar, strange words and asking to buy my merchandise with no questions or info about the kind of car they have. They want me to package it up and give it to "their shipper". They will send me a check and I am supposed to pay the shipper the excess that they will send me. No mention where it is going. They have no idea of how big or what the package weighs but they want all my information. Are thing s getting so desperate that these people have to do $100 scams. If I was doing a scam I think that I would have a minimum scam of at least $500. What would these people do if a person just repeatedly said they "haven't got their check ? I can't help it but I try to think of ways to screw with the scammers. Anybody got any good ideas? Nickelroadster
  8. Rumble seats don't seem too bad to me. The ones that I can't understand are the little slide out seats that will barely hold an average size person.
  9. It is worth whatever anyone will pay for it. Victor Page wrote many books on repairing automobiles. I would be a buyer at $100.
  10. I understand that your jug is cracked. Are you surer that the jug cannot be repaired? There are specialty welders that can weld and braze cast iron.
  11. It helps if you can enjoy the "hunt". The harder parts are to find, the more of a feeling of accomplishment when you find them. In the case of something like a Maxwell I would try to chase down and get to know as many early Maxwell owners as you can.
  12. I was actually selling two rims, one of which I am going to ship to the Czech Republic. I met a friend of the buyer at Hershey and he paid me with a North Carolina check which I am waiting to clear the bank before I ship to the buyer. He spoke very good English and talked about his car (old Buick). The "Nigerian" said he had a large collection of cars but couldn't tell me what kind of car he had. I still think that the scammer had limited scam skills. Nickelroadster
  13. He is claiming that I don't have to allow pickup until his check clears the bank. Maybe he hasn't graduated from scam school yet.
  14. I didn't have any doubt that this was a scam. I am just curious as to how it was supposed to work. Nickelroadster