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  1. The handles do not look right. If that is a Delco switch, the handles from Bob's Automobilia should fit it.
  2. For what years was this Hudson F head used?
  3. I used to use thermometers quite frequently and we had a centrifuge to put them in and spin the fluid down. The centrifuge also had a substantial shield because if the thermometer came loose while you were spinning it could do a lot of damage. SSomething to remember if you are making something like Spinneyhill suggests.
  4. You should put the size of the wheels and tires and the brands they will fit.
  5. Somewhere in the back of my mind is some vague information about the "lake process" used in the teens. It seems to me that the appearance of the paint was somewhat translucent and gave the paint some depth although not quite like a clear coat. I seem to remember that the colors (Usually a red or maroon) were easily washed out by the sun. Clearcoats did not really come into use until they developed uv additives. I suspect that the use of the "lake name" on colors may have been more of an advertising ploy than a description of the process by the twenties.
  6. Are you sure this engine had actual oil pressure? Many times sight gauges were used to check oil dripping for a splash system. These cars usually had a way to adjust the flow.
  7. People who make long term predictions do not have a very good record so far and I doubt that they will be starting with this bunch.
  8. I have used both quick poly and a product called Smiths clear penetrating epoxy sealer. The Smiths product is a very slow curing sealer but nothing beats it if you have rotten wood and you want the product to really wick up into the wood. Both these products are still listed in the Restoration Supply catalog along with the West System epoxy sealer which sounds very similar to the Smiths system.
  9. I don't really carer for modern cars but asking interesting questions about any car is okay. I can't believe that you have purchased three cars from these folks and they treat you like that. I wouldn't be above contacting someone in Acura as they may not take kindly to this kind of behavior.
  10. That is a very nice yard sale find. Hopefully it was inexpensive too.
  11. All old cars are a little bit of a problem but that is half of the fun. I would buy a Studabaker because it is an interesting car. Most parts for them are not too difficult to find . Go get one!
  12. Chances are any solvent you use will mess up the pant. You might try some 3m stripe remover very carefully but and it will depend on the type of paint used to repaint the car.
  13. Look at the shape of the front seat divider and the round piece of wood trim below the seat. Looks like a match to me although it could be a different model. The white one is a seven passenger but I don't think the old one is.
  14. If you are the do-it yourself type, it is easy to get a little kit from Model T people like Langs. Often you can find the lining on ebay. Just make sure you get the old fashioned woven lining as new bonded type will wear out your shoes.