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  1. Carbking is strongly prejudiced against Marvel carbs. He is probably right that there are a lot better carbs but if you like authentic stuff and your car came with one, then that's what you want to use. I suspect that this one came off of a Buick from the twenties. I use one on a 1915 Olds. I have had to do a lot of work to it upgrade float needle, bore out high speed nozzle) but it works well now even if I could put a different carb on it and go faster, I don't want to go faster. Do what dibarlaw says an d save it.
  2. It looks like it is probably a Delco cap from the later twenties that went on some Pierce-Arrows, some Stutzes and a 27 or 28 large Marmon. I seem to recall a previous post in the last month that listed even more applications for this cap.
  3. Epoxy is a good choice for a primer but not for a topcoat. Epoxies do not take to uv protection as regular automotive paint does. As others have said, just use something that will turrn the wheels as you paint and be sure to paint from all sides.
  4. look on the Apple Hydraulics website. They have a lot of Delco shocks listed.
  5. Thanks! very useful information!
  6. There are also a couple of different rotors so that the cap can be used on double fire sixes and twelve cylinder cars.
  7. I have never had to do this but for some reason it sounds familiar. Everything we do on the old cars makes "book time" sound like a fairy tale.
  8. Something I should have mentioned before is that it goes to a Locke bodied car. Probably would not fit a standard body.
  9. I came home from the hospital in a blue two door very much like this one. My father gave it away f it.
  10. I would follow what the manual says.
  11. I don't know anyone else who is restoring one of these but I would suggest that you put it on the Marmon website. Good luck! We want to save all the old parts.
  12. If my memory serves me right the Hillbillies truck was an economy truck that had a four cylinder engine. Maybe someone else can confirm that . The 1916- 23 olds v-8s were actually two totally different engines. The 247 cubic engine was built from 16 to 23 in models 44, 45, and 46 and the totally different 233 cubic inch model 47 was built from 1921-1923. The model 30 six cylinder like this one would not be right for a Hillbilly truck.
  13. Hard to tell without more exposure but looks very similar to my 27 Marmon E-75 hood. It has the same type of hood latches and the handle holes look right. The mount in the third picture and the center strip on the right side piece in the top picture look good also. I just decided to go measure mine and it is a match to your measurements.
  14. How can he like Studebakers if he doesn't take very good care of them.