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  1. You need to post the item in your parts line rather than you name . It will work better that way.
  2. I was looking for a head one time and they called me up to try an recast one for me. Fortunately I had already heard from people who had bad experiences with them. I have never heard of anyone having anything approaching a good experience. I know that we are not supposed to badmouth companies on this website but this place deserves it. Hopefully nobody will delete this post.
  3. Sometimes family situations bring out the best and sometimes they bring out the worst in people. Sometimes it makes you wonder about the way in which people think. I hope you get to keep the car and enjoy it but if you can't ,you can't.unfortunately after your dad does pass, you will probably see a lot more people who will be wanting stuff. We all wish you well.
  4. Other people beat me to a warning.
  5. If you can't find one you should just make one out of a piece of aluminum. Easy enough if you have a drill press, a hacksaw and a hole cutter kit.
  6. I would disagree with Bill Hirsch sealer being ok for floats. I tried to use it on a carb float a couple of times and it came off in sheets. I don't think that the floats were exposed to grease or oil. Two things that can be used to seal cork floats are very thin superglue or model airplane Butrate dope. If you use superglue, just be sure to use the thin stuff. If you use new cork you don't actually have to seal it. I have always sealed mine just in case.
  7. I would say go with the nitrophyl. Do not use Bill Hirsch tank sealer as it will not stick to cork very well. Another solution is to collect a few wine corks.
  8. Oldsmobiles were rockets. In the future , post a picture yourself as you were lucky this time that an Olds person answered your post.
  9. But the shipping was expedited! I hope that included insurance.
  10. Not all BB-1s had adjustable mixture.
  11. I would certainly check in all the fuel places. there could be several things such as auburnseeker had that could limit the amount of fuel getting to the carb . What kind of fuel pump does this car have?
  12. You would be best to use a good epoxy primer over bare metal. Unless they are very tiny, you still want to do your best to straighten the metal. If the dings are slight enough , you can use polyester spot putty instead of bondo. Use of older lacquer based spot putty is not recommended. Make sure you know how to use these products as improper uuse can mess things up.
  13. your last item looks to be a very large hub puller.
  14. obviously you and your brother had the nicest cars at the show!
  15. Wheels may be in bad shape but the wheel hardware should still be good.