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  1. Question. I always thought that the ford blue on the engine was used in the mid sixties. Should the engine color be black or some other color?
  2. For the past five or six years I have had barn swallows make a nest three feet from my front door on a porch. The are a lot of fun to watch them grow and then fly away. Then I have to clean the porch. I suspect that I have had a couple of generations use the spot.
  3. Look to the back of the speedo. The outside bezel should come off from the outside (this is the outer piece)
  4. It may not have enough miles on it to loosen up a little. Not really a fan of them but installed an eight volt battery in a freshly rebuilt Marmon that wasn't cranking very fast. I managed to get a little time on the engine and now it does fine on a six volt battery.
  5. Already pretty well known. I don't think he will mind the post though. He bought out Ben McAdams inventory and books.
  6. Ups can be pretty rotten also. i bought some wheel rims and about 50 pieces of small stuff like shackle bolts and grease cups from a fellow on this website. The fellow told me that the UPS man told him "it was the best packing job he ever saw wrapped with steel straps. Well, UPS managed to destroy the package and they repacked the rims. and lost the 10"X10" box that all the little pieces were in. They wouldn't even tell me where the rims were repacked and would spend no time looking for the little pieces that could not be replaced. They started hanging up on me when I would call and never would honor the insurance on the shipment. They just don't want to be bothered. I don't use them anymore.
  7. That car also has a pressurized fuel system unless someone has put an electric fuel pump on it. It has an ignition system that the points work a little different than what you are used to. The points are open most of the time and only close for a brief moment before they open for firing rather than than staying closed most of the time. The idea was to save electricity in the pitiful batteries of the era. 1915 was the last year Delco used this system. Make sure you get a manual if you don't have one
  8. I am never surprised at any car repair that I run into. Most of the cars that I have had have usually come with some sort of Shade bush (lower than a shade tree) repair done on them, many from years ago. Even modern cars can have this problem. I had a Toyota pickup that I took to the dealer for a leaking timing cover. To fix this you have to remove the head. The dealer tech. did not even drain the radiator before pulling the head and there was lots of antifreeze in the oil. I noticed that the first time I pulled the dipstick. The service manager told me "the antifreeze won't hurt any thing and that it would boil away in a day or two." I am sure the whole dealership heard all the choice words I had to say. A year or two later the head gasket blew and I fixed that myself. Two of the head bolts were hardly more than finger tight. How it lasted as long as it did was another mystery. A friend of mine bought a brand new Z-28 in 1968. Believe it or not Chevy had a five year fifty thousand mile warranty back then. He stepped on the gas a lot but did not really abuse the car. He was sitting at a stoplight one day and the engine blew. Back to the dealer for warranty work. He started to really baby the car after that but two months later the engine blew at another stoplight. Dealer fixed it again but he was so scared of the car that he drove like a grandma after the dealer says they would not fix again. Made us wonder about the quality of "warranty work" that was given.
  9. Restorer 32 needs to get somebody real good because he has a car of mine there!
  10. Just for information. Rims, bolts and wedges on Olds cars were cadmium plated. I would assume that if they look silver in old pics they would also be cad plated. Eastwood sells a cad colored paint that looks pretty good.
  11. All the info I have is that only the 1926 D-74 and the 1927-8 E-75 had the dual ignition. E-75s were not made in 1926. I guess we are kind of getting off course of the original queston.
  12. To Dandy Dave. The Marmon with a dual fire would be either a 1926 D-74 or a 1927-8 E-75. This was not just dual point. It was two spark plugs per cyl. and two completely separate ignition systems.
  13. I have had no luck getting old aluminum built up by welding. The old material seems to have something in it that is not compatible with today's aluminum welding. I would leave them as they are.
  14. It looks a lot like Delco starter-generator from the teens and twenties but does not seem to have the double ended armature. If it runs slowly I would think it is supposed to be a generator. If it runs with a fair amount of torque then it is probably a starter. Does the end with the big pulley look like it has been modified? It might be meant for some other industrial use other than a car. The pulleys also look to be used with big industrial belts.