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  1. Please explain or show a picture of what you want. We do not understand what a "semi-axle is.
  2. When the cars get old, it is not all that much fun to drive by yourself in modern traffic. One of the advantages of being in a group is that you can kind of protect each other. Most HCCA local groups let cars newer than 1916 participate. Hcca puts on more tours than anybody else.
  3. You could call the Lock-n-stitch company in Turlock CA. They do any kind of cast iron repair and also sell equipment and supplies to many other people. I had an overhead valve four cyl. head to a 1915 olds that had six big cracks. It was either try these folks or spend ten or more thousand dollars to have a head made. They did a bang up job for a reasonable price and I have had no problems for the last eight or nine years.
  4. Originally the 928 was supposed to take the place of the 911. Now you can get one pretty cheap.
  5. Ed, Glad to hear you are okay. The forum just seemed kind of naked without an update from you. We really don't want you to get sick and kick the bucket.
  6. Ed, It looks like your on to the "roadside restoration" stage. Have you been able to find very much White company information on the car? What I would really like is something along the lines of discussions between the bean counters and the engineers. How did they ever come up with where this car fit in the universe of car niches. How did they make decisions on what design features to use?
  7. There is a product called "chair lock" that is designed to use on wooden chairs. It will tighten spokes real well.
  8. No revisionist history but probably a marketing ploy. They put it in owner's manuals. To show that it had straight grain and no knots was pretty much what they were trying to show. This applied to most of the Oldsmobile teens cars of which I have several.
  9. The dash has some resembalance to a 1916 to early twenties 20s Marmon 34 speedster it doesn't have the usual surround around the gauges.
  10. Early Oldsmobiles all had varnished spokes as the company wanted to show that they only used the best second growth hickory.
  11. Ed, Have you tried any kind of conditioner on the top? Bill Hirsch makes a leather conditioner that is also advertised for vinyl. I am sure that the top is not made of vinyl but is it some other leather substitute of which there were several types back then. It might be worth trying something on the top. I have had experience with Color-plus Soffener and leather conditioner from Restoration Supply and Lexol brand cleaners and conditioners. I would certainly leave the galvanized finish on the battery box and just use a zinc chromate primer on it.
  12. From a very early age I always liked the pretty old stuff. That is still pretty much what I like now, with the exception that I like to look at and understand the engineering behind them. The odder the better, as there are many ways to find a solution to a problem. I like to understand how some things change and others stay the same in these last hundred years of so.
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