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  1. Ed, The v-8 roadster is still under restoration. The four cylinder overhead valve one is the one that is coming.
  2. I bought a 1916 Oakland strictly for the Northway fan blade and water pump and had it shipped from North Dakota. The majority of the rest of the usable parts were pedaled off and then I donated the bones to our local Old Car city which was a functioning junk yard until about 1980. They now just exhibit the junk. I just about broke even but did a lot of free labor and it was fun. What we will do to obtain unobtainable parts
  3. The Savoyautomobile Museum in Cartersville GA is scheduled to open sometime this fall. They are just finishing up a brand new building for it. I work at another museum (The museum company has two other museums) here and have been a little skeptical about the wisdom of building a new car museum. I hope it will fly but I don't think I would invest my money in it. Wish them well. If anyone is interested I could post a picture of the facility. Nickelroadster
  4. I think you need to check around and see if the other cars are there.
  5. Supposedly Harry Stutz was able to powerslide a car into a parking place and didn't need a fith wheel to do it . That would save a lot of expense and just needs a little pracctice.
  6. I hope this is an order that makes their own beer. That would make it tolerable.
  7. An update on a clear for aluminum. The POR-15 product is called Glisten pc. It can be brushed or sprayed. You just need to be sure that the surface has been thoroughly degreased and cleaned with something like acetone. The product has to have a hardener but is easy to use.
  8. Are you trying to reuse the old pistons? Modern aluminum pistons would probably have just a little more clearance and would probably work a litle better.
  9. There has got to be some kind of contamination on the aluminum. I also think that the aluminum should have been prepped. The POR -15 folks have a clear that is made to be used in places like this. I used some on cast aluminum running board about twelve or thirteen years ago and it worked fine and is till there and looking good.
  10. I would check your generator and cutout. If you can put a fresh battery in and it starts and runs fine it sounds like the battery is not getting charged.
  11. Mr. Gelinas, Are all those photos yours? You have some very nice and interesting pictures.
  12. I think you got 1 S&H stamp for every ten cents you spent. That means you spent $120 per book. 807 x $120 =$96840 spent to get a Ford econoline. Then you could start saving again for the Falcon Wagon. About that time you died.
  13. You have to admit that it took some skill to put up that arrangement.
  14. This is the first time I have seen anybody mistake a Renault Dauphine.
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