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  1. Be it noted that Mr. Walkup is a fine fellow and will make sure the job is a good one. Up until a couple of years ago I was needing on of these fan blades but I happened to find a parts car that had a Northway engine and that negated my need. Many quite different Northway engines used these fan blades from about 1912 to 1916.
  2. I can't help it. I look at cds as relatively high tech. After investing lots of money in collecting them I now have a bunch that I can no longer use in my new car. And they don't seem to make an aftermarket unit that fits. GRR!
  3. If you have a relatively rare car, you mostly buy anything that comes your way. I have a habit of not throwing any parts to cars that I am working on away. I figure that fifty years from now they may not know what original parts went to these cars are. even when I replace parts, I do not throw them away. I try to keep the parts , however small and insignificant, with the car that they belong to. When you have cars that are one of the last examples that are left I figure that at some time the old parts may be useful. There was a story about a train locomotive from the 1840s that was recovered from the ocean. It was interesting because of the original type of safety pop off valves that it had. these valves would wear out pretty quickly and were replaced with new ones. This had happened so many times that nobody knew what the original valves actually looked like anymore. By saving all the original parts I am hoping to avoid the loss of information on how the old cars were constructed. Probably most of the things that I save will just be useless junk but there may be the occasional part that that will tell us something.
  4. You might post some measurements of what size and of the mounting hole spacing . This would assist someone else to help ID them.
  5. This type was used on lots of other cars. I think I have a couple of them that if they are not exactly the same are very close. Put a couple of pictures of handles that arer off the car up.
  6. I seem to remember that you lived in the western part of Montana. Surely Great Falls would have something available and you could have someone pick them up. It would cost a fortune to ship the head anywhere . The valves should be the easiest as you could just send one that a shop could copy. The guides shouldn't be very hard either. All you need is to know the size to ask for. Use the internet and look up suppliers.
  7. There are not very many cars with driveshafts in France. Good luck at a truck place!
  8. Looks like a really good neighborhood
  9. I very much hope that you bring this car to the muster so I can see it in person!
  10. Could it be a modified Stanley mountain wagon. Chain drive does not fit and the rear fender looks like it has be butchered a little bit.????
  11. The Marmon 48s were made after the Wasp won the indy 500 in 1911. They added two cylinders to the model 32 engine and did not make very many of them. A really nice dream car.
  12. Most machine shops will be able to handle this for you. They make valves and guides in many different sizes and it is not very difficult to find them. Get that car running!
  13. More than one and a better description wouldn't hurt.
  14. It looked a lot bigger in the Photo!