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What year is this Plymouth panel?


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I believe that the vehicle shown in the first four photos is a "sedan" delivery and not a "panel" delivery.  While some may think that I'm picking nits here, there was a difference.  The sedan deliveries were produced by several marques such as Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler (Plymouth etc.), Pontiac et al, from well before the second World War up until the 1960s, as I recall.  The sedan delivery was based on a passenger car chassis, whereas the panel delivery was based on a light truck chassis.  A characteristic of most sedan deliveries was the side-opening rear door, with the hinge on the driver's side.  This allowed convenient curbside access.  Panel deliveries usually had double doors, hinged at both sides with a center opening.


Anyway, that's my limited understanding of the difference between "sedan" and "panel" deliveries.  Oh by the way, I have a 1947 Chevrolet sedan delivery which I like very much.




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For sitting around in those long, wet, Michigan winters, it doesn't look too bad. As for the floors and chassis, that may be another story. Those sedan delivery's took a beating and the sides always seem to be dented, those pictured look pretty straight. Not too many around.

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49 minutes ago, keiser31 said:

1937. First year for the Plymouth trucks.

EDIT: It has to be a 1936 Plymouth sedan delivery as the lower corners of the windshield are pointed and not rounded off. Difficult to fine an original, but here is the rodded version....

1936 Plymouth-Sedan-Delivery-6937.JPG

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2 hours ago, keiser31 said:

Second vehicle has a 1920s style Studebaker hub cap on it. The wheel looks like a 1931 Dodge Brothers truck wheel....

Studebaker cap.jpg

1931 Dodge-brothers-series-f-1-12-ton-truck-4.JPG



I think Studebaker used that style of wheels as well. probably from a proprietary maker? These ones are not exactly the same but I am sure a search will find something.


Related image

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