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‘32 Rockne 75 sedan on eBay

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Happy to hear from you.

Over on the SDC forum , people are worried about you.

Some people even speculated that you are no longer working at SA.

When calling , Danny said you were off sick.

Please come back to the SDC forum , we need your advice and enthusiasm .

If your beef was over the new format , help Clark improve it rather than stomping off mad.



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If the Rockne sells for as much as Bob Valpey’s Indy racecar, I might consider letting the dogs go as part of the sale. 


But then again.. Probably not. :)


Bob, all is well on my end. I missed a couple of days of work last week due to catching a cold, not a big deal. Still happily and gainfully employed at S.A.


I no longer have an interest in participating on the SDC Forum for a multitude of reasons. Life goes on. 

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23 minutes ago, Rockne33 said:

I offered you $500 more than you sold it for ?  To bad for me I guess !



As I said multiple times on eBay messages, we have no interest in doing business with you again. It’s not about the money. You burnt that bridge. 

The car has sold and will be going to a collector in Romania. 

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That's quite an interesting tow dolly you've got there! 😀

And I'm curious; when you had the roof off, did you find a wire lead connected to the chicken wire under the roof pad?

The factory claimed all Rocknes where "wired for radio", even though few were equipped. And that chicken wire would have been the antenna.

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On 1/14/2021 at 11:08 AM, catalin said:

ooooo, 1989 was a strange year for Romania. Change more in 1989. I hope your trip was not in December when there were many ganshots in the street. it is much better now, I'm waiting you to come back




Was there in June 89, long before C‘s end. Romania is a very nice Country. Remember a lot of trips for example to a huge Cross on top of a big mountain near Brashov and a Trip to Murfatlar Winery. Remember how to getting there but from Wine tasting up to next Day Noon i have no remembering... lol

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