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Andy Starr's 65 Riv AT Molto Bella SHow


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This past Sunday I attended the Molto Bella car show at Stan Hywet in Akron. Andy Star bought his magnificent 65 Riviera GS to the show.  The car was a huge hit, needless to say I am still drooling .  Here is the link to the article that appeared in Monday's Akron Beacon Journal.     




Bob Bonto

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On Firewall - Body Tag, it's stamped SCO-24 for Body Paint, SCO stands for Special Car Order, the number has nothing to do with Color, but rather it was how Buick recorded and track each Special Car Order, whether body paint, trim, etc... So 24 means this was the 24 special car order for the production year.


I"m the owner of this rare 65 RivGS

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2 hours ago, Seafoam65 said:

Agreed.......the insurance company is insane.

First the paper mis-quoted the insured value, it's $312,500, and car has independent 3rd party appraisal of $300,000, trust me there were a lot of eyes and experts involved in this process.  The insurance company is world class - American Collectors Insurance.


I respect everyone's opinion, I'd just add two things, just why should any rare & unique 1 of 1 Buick command big dollars and parity respect as a Camaro Copo, Hemi, or Corvette. Secondly, the insurance company recognizes several critical factors; first and foremost the Provenance & unique history of this car, and the Buick - Cadillac 4th Generation family who convince Billy Mitchell to build it this way - "pre-production", in simple terms it a white unicorn, there will only ever be one.  Lastly, the fit & finish - show record of this particular Buick.  This 65 RivGS has won just about every top National Award across North America (US & Canada) including "7" Best of Show awards for the entire field of American cars,  It is the first Post WWII car to earn the timeless Elegance Award, and Essence of Design at two major concours shows.  


In the end the insurance evaluation has little meaning to me at the owner other then risk mitigation/catastrophic loss, what I value most of all is finding, restoring to a coachwork standard that sets bar high, sharing the legacy & history of a very cool GM - Buick Story. It also brings quite a big smile to my face and cast of Buick owners when we earn recognition ahead of every other iconic GM, Dodge, etc...car ever build, on any given show day.  


Best Col Andy

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