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look what I found


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  • 4 years later...

Factory pictures I have seen show the ICM and coils relocated to the firewall. Delco ignition was not used on FWD until 1991. Also note the breather on the forward valve cover, I do not think the EPA would allow on a production car.

I have a feeling that is not aReatta, the shock tower does not look right, that is not a Teves, and the braces are missing.

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I think that is Dave Buckshaws work? I spoke with him a couple of times several years ago when I saw the photo you posted. I would bet that installation was done 10+ years ago or so. I don't remember what model car it was in, but I was primarily interested in the ECM he used to control everything. If I remember correctly, it was an early '90's ECM that would accept the programming for the early supercharged engines and higher flow reading capability. He did his own programming too. He was familiar with the Reatta and the limitations of the air flow reading capability, a problem that exists today. That is definitely not one of the factory turbo prototypes. I think he is the same guy that pushed a stock 3800 LN3 block on a dyno to see how much power they could produce before destructing. It was about 500 hp before the bottom end failed. He was looking for viable replacement blocks for the GN type of application. He is an interesting and knowlegeable guy to talk with if you can get in touch with him. He is into all sorts of things and he may (likely) have moved on to other things. I think I have seen his name pop up in other areas and forums.

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Looks like its in a LeSabre.

Maybe one of the T type prototypes.

Notice the lack of a hinge at the shock tower.

The master brake cylinder is wrong style.

The vacumm tank on the firewall is LeSabre or Park Ave type.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, it has a lot

of good ideas.

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