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  1. Check the crank sensor for damage. If you don't see 3 separate rises on it, replace it. crank sens.bmp
  2. Its one thing to mod a FWD, you are just dragging the rest of the car, no torque to transmit to the rear, no body twist. A full frame should be the way to go. Very few uni-bodies can handle that power. My friend had a Chevy Monza with a 262 in it. He hopped it up with cam, manifold and carb. He started to see the rear pillar warping after racing over one season.
  3. I would have gotten a Pontiac 6000 AWD drive train and make a AWD Reatta. And I would but on a supercharger, but thats just me. Oh, I am look for that 6000 AWD if someone sees one.
  4. If this has a plastic intake manifold, the manifold could have cracked or warped causing a leak. Take Carb Cleaner and spray around the manifold, if idle changes you are near the leak.
  5. This Y-Job tribute car is listed at Exotic Cars in Long Island NY. I first saw it on ebay. It looks just like the pictures I have seen of the real concept car and the 1/18 scale replica. I thought that some of you would like to know that it exist. http://www.exoticclassics.com/1938-buick-y-job-c-71.htm?
  6. I found this listing on ebay and it looks really good. Modern amenities in it and a massive engine. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1938-BUICK-CUSTOM-Y-Job-TRIBUTE-CAR-/161315196772?ssPageName=STRK%3AMESINDXX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=Tem%252F08omAxRLVfAIdSSWISTrQBM%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc#ht_16558wt_1015
  7. Check your battery connections for corrosion. Pull back the rubber on the connectors and clean.
  8. To any one who many need parts. I saw this 1960 Olds in Red and Black Auto Salvage in Jamesburg, New Jersey. The roof has been chop but most of the body panels look ok.
  9. Hi Barney, Top is tan, has CD player, molding maches body color. I'm told this is one of the cars from the member in Massachusetts. Don't know about the seats, no controls on the side of the seat, just the door. They are the same as in an '88? She needs some work and parts, antenna, visor clip,rear speakers, just to start. Last 4 of VIN 8386.
  10. Picked up a red and tan 1990 today.
  11. They were factory installed. I picked up a wiring harness from the dealer years ago. But anolog phone are long since gone, there is no service for them. Go to Best Buy and get OnStar installed.
  12. I have not done a thing yet. One has a new 4.1 turbo motor (carburated) never fired but has been sitting. The other has stock 3.8 litre. No mice that I have seen but liner is sagging. I can break one up if you send a list of items you need.
  13. The throttle position sensor can cause odd idle issues. Sometimes if you wiggle on the connector, if the sensor is bad, the idle will change maybe even stall.
  14. I picked up a turbo engine and decided to put new gaskets in. But the pistons don't look right. Take a look at the picture and let me know if this is for a turbo.
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